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    Hook CCP-2 to Falcon F16v3

    Any idea when the 4 port DMX bridge will be available?
  2. I need a little help here. I completed a sequence and started a new one. On the completed sequence the pixel channels and static channels are in two different "tracks." In the new sequence they are all together and can be expanded. How can I import the channel configuration from the completed sequence into the new one I created? Pictures are attached. Thanks for your help!
  3. Ponddude

    Channel Configurations

    Yes, I was actually looking for that. I was used to it in all the previous versions but S5 doesn't have it.
  4. Ponddude

    Solid Color Props in PE

    How are people creating solid color props in the PE? For example, if I have a mini tree with red, green and clear lights on them, how would I go about creating that? Same goes for bushes that red, green and clear lights on it? Having a difficult time figuring this out. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Ponddude

    Solid Color Props in PE

    I am sorry I should have been more specific. I am still using S4 since a majority of my display is still not pixel based. Thanks!
  6. I have just blown up my 3rd Windows based computer in a year and I just can not stand the quality anymore. I have been to Dell, I have been to HP, I have been to Lenovo and they are just garbage IMO. I use Apple everything when it comes to devices. I have a MacBook Pro, an iPhone, an iPad and I would like to add an iMac to my collection. However, the main reason I stuck with a Windows based machine is simply because of my LOR shows. However, my father uses Parallels on his iMac and things work well for him. Has anyone tried running their show with Parallels through an iMac? If it works, I am off to the Apple Store right now to pick up a new iMac. Has anyone tried this? Greg
  7. Ponddude

    DMX AND Motion Sensor

    If you are going pure DMX you will need to make sure your DMX dongle supports RDM. Standard DMX does not receive data so if you were going to do a motion sensor setup of any kind you would need an RDM supported device.
  8. Since the introduction of the Rainbow Matrix panelsand the uploading of the video just last week, I have recieved a lot of PMs here on the LOR forums about how to use them in conjuction with the S3 software. S3 really has opened the possibilities up as far as any lighting device control and I applaud LOR for that. I still believe they supply the best software, hands down, on the market. With that being said, Nutcracker really has taken off and with the now software based solution they offer it is even easier and more efficient to create dazzaling pixel displays quickly and easily. Just like any pixel setup, Matrix panels included, they can be extremely time consuming to sequence. So, once Nutcracker fully supports these panels life will be even easier. The purpose of this document is to show how you can implement these panels into the LOR software with LOR hardware, or other hardware, quickly and easily. E1.31 is always going to be your best bet for transmitting high numbers of RGB pixels, but the LOR USB485 adapters can be used as DMX dongles to create displays as well. People shouldn't be afraid of using high pixel counts within the LOR S3 software. It is truly the best out there (at least in my opinion) and really offers all the features you need to create stunning effects. So embrace the software to take your shows to the next level! Setup Diagram (I tried to upload this to othe forum but the file sizes allowed here are extremely small ) Greg
  9. Ponddude

    DMX signal question

    Technically it is a 4 port splitter . The xSplit is available in the store now as well.
  10. Ponddude

    which dongle

    Folks, I will say it again and again and again...The 32 device limit and just splitting the DMX signal is the most worst idea possible. Sure it will work but it will not work for long. We had dozens and dozens of customers come to us last year during the season for Blenders and MultiPort Blenders because they used this idea of just splittling a data signal and it didn't work. They had failing nodes, signal degredation and it really ruined their idea of what their display should look like. There are reasons this limit is set and it has been tested time and time again. Sure it will work but chances are very good it won't for long...especially when you are using cheap Chinese products that are made with low cost components. Really think about this wiring decision before you move forward with your projects and consider how much effort you may have to put into isolating problems during the season. Greg
  11. Ponddude

    which dongle

    Right now none of our lighting devices support E1.31 but its coming...
  12. Ponddude

    RGB Spotlight

    Also remember the Rainbow Brain and the MutliController can control the lights with a simple plug and play connection. That is why the controllers were designed. Greg
  13. Ponddude

    ServoDog Coolness

    Those came out fantastic! Great use of the Rainbow Spotlights!! Really great setup...I like it!
  14. Ponddude

    E1.31 and DMX

    That is a major draw back of E1.31. It will get you a significantly large amount of channels to a location very easily (in most cases with just one cable) it just will not plug directly into most devices. Even in the professional lighting world, there are not many E1.31 supported devices. That is why an E1.31 to DMX bridge is really a great investment and very easy to use. Run E1.31 to the bridge and than connect your DMX devices. By doing so you open yourself up to a whole host of products because almost everything supports DMX...including LOR products. Greg
  15. Hi All, Still getting rid of all my LOR equipment so here are todays offerings. I still have 1 PC controller left however this has a bad triac which needs to be replaced. Just never got around to doing it. I would take $125 for this. It is a v1 controller. I have 2 CCRs that are perfectly fine...no issues. These are 2 years old. I would like $190 a piece for these. They have the controller, ribbon and power supplies. I have 1 DC controller with quick connects. It was only used for about 10 minutes once to test out some Rainbow Floods. I would take $85.00 for this. Finally I have 2 ELLs. These have been used for 3 years in my display with no issues at all. Cables are already attached. I will take $200.00 for these. If you are interested in anything, just shoot me a PM and I can figure out shipping to your address. USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground...it doesn't matter to me. Thanks for looking Greg
  16. Ponddude

    More equipment for sale

    I believe the controller is gone...just waiting on payment. I will not through the ELLs away...probably end up on eBay.
  17. Ponddude

    More equipment for sale

    Ok...just an update on this stuff. Right now I have the two ELLs and the one contoller with the bad triac. If anyone is interested please let me know. Otherwise these will be going in the trash next Friday (2/8/13). Greg
  18. Thanks Chuck...you're the best!
  19. Ponddude

    More equipment for sale

    CCR's are gone now too folks. I also found another PC controller. No problems with this one, was just buried in the shed. If anyone is interested please let me know. Thanks, Greg
  20. Ponddude

    More equipment for sale

    The DC Controller is gone folks. Everything else is still available if you are interested. Greg
  21. Sounds great. If there is anything I can help you with feel free to contact me!
  22. I will just jump in here really quick. Last year our C9 strings were a flop...and we will admit it. They were extremely popular and plenty were purchased, they were just a horrible design. So, we started over. We found a supplier that worked with us for a few months and designed these from the ground up for us. There is no glue used on them at all. We found that moisture would still get in and build up pressure inside the lens, which would in turn cause them to pop off...no good. These new lights have weeping holes so even if there is condenstation it will just excape out of the weeping holes. This is the same way most LED bulbs are made. All the components, whether you are buying pixels or nodes, are fully sealed in epoxy, including the LED, so they are 100% waterproof. Our sample strings have been outside since we got them at the end of December with no issues and the teamperature here in New Jersey has gone from snow to rain to hot to cold, so they will stand up. Greg
  23. Ponddude

    All my controllers for sale

    Hi folks, I am getting out of the LOR controller business and selling off all of my stuff. I have a bunch of items but will start with the AC controllers I have first. I have 7, PC controllers (CTB16PC) that are available. Now these range from being purchased all the way up to when they first came out (which I believe was 5 years ago), to being purchased last year. They have been used every year and are in complete working order, but I certainly will not tell you that they are new out of the box. Also, I have either labels or marked (with permanent marker) the dongle plugs with their channel number, so there is some markings on them. A few of the controllers also had a triac go here and there so they were replaced by me, so it is not the "stock" LOR triac. These are all Gen 1 and Gen 2 controllers...I have none of the newer, Gen 3 models. However, with all that being said, they are in complete working order and have served me well over the years. I am just moving in a different direction and have no need for them anymore. I would like to get $175.00 each for them. If you want a bunch of them or all of them, just hit me up and we can work something out. If you are interested, please shoot me a PM and I would be happy to work out what the shipping costs would be for you. Thanks for taking a look and I hope these can go to a good home (the rest of my stuff will be available in the coming weeks) Greg
  24. Just as a note to everyone, we are currently having a year end blow out on all our LED Christmas Light Strings. All the instock items are 25% off until January 2, 2012 @ 8pm. This is while supplies last only and no rainchecks will be given on pricing. Stock up for your 2013 show today! http://www.seasonalentertainmentllc.com/store/en/22-led-light-strings Greg
  25. Ponddude

    All LED Christmas Light Strings are 25% off!

    Happy New Year everyone! Just a friendly reminder that the 25% off sale on our LED Christmas Light Strands ends tomorrow, 1/2/12 at 8pm EST. Supplies are limited to get your strands today! http://www.seasonalentertainmentllc.com/store/en/22-led-light-strings Greg