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  1. Hello Everyone: This is my first year adding a projector to my display using LOR and I have all my sequences done to video except one Amazing Grace By Yule and I am stumpped on what to use I know Santas symponies will not do because of the differnt aspects of the Holiday . Does any one have a video or any Ideas .my email is davis0042@cox.net. Thanks Don In Kenner-LA
  2. the train is going to be powerd through rail 12volts dc don
  3. Hi All is there any way of controlling a train in a display using LOR . to run and stop its on a track so it would need to be wireless. I saw the wireless transmitters would this be what i use and if so would i need two. Thanks Don
  4. Hi I was wondering if someone could fix my account so people could pm me or send emails or tell me what i need to change. I think its the coma in my log in name. Mabe you could change it to a - insted of a , like this Don In Kenner-LA Thanks Don In Kenner,LA
  5. Hi Dan Just a few lines to thank you and your team and testers, for the great job. Y'all take the extra time to put out a great product and support . Y'all make it possible for the ordinary person like me put on a great show for the people to enjoy! I just wanted y'all to know this. Keep up the great work I have been with LOR now going on 5 years and plan on being one for life. Thanks Again Don In Kenner,LA:D:D:D
  6. Hi All: Iam looking for The nightmare before christmas sequence for the singing pumpkin and pumpkin quoir. My daughter loves it so much and I would love to surprise her for halloween this year. If any one could help I would be very thankfull. Thank You Don In Kenner-LA email is davis0042@bellsouth.net ipb.global.registerReputation( 'rep_post_556971', { domLikeStripId: 'like_post_556971', app: 'forums', type: 'pid', typeid: '556971' }, parseInt('') ); Don In Kenner,LA http://christmasinkenner.webs.com/
  7. Hi All: I wish you would tell me how all i get is black screen with all three programs Thanks don
  8. Hi all: Thanks to everyone who sent me the mad russian sequence it has helped so much. Like they say the show must go on. Just when I thought I had a handle on this punks had to break in and steal and what the couldnt they trashed. So with the stuff I had to buy to get back on line the show will be about the same this year no new lights or lor boxes some new sequences iam working on this year. To all the NEWBIES Listen Up Good go buy a back up drive and hide it or your fate may be like mine hours and hours of hard work gone and when its gone its gone for good and in my case 3 years work.... Thanks Again Don In Kenner-LA
  9. Hi all: As you know my house was robbed and computers destroyed. I have replaced most of my sequences except one I was able to get all my songs thank goodness they were purchased with Itunes and iwas able dnload them again. My question is does anyone have Mad russian christmas sequence with a mega tree and arches at least 64 channels. This would be such a great help as iam still fixing my other sequences this would be a great boost. Thanks Don In Kenner-LA davis0042@bellsouth.net
  10. Hi all. How do you enter lors Christmas video contest or submit a video. Thanks Don In Kenner,LA:cool:
  11. Hi all Well the summer sale is over and Iam still one controller short. I was wondering if anyone had a extra CTB16pc for sale if you do please let me know. davis0042@bellsouth.net Thanks Don Davis:)
  12. Hi All. I think we'd be happier if you kept ALL your secretions secret... Wow all i can say George is lol. Don:shock:
  13. Iam Don Davis And I am a Christmas Decoration Addict too. I have always Loved christmas when I was a kid all I ever had was a christmas tree and I wanted lights and lights and lights. So I promised my self when I became a adult and my own house it would be covered well one year I was asked by the airport to tone it down because airplanes were being pulled off course, Thats when I knew that I am a Christmas Decoration Addict. So I went to the LOR doctors for help They promised Help but now and prescibed the light show they said the blinky lights would cure me I think it was a scam because I have to keep buying these controllers to keep me happy Oh the Humanity Is there any help out there for me.. Don
  14. Hi all. I was wondering where do you all get the clips to add to your display that you show outside while your display is running.. Thanks Don
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