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  1. Feel free to PM me if you have questions are need help with things this summer.
  2. Those look nice, is there a top on them? If not, are the holes in the bottom to let out water/snow?
  3. Thank you, that should work just fine. I appreciate your time, and help.
  4. I'm trying to put together a very simple/quick demo for an idea I have, however I'm 100% new to the CCR's, and have borrowed 2 to play with. Based on what I can tell. The ribbon uses 150 channels, in sets of 3 for RGB. What I am clueless about is how to do a very basic sequence. Can someone other create me a sample sequence, or tell me how to do this: The whole ribbon will be the same, I want it to be one color, lets say red, then a few seconds later, fade to another color (Green), then a few seconds later, fade to another color (Purple), etc. Covering 4 or 5 colors and then repeat. For the demo, the specific colors are not important. Can anyone help me with this. This would be an animation sequence, not musical. Brent
  5. TGabriel wrote: That is funny that no one caught that, good eye!
  6. If anyone has any direct links to products you have used, please let me know. LOR doesn't appear to want to work with us on this project. Also, has their phone hours always been 10am - 4pm M-F? with no ability to leave a VM?
  7. Thank you, the CCB's do seem like a much better fit, lets just see if they become available shortly. Does anyone know of any other products already on the market that is similar, or is LOR really a front runner when it comes to things like this?
  8. The whole tree at the same time. However they don't just want 2 or 3 colors. I originally pitched the idea of using a red strand, green strand, etc. They want every color in the rainbow type of a solution.
  9. EDIT: You posted more info, as I was typing, so I'm doing some reading, but I think C9 size bulbs may be a bit on the big size to wrap the trunk of these trees. Unless LOR does actually produce the smaller ones. We also need to have solid info within the next few weeks for this proposal, which looks like is different then the current LOR schedule, but thank you for the info, any other thoughts?
  10. I have been contacted by a city to upgrade their current downtown area, a few city blocks worth. After our initial meeting, they would like to explore wrapping thier trees (trunks, and a few high branches) with LED lights, which will slowly change colors, every few minutes or so. My 1st thought was LOR CCR's, however I have never played with them, so I'm not sure how they would look in this application, and/or function. From what I have read here very quickly. You can not connect ribbons end to end, so if a tree needs 10+ ribbons, I would have 10+ power plugs to plug in, plus each of those 10+ controllers per tree to daisy chain into the standard LOR network, correct? I would also assume that each CCR controller could be set with the same unit ID, so the whole tree acts as one, when it comes to sequencing, correct? Other then the LOR CCR's, are there any other products, which may give a similar look (a row of trees along the road, slowly fading from color to color) Brent PS attached is a sample of some of the trees. Attached files
  11. ace_master wrote: I think this is/was a limitation of the yahoo system LOR uses, so Dan has no control over this, unless they switch to a different shopping cart software.
  12. I use the V4000, and It works great. I get a range of about 1/2 a mile crystal clear, and over 1 mile with a little static, before it becomes to bad to listen to. Keep in mind the v6000 is not stereo.
  13. The color of wire Skycraft carries varies from time to time. I have seen, black, grey, and white. I haven't seen green. But again it varies based on what they have in stock.
  14. bwaldrep

    Real mega tree

    PerryH wrote: This is what I do. I had never been a fan of net lights. I thought they just looked too perfect, when people used them on small bushes. However I have 6 trees along our street, and for the last 3 years I have wrapped them in a giant net, and I think it looks pretty good. Granted my trees are not this big.
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