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  1. Pretty wild for a Christmas tree!
  2. Just curious, how did you end up with 240V on the controller?
  3. Another note.... make sure you go through all checks on page 21 and power up and test your board BEFORE installing the heat sinks. Once they are installed you cannot access the back side of the board.
  4. You are looking at page 19 of the steps. the reason that they say that is if you are using the low power heatsinks it is easier to go ahead and bolt the triacs to them and then solder to the board. If you are using the high power heatsinks you solder them on to the board and continue following the instructions. The reason you cannot put the high power heatsinks on before soldering is they cover most of the back side of the board. look on the very last page of the instruction book and that shows how to properly install the high power heatsinks. The instructions for installing the high power heatsinks are on the last page 22. Good Luck!
  5. Yes you solder them to the circuit board and when you are done you use the thermal compound in between the triacs and the heat sinks.
  6. Hmm cutting it really close on time but, you can do it! I didn't order my first controller until late November '08 you better get moving though. Good Luck!
  7. Been there, done that on year one. Sequence editor> PLAY> PLay Range> Whatever selection you want!
  8. That is perfectly safe, but it would be better to just make a snubber. search snubber in the forums for more info.
  9. Check R1 and R18. I had a similar situation and had the two parts swapped with each other. They look identical and have a very similar marking number. GOOD LUCK!
  10. You would have to have a TON of leds to overload a 20a curcuit. So you should be fine.
  11. There was another discussion the other day on ceramic vs. glass fuses, it seems LOR recommends ceramic. http://forums.lighto...use#entry219728
  12. I am not sure what you are asking. Could you clarify your question and give examples of what you are trying to accomplish?
  13. Is this what you are looking for? 1. red1 9. blue3 2. green1 10. red4 3. blue1 11. green4 4. red2 12. blue4 5. green2 13. red5 6. blue2 14. green5 7. red3 15. blue5 8. green3 16. SPARE
  14. I have had the same problem with the Weller tips wearing out quickly. Picked up two cheap Radio Shack irons and had zero problems yet with around six kits.
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