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  1. In the interest of transparency I was one of the people that commented on this thread whose posts have been hidden or deleted. The other individual has been banned from the site for 10 years. I have tried to contact LORAdmin through a PM and have had no response. I just want people to understand what is going on here on this forum. I suspect I will be banned after this post and this post will be deleted or hidden. Hopefully some of you will see this post before then. Good Luck to you all. John
  2. I have given up on waiting. My master sequencer (my lovely wife) has sequenced all our songs in LOR for all the AC channels. We are using 7 songs this year and she has been doing the sequencing on and off over the 4 months. I spent a single day getting up to speed on nutcracker and have imported all the sequences from LOR to xlights. I then spent 1 more day setting up the networks and the visualizer in nutcracker so that we can see the entire display including the pixel elements. It took very little time to understand nutcracker and its implementation. YMMV depending on the number of channels you are using. We have 60 ac channels and about 2500 rgb channels. As I said it took me about a day to get everything setup including the nutcracker visualizer (8 hours). I would not wait. If you know nutcracker start using it. if not download it and learn it. It is very easy to use. John
  3. In the end it is LOR and Brian that will set these prices. If they feel that they are providing a quality product and software that people feel are worth the price then they will be successful. For me personally I wish I had researched superstar a little further before deciding to upgrade. I only bought in at the 2 strip level and had no intentions of buying the LOR CCRs. I originally bought it thinking the auto sequence would work well for my non RGB sequencing. It didn't work well for my application and have been having some buyer remorse about it. I do think the CCRs and the software is overpriced but that is a business decision that Brian and LOR have made. If it works for them more power to them. For me it is not worth the price. John
  4. My reference to the cost is in upgrading SS I think its a crime to charge so much just to add a string or two of pixels and not get the functionality out of SS. I bought the superstar upgrade to run a 2 strings of pixels last year. this year I want to add a mega tree and in order to use superstar it would cost me an additional 300 dollars! I don't know if that is gouging but I certainly cant justify that upgrade cost. I now have to figure out how to use xlights and nutcracker and integrate that with S3 instead of using superstar which I foolishly spent money on.
  5. My question is whats it gonna cost! Its fine if it does all these things but if it prices me out of doing my own pixels again (like the superstar licenses does!) I will definitely move on to something else as painful as that may be, I hope that the upgrade cost will be reasonable. John
  6. Oh heck that explains it. I thought it was specific to ccrs. So its only based on channel count. Now I guess I have no choice but to give up LOR and go to vixen and nutcracker. I just can't justify the cost of the software to increase channel count.
  7. I know this is an old thread but I am trying to do the steps indicated. My problem is have a license for only 2 CCRs. How do I create the visualization and create effects in superstar for a pixel tree with 25 pixels by 32 strings. upgrading the license doesn't make sense as I am not using CCRs. Or should I drop my LOR license and just go to nutcracker and vixen? John
  8. Hi Steve, I was using 3.8 and it just wouldnt connect with the 682. I have one universe set to DMX on the 682 that is connected to a ray wu 27 channel dumb pixel controller. The listener was running and when starting the sequence it said it was connected. The sequences would run (from the LOR sequencer) but none of the pixels would light up. When I stopped the sequnce and closed the sequencing sofftware I would get a time out error on the listener. I tried all kinds of things but it wouldnt work. Then I checked for the update on the LOR web page. I downloaded 3.10 and the the lights worked. John
  9. For what its worth I downloaded it Saturday with no problem. Ver 10 is a great as it fixed a problem I had communicating with an E682. Thanks LOR!!! John
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