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  1. Thanks to all 4 of you. I will see if I'm able to figure this out with the info shared. If not, I may take you up on that PM phone call JR, since making the "master channel config" is exactly what I am attempting to do. Much appreciated. Mike
  2. Hmmm... Isn't that what I am trying to do now? I have created a sequence that includes the "New" channel configuration. But I am unable to import that config into yet another new sequence that has the CCR channels included in it.
  3. I have just purchased additional CCR sequences. They include the 12 CCR channels and 6 regular channels for the star. I would like to add an existing 380 channel configuration to these new sequences and am unable to figure out how to do that without scrambling the existing CCR area of that sequence. I have used the import button but it just makes a mess of the 12 CCR channels. Any suggestions much appreciated.
  4. Caniac; Thank you for answering my question. I agree, even when I did mostly non LED did I ever come close to exceeding limits. This new project is a bit unusual as we will have to have a power source brought in and I was just trying to cover my butt by asking what others thought. I am thinking they will use around 20 lights, so I am going to ask for a minimum of 2 15 amp circuits and perhaps 3. Seems like you can always use an extra for things that get added. Thanks again. Mike
  5. Phil, I am sorry, but the configuring of Watts to amps, amps to watts or even adding in the Volts to watts is very confusing to some in the electrical field let alone myself who is not. I am just asking...Can I share a 15 amp circuit with more than one controller? Yes, or No. The way I see it " Yes" I can, but I choose to ask others who can possibly answer the question. Yes or No. The way you have described your answer was exactly what I had come up with and therefore prompted asking the question. It looks as though I can take and plug in 30 CF50 Controllers in one 15 amp circuit.
  6. Hi Phil....Yep, was aware of the Cable and unique ID's. So each CF50D controller needs to have its own 15amp circuit? Or can I share a Circuit with say.. up to 2, 3, or 4 CF50D controllers?
  7. I have a LOR160x2 30 amp controller box, plugged into 2 separate 15 amp circuits. How many CF50D CCF can I plug into each channel. I have a project that could require 17 to 20 of the CF50D floods and am wondering if I can plug all into one controller as long as its then plugged into 2 separate circuits. Mike
  8. Thanks for the info guys, To k6ccc.. Its difficult to take my desktop out to the different sites where I set my displays up. The portability is a must as is the ability to do troubleshoots as Mr P has suggested. Not being a Computer guy, I was hoping for Brands people have had good experience with ( I have used Toshiba ) and particular models perhaps. Since I have not updated LOR for 2 years I was also wondering if I needed more of this and less of that or a better this or that. I am aware that I would need the 4 to 5 USB ports, but the processor speeds, GB needed and or Ram needed is what I am not sure about. I was thinking perhaps I have someone build one up for me since it will be a dedicated computer and then I am not purchasing all of the other stuff that comes on over the counter computers. Because I often have this set up in different towns, I need reliability, and because it seems that I have maxed out what I now have, because of the lagging I need more oomph. So what ever it takes to get a computer to handle what I have in todays world is what I would like. For me I use my desktop as I do have the extra screens and it makes my programming much easier, but I am seeking the laptop because I need the portability. Thanks again, Mike
  9. I am considering purchasing a new computer (laptop) for my LOR purposes and to be a dedicated show computer. I have accumulated many LOR related items over the years that I have been doing Light shows and would like to upgrade because at this point I may be maxing out my existing show computer which is perhaps 13 or 14 years old. During last seasons display of which I ran approx 275 channels and 1 - 12 string CCR tree I noticed some hick-ups as it just appeared that the computer couldn't quite keep up. I did run this show with 3 networks, 1 for the 275 and 1 each for 6 of the 12 CCR strings as recommended. My question is this for those that know more about laptop computers than I. What would be a good recommendation for a dedicated Computer to be used only for LOR purposes? Are the now things out there that I need to be aware of that just will not work well with the LOR programs? Any ideas and or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Mike Schmidt
  10. Recently I was informed to attempt using the verifier button to possibly troubleshoot a minor problem. I have never used this, nor know just how to use this. I am aware of where its at but do not know quite how to use. Do I use before I schedule the shows? Do I use from the show editor? Do I use for individual sequences one at a time, or can I pick and choose from the Show editors whole list? How do you use or what do you look for? Any help would be much appreciated. Mike
  11. Interesting post, as I just recently started a LOR ticket for this same thing. I have some channels/ controllers working fine others not so much when it comes to a smooth fade. Not sure why. Seems choppy, not smooth at all and as you state, most may not know but I do and it is not right if your trying to enter into or exit a music piece with soft fades. LOR basically didnt answer my question. I am aware that they get very busy this time of year but there help responses get even shorter. Not wanting to push the issue I decided to check into the forum for the fiirst time this season and go fiqure, someone else is experiancing the same problem. Please let me know what you have figured out, as for now I am just going to live with it, but it sure baffles me!!! Mike
  12. Hi Jim; I too had the same thing happen this past weekend. I went to plug in the box I made for all 12 controllers and only 6 came fully on. The other six did the flashing Red thing on the strings. I couldnt fiqure it out either, so I unplugged everything brought it inside the heated shop and wal-la within 15 minutes they all came on. I too think these are sensitive to the Cold weather we experiance up here. I since have just left them on and they seem to be fine, however it hasnt been that cold since last weekend either. Mike Schmidt
  13. Chuck; After attempting Dans Suggestion (which didnt work) I did as you had suggested and unhooked it from the chain and plugged it directly into the computer. It read as 03, then while taking notes I attempted to move the ID Switch to where I thought that 07 may be and nothing worked as it just would come up as just about everything else but the 07 addy that I wanted. It was looking as though I had a bad ID switch on a controller right out of the box. I then exerted a small amount of downward pressure while turning the ID Switch and that worked. Got it to the address that I wanted. Rehooked everything up and the 224 channel show took off at 5pm as it was scheduled. Everything looks great. I am sure that after the season LOR will repair that ID switch for me. Merry Christmas. Thank You for your help. Mike
  14. Chuck, I too thought the same. As some of the earlier address pots were labeled just a little off and were easily missaddressed. However I have checked and rechecked and even set up one # and down one # just to see if that would work. I have since received a post from Dan and will try that tomorrow. His suggestion since it was a new controller is to turn off and rotate the ID pots 4 to 5 full turns and readdress to # 7 and try that. Thankx for your post Chuck Mike
  15. George; I too have had the very same problems just recently with 2 controllers. I am also here in Minnesota and I feel exactly as you discribed that there may have been some cheaper version dongels used. My wife usually does the plugging, and since she couldnt plug these cords I stepped in and REALLY had to work them to get them in. And I think these were 2008 controllers. Mike
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