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  1. Are either one screw-in type bulbs as indicated on the C7s?
  2. Are both the C7s and C9s interchangeable?
  3. Hi Perhaps this site may assist you >>> http://www.nevadachristmas.com/Index.htm one of the best descriptions I think that most use backlighting rather than exposing your projector to the elements ... Anyway, check out the above site ... the guy knows what he is doing! Cheers
  4. Bob, it seems to be working as it should This will be a hugh timesaver. Thank you!
  5. HowardShank wrote: Hi Howard ... I came on the forum to thank you for all of your hard work ... I really appreciated it and meant to thank you earlier in the year. I had a question to ask, but became sidetracked by Bob's new program ... However, my question re the macros ... if you want to add channels to an existing sequence, do you add the 13 (as in 2 x rgb + the 7 macros) and rename them or do you add all of the 157? Thanks
  6. omG, I have just realised that this computer name is spelt incorrectly ... :shock: Now, I have to change it! Btw, Bob, I am running XP pro here ... Cheers:)
  7. It looks fab, Bob However, I get two .NET 2.0 Runtime Error Reporting from the Application (see attachment) Attached files
  8. Wow! Pretty cool :cool: Great choice of music :clap: I reckon that the CCRs would look a tad better for you if they were shinning upward rather than to the front ... clearer colours ... and I make this comment just because I like to see my display from inside looking out
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