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  1. Cross fade areas are problematic. The bottom 3 rows are the new RGB channel the 3 above it was the original 3 channels.
  2. Ok Bob I got it to paste the correct way but of course there are other issues. As Mr. P said above it gets complicated. I have found areas where the red and green string were on together, with the two strings I have a red and green tree during that time. With pixels I now have a yellow tree. While it looks ok in visulizer because the red and green areas light up I can see in SE that it is going to light up yellow. This is a complex sequence that may not lend itself to conversion very well. Thanks Matt sound interesting, as the intergration between SE and PE gets tighter things should get easier. I am very new to all of this, I have had my controllers for years but have only done very very basic things on them. I am trying to convert a sequence I got from someone else which adds to the learning curve.
  3. Thank you again for the help. I read up on it briefly but it has been a long day and sleep deprivation is setting in. I thought this was going to be an impossible task but this seems doable.
  4. I am sorry the coffee has not kicked in yet, They were 3 string trees RGW no blue. I figured out how to copy /paste into the new RGB track you said to create at the bottom but I cannot figure out white. I copied the white to all three channels but it over wrote the old info turning everthing white.
  5. They are mini trees that were wrapped in a spiral fashion with 4 strands of RGBW lights so 4 channel trees. The hope is to convert the 4 strand trees into a single strand of Pixels. Currently they are in the sequencer as Tree01 White Tree02 White Tree03 White Tree01 Red Tree02 Red Tree03 Red And so on for all of the colors So I would have to convert all of the colors for each tree and then copy them all to one RGB channel for each tree if I understood you correctly.
  6. So Bob do I just change the names of the channels from CCD 01 p1® to mini tree 1 ® to maintaining the same channel layout? I assume that this is not only possible with CCR's I am using WS2811 pixels.
  7. Thanks I will read up on it. I am happy to stick with RGB and White for the conversion.
  8. I was wondering if there is a way to take a mini tree line that was sequenced with three color strings of incandescent lights and convert it to an RGB pixel tree. Can it be converted or do all of the sequences have to be recreated?
  9. Ken thanks for the info, I will have to plan carefully to see if the 96ch would benifit me with the load limit. As I get more into this I am sure I will find a place for it.
  10. johnm160 wrote: Nevermind somehow I unchecked control visualizer
  11. Ok what am I doing wrong that I don't see any animation when I play this sequence?
  12. m00987 wrote: Please refrain from using and dripping balls in your display :shock:
  13. Ken Benedict wrote: I believe I know which 27 ch controller you are talking about, but what is the 96 ch and could you please explain good for PARTIAL dumb strips means? Because on the surface just about a buck a channel sounds really interesting. Thanks John
  14. Looks great Mark, what type of trees are those to the left of the mega? They look really good.
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