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  1. Hey everyone! Are you Ready for the 8th Annual Mississippi Mini-PLUS ???? It’s this Saturday August 13th, 2016 starting at 9:00am in Madison MS just outside Jackson Mississippi. This is for holiday decorating enthusiasts from Mississippi and surrounding states to come together to talk about Christmas Decorating. The first Mississippi Mini began in 2009 by Bro. Larry Russell. We meet once a year to talk about new decorations and ideas for our Christmas Displays. We have had people travel from TN, MS, AL, MO, AZ, and LA to attend this event. Everyone and anyone is invited. James Hohensee from Boscoyo Studios will be there again this year. You might even still have time to place an order for him to bring it with him and save on shipping. I think he may even have some special pricing for the event. Bring Your Ideas, problems, new projects, or anything else you would like to show off or talk about. There will be refreshments and lunch provided. We will wrap things up around 4pm and everyone is welcome to join us at Cock of the Walk Restaurant overlooking the Ross Barnett Reservoir for dinner. See you on Saturday in Madison, MS at the 8th Annual Mississippi Mini! Please send me a PM or reply to this post to let me know you are coming and to get the address. Thanks, Scott
  2. I still have some right now. However, I am waiting to hear back from a few people on pending sales that will clear all these out. How many are you looking for? I may have some more for sale. I am switching over to pixels and just haven't decided how many I am going to keep. Thanks, Scott
  3. I still have 45 strings of C6, 70ct, Blue LEDs, full wave, sealed.
  4. Hi Bill, Yes, With the smaller lot and moving to pixels I just don't need as many AC controllers. I will be almost 100% RGB this year.
  5. All M6 are sold. 20 strings of C6 are pending. That leaves 45 of the C6 strings at this time.
  6. For Sale: Blue LED 70ct strings (used) All strings all full wave, sealed, 70 count, Blue LEDs, on green wire. $4.00 per string. Strings are used but in good condition. 65 strings of C6 - $4.00 per string 30 strings of M6 - $4.00 per string Price is plus PayPal fees and actual shipping from Memphis, TN. Will ship to the 48 US states. Local pickup is fine too. If you are going to the Expo in Chicago I can deliver them to you there and save the shipping. This would require payment now to hold them for delivery/pickup in Chicago. Pictures on PlanetChristmas http://forums.planetchristmas.com/index.php?/topic/58816-for-sale-blue-leds-70ct-full-wave-sealed/
  7. 5 controllers with standard LOR cords are sold.
  8. For Sale: 19 LOR CTB16PC's controllers in excellent condition $125.00 each. Location is Bartlett, Tennessee (just outside Memphis). Prices are plus actual shipping and PayPal fees. Will ship to the 48 US states. Local pickup is fine too. If you are going to the Expo in Chicago I can deliver them to you there and save the shipping. This would require payment now to hold them for delivery/pickup in Chicago. The controllers are a mixture of version 1 and 2. All of them have dual weatherproof RJ45 jacks so they don’t need to be opened to connect the data lines. None of the data jacks on the boards are loose or broken, all controllers are in full working order without any bad triacs. All the boards were soldered by LOR and are in the original factory enclosures. All controllers have LOR input cords. Most of them have LOR output cords. There are 3 controllers that have 6’ lamp extension cords for the outputs and another 3 have SPT-1 cords with vampire plugs. I think there are another 3 to 6 that have MonoPrice cords that are very similar to the factory LOR output cords. I have pictures posted on PlanetChristmas http://forums.planetchristmas.com/index.php?/topic/58815-for-sale-19-lor-ctb16pc-controllers/
  9. Most motion sensors will not pick up bills or change being put in the box. They are looking for the moving body heat of a person. A photoelectric beam or a switch on a cover/door would work best.
  10. Hi I sent you a PM about someone near me that could use these.
  11. You can use the larger power supply. The 7.2 watt limitation was about the power going thru the old controller. The lights will draw the same amount of watts whether you use a 1 amp power supply or a 100 amp power supply. Just make sure the voltage is correct and it would be a good idea to use fuses between the lights and the power supply.
  12. Does it trip at the same point in the show or in a particular sequence? It could have to do with a lot of lights being turned on at one point. Have you added more lights this year? Are you sure you don't have something on the same circuit with the entertainment center? A circuit in a house can have something like 15 receptacles on one it.
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