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  1. WhitePlainsNY

    Keeping People Out Of Your Yard??

    It's difficult to make out the chains on the left but you see them on the right side of the photo. It's white PVC with red duct tape in a spiral with a over-sized, plastic ornament glued to the top. Plastic red and white chains connected the posts. http://nychristmaslights.com/images/2017/IMG_4912(Edited)-2.jpg
  2. WhitePlainsNY

    Speaker Question

    I use an inexpensive, motion detecting, outdoor flood light fixture with a screw in AC socket adapter instead of a bulb. This powers on a small amplifier that's always switched on. This setup allows the speakers to only be on when someone is actually standing on front of the house. This eliminates music playing outside all night long when it doesn't need to be. The FM transmitted is always on during the show.
  3. WhitePlainsNY

    Is my Website slow?

    I sequenced a new song while I waited for it to load.
  4. WhitePlainsNY

    Surprised by "Thank you"

    2015 was the first year that I also decorated my backyard. At the last minute I had the idea to put out a guestbook for people to write in if they felt inclined. I held onto the notes people had put in my mailbox so this was a neat way to learn more about visitors. The guestbook was an extra 3 ring binder with sections for, "Your Name?", "Where are you coming from", "How did you find out about us?", and "Comments". After the show was taken down, I scanned all the pages including the mailbox notes from before. I was pleasantly surprised that there was well over 700 comments left. I'm going to make a regular thing now. You can read the notes here http://www.nychristmaslights.com/2015%20Guestbook.pdf Nothing beats going out and meeting people but the guestbook allowed people to leave comments without me scaring them away if I came outside.
  5. WhitePlainsNY

    I finally went outside!

    I invite them into my backyard!
  6. WhitePlainsNY

    New Home Prewire

    Triple ditto. If you wiring demands change, just thread it through the conduit. If I win the lottery, I'm building service tunnels like Disney World.
  7. WhitePlainsNY

    I finally went outside!

    Several years ago, cars would drive off if I looked out the window. That's when I came up with the idea to cover my windows and make them part of the display. I added cameras too so I could monitor outside action live from the comfort of my sofa. I've stood outside and watched my own show and people will come up and make small talk. Some will ask if I'm the homeowner and I'll let them know I am and then they start the questions. Many of them expressed gratitude for getting the neighborhood together to do the show. One lady passed me and I saw that she hadn't gone into the backyard so I showed her the sign. As she came back and was leaving she said to me, "Can you imagine?!" I thought to myself, "Lady, you have no idea!". I only dress up as Santa on Christmas Eve at the end of a shortened Virtual Santa which plays five times throughout each night. I had party guests over that night and they were standing outside beforehand and overheard someone say to members of their group, "Oh, that's just a video". Needless to say they were shocked when I came outside dressed as Santa. After all the visitors got their pictures taken I approached the line cars so I didn't leave anyone out. Three cars asked if this was where they are asked to donate and it made me realize that some people leave when we approach them because they may not be able or don't want to donate. I don't ask for donations for various reasons but I do think its one reason visitors may drive away when we come outside. I'd suggest that everyone step outside a few times to hear what people say. Better yet, at least put out a guestbook so people can write out something. I tried it for the first time this year and was shocked at how many took the time to write something. The guestbook had spaces for their, name, where they were coming from, how did they hear about us, and a comment section. I was flabbergasted that people were from Ireland, London, Mexico, Peru, and a few other countries and other states.
  8. WhitePlainsNY

    Power up elves intro

    That's so great...I'm stealing it too. I've got a whole year to come up with my script or I might just steal that too!
  9. WhitePlainsNY

    Tinsel Fabric - Where is it sold?

    I've been trying to find a reliable source too. Small props look great covered in it with a set of lights attached to the backside of the fabric.
  10. WhitePlainsNY

    TV news segment on my show

    My show was on the TV news. Out of all of the sound bites I gave him, he picked the one I like the most. He was there for a while but didn't go into my backyard to see the rest of my display and also missed out on my Santa photo prop. https://youtu.be/Frgf0entbHM Merry Christmas everyone!
  11. My song schedule is the same each night. I just run the show without controlling the lights and then take the output of the status as a text file. Manipulate the data so its easy to read and post it to my website...one and done!
  12. WhitePlainsNY

    Biggest hits

    I built a seated Santa on a bench in my backyard for a photo op. He's been very popular.
  13. I use the data to show my song schedule on my website: http://www.nychristmaslights.com/Songs.html
  14. Never build a life-sized Santa photo prop without sturdy legs. Everyone wants to sit on his lap (including adults) and he needs fixing all evening long. Next year I'm getting a seated, flexible mannequin.
  15. WhitePlainsNY

    The New York Times article

    A handful of homeowners, including me, are in an article in The New York Times newspaper published on 12/20/2015.. The print edition and an online version, http://www.nytimes.com/2015/12/20/nyregion/christmas-lights-on-display-in-connecticut-and-westchester.html?smid=fb-share The best thing for me is that the photojournalist said he'll send me all of his pictures he took that evening and that I can use them on my website. The only condition is that I can't get them until two weeks after the article is published. I can wait that long for free, professionally shot pictures! Merry Christmas everyone! Chuck Barringer