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  1. I opened a Helpdesk ticket with LOR since I have not heard from anyone. Either nobody is using CC Floods or I must be the only one with a problem An update- This morning I used the same 2 bad floods and both came up and were recognized. I said sweet took the same cables and units outside, plugged them in and only ONE was recognized. 3 hours later it still only sees 3 of the 4 I have. It's almost like if I take away power, its a crap shoot if they will come back live or unrecognizable in SE or HW utility.... P.S. I bought them in the past 6 months.
  2. Hello, I have 4 Cosmic Color floods and have been programming them inside for weeks now. They have been unplugged, plugged back in PC shutdowns, all the normal stuff and everything was fine. Tonight I began to move them out side and test as I set up. The first two went fine but my 3rd it would not recognize in SE or HW Util. I then tried #4 and same issue. I had the laptop outside so the setup and test is with the same USB, ethernet, etc etc... I finally brought the 2 back in and have just tried switching many cables, power supplies etc but I still get 0 Units Found. If I plug into CBT16 next to it- no issues. Unit ID's are 20,21,22,23 and in HW I am scanning for 30 units. I tried both plugs on both CCfloods and I am at a loss.. Earlier this evening all 4 worked fine now 2 are "dead" ? Any thoughts, I'm even happy if you tell me I did something stupid ! I was hoping to do final testing tonight and start running tomorrow night......Thanks !
  3. Hello Jim and thanks- yes I seem to be dealing with lots of family health issues heading into this year and so I am way behind. I updated my profile but I am currently on 3.11.2 At this point I was trying to get the CCF's at least to work and then look about how "simple" the upgrade to S4 will be for me. For my full display I have 3 networks- Regular Com 3- 115k, AUX A Com 4 - 500k, Aux B Com 5 500k. Aux A and B each run 6+ CCR's and Com 3 is 15 or so normal CBT controllers. However, right now I have nothing but 3 CCF's connected to my machine, with just the Com 3 Regular USB network connected to the 3 CCF's and nothing else. Just trying to get the CCFs to work first..... thanks
  4. I am obviously doing something wrong/dumb but I am not sure what it is ! I got my first CC floods and went into the hardware utility and set one up for unit ID 20, 21 etc I test it in the utility and all works fine. I then go into sequence editor, take one of my sequences, and at the bottom added a new RGB channel- LOR- Regular 20 Channel 1 then 2 then 3. I added another RGB channel - LOR Regular 21 Channel 1,2 and 3. I then set some RGB's on in sequence and hit play. It is not controlling anything. That particular network speed is 115k but I also tried it at 500K like my AUX A. Nothing else is plugged into my LOR Network but these 2 CCF's. I have advanced license and YES "control lights" is selected. The only thing I can think of is that I am using my COMM 3 USB485 adapter and that may be causing an issue ?? It will be a day or two until I can get to my USB485-HS to try that. Is there something I'm missing here- seems like it should be so simple to set this up !!! Thanks !!
  5. Got it and good news for future releases ! I just wanted to make sure I was not missing an "easy" way to do some of the things I was trying to do. Thanks again for the assistance. I'll keep playing and learning...
  6. Thanks for the prompt and informative reply Brian, #1 and #2 make sense. #3/4- To use superstar for areas where I want Morphs or some of the other effects seemed like a good Idea. However when I was trying to synch this up in areas with other parts of the yard or match other color effects like all green on, so far I have found it extreamly cumbersom to watch my SE visulizer find say a segment of 4 seconds all green fade then 3 seconds all red, 3 seconds green- write down exact start and end times, go into Superstar find the exact time, create the effect to end at the exact time, etc etc etc.... My plan was in SE if Ch12 was front Tree Red and Ch 20 Ft tree Green i could simply highlight 10 seconds of row 20 and copy/paste then 3 seconds of row 12 copy paste and instantly added my 2 circles to a segment of just Green and Red in the yard. And I don't have to worry about the house all going dark but my 2 CCR's stay green 2/10 second longer because i didn't pick the exact time to match in superstar. P.S. When I imported timings to superstar from my 2012 LMS thinking that would help me match timings, if I tried to do an instance sequence on 15 seconds of a song it came up with 0 scenes and 0 morphs. If I didn't import the timings then i got 5 scenes and 10 morphs... Perhaps my method of programing is not the best since the CCR's are new and I am sure my lack of using the SuperStar software isn't helping, although I did watch all the video's. I'm thinking I need to not try to program from scratch in superstar for just 2 CCR's and give a shot at trying sequence editor and see how I make out- may end up back in Superstar If I can come up with $2,500 to get 12 more CCR's for next year for a tree it looks like superstar would be awesome and save an amazing amount of time. Thanks again for the guidance I'm learning more each night. If #4 gets annoying I'll open a ticket to see what's going on.
  7. Hello, first I apologize if I should not be putting multiple questions in one post but I think they are basic answers and all software related. Second, I apologize in advance if one or 2 turn out to be really stupid. The last 2 nights I was playing with 2 new CCR’s and SuperStar which I am adding to 160 channels and was getting frustrated on a few things that I may have missed the obvious. Is there a way to scroll through the timeline in Superstar? Or do you only have the > and >> to move along it? Seems cumbersome and also if I am playing 8 seconds and only 5 are on the screen it does not scroll when it is playing 6,7, and 8. Can you “control lights” in SS ? I’ve been exporting, importing, playing it, not liking something when viewing the actual ribbon and then either trying to change in SE or changing in SS, re-exporting etc etc…. Perhaps real dumb- how do you change a CCR color once imported from SuperStar in SE ? If I have a red chase and what to change say part of it to green. I right click and get 30 options but not seeing a color selector. 4. I did part of a sequence in Superstar, exported it. I then wanted to steal some previous sections in SE where everything was say either red or green. I copied a red fade and pasted below for CCR channel 1,3,5,7,9 etc. Then I copied a green fade and when I pasted for channel 2,4,6 etc it pasted Red not Green. I did this several times in case I messed up the copy. If I took a section of green from the CCR that came over from Superstar and pasted that for channel 2,4,6 it DID paste green. Can I not steal from existing SE lines and paste to CCR lines expecting basic colors to hold ?
  8. dharker

    Controller issue

    Hey, I need to do a little more testing with the spare parts to figure this out- but replacing Controller 4 certaintly fixed 60% of the problems and then replacing ALL the CAT5 cables to the 8 controllers for the second time FIXED EVERYTHING.... At least for now... tonights show seems to have ran perfectly. Thanks you 5 or so guys for all the help and suggestions.. I was just going nuts seeing cars out front watching what I thought was a crappy show..... Looks like I neet to troubleshoot the old controller 4 to see if I need to send it back to LOR to get fixed but also looks like 1/2 of the problem was one of the Cat5 cables that after 8 nights of behaving must have crapped out on me. Again- thanks all !!!!
  9. dharker

    Controller issue

    3.1.2 Bisquet, and it was running perfect for 8 nights
  10. dharker

    Controller issue

    Thanks- I'll get to rewiring and hope for the best....
  11. dharker

    Controller issue

    For lack of any other suggestions I'm going to replace all the cat5e cables today- argh but open for any other suggestions ? ? Today I have it wired 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 but since I just learned the order does not matter I will probably rewire as 8,1,7,6,3,4,5,2- Just want to confirm this is fine ? ? They are a mix of Gen2 and Gen3 controllers. thanks
  12. dharker

    Controller issue

    Thanks everyone and thanks for the comments- as many of you know this is sure frustrating especially with little kids faces haning out the car window ! I but my last spare Gen3 controller and replaced controller #4- Instantly it fixed my "can't find 8 controller issue" I immediately found 8 controllers in LOR so i guess I need to contact LOR about next steps on that. However I still have a couple of issues unfortunatly. I had 2 channels on Controller 5 that did their own thing to their own beat for about 5-6 songs and then seemed to fix themselves. (yes I have turn off all lights at the end of each sequence. Once that was fixed i thought I was good as gold but then noticed that now that channel 96-107 (arches- 6 channels each) 3 arches are perfectb but the 4th starts on channel 96 and it seems now that controller 7 is the one having issues. Lights on two arches- some stay on until they are hit again, sometimes they don't go on so when I do a chase I see the first section go on and the other 4 stay off etc etc. Just about any random pattern you see but seems to reset once the next time the channel is hit in the song. I even get a few random same issues with channels 113-125 and still once in a while on channels 60-80. It's so odd... It is mixed of Gen 2 and Gen 3 but other than that it ran perfect for 7 nights and then bam... Am I resetting the controllers right- I power off, take off the jumper on J0 position 2, power on 15 seconds, power of and replace jumper and power on. It says it will blink 2x fast then off then 2 times fast etc but I only get nonstop fast blinks when the jumper is off. Anything else- I'm really getting stumped on what's happening.
  13. dharker

    Controller issue

    Good question for some reason I thought of Only doing HW Utility on the first socket fo each which I assumed was the "IN" not really realizing they are both in/out... I can check- also frantically trying to build a new controller about 1/2 done.... I'll let you know- thanks for the quick reply
  14. dharker

    Controller issue

    Don/anyone.... From unit 1 I can see 2, 3 and 4 From 5 I can see 5,6,7,8 From 4 I can Only see 1 - all using the hardware utility. I replaced the Cat5/6 cable from 4-5 with 3 different cables and no difference. I Removed the only Jumper on J0 which was in the 2nd position, powered back on, red light flashed real fast for about 15 seconds then i powered off replaced the jumper and back on again- NO CHANGE Controllers 3,4,5 are CTB16PC V2 all running 4.40 firmware Now what ? I'm stuck and it's getting darker
  15. dharker

    Controller issue

    Thanks Don, I'll try the resets and cross my fingers.
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