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  1. Sorry I cannot see that I received a copy of the faces or sequencing. Would love a copy if your still sharing, thanks. mbelisle@eastlink.ca
  2. Thanks for the help, I put a request in to purchase a digital copy. Marty
  3. Looking to purchase Christmas Rhapsody by Pledge Drive for this sequence. Did some searching with no luck. Anyone have any suggestions?
  4. Suggest you consider running two networks. Regular for your CTB16 and High speed (enhanced) for your CCBs. It will require you to purchase an additional adaptor and some extra Cat5/6 wire but will give you more expansion opportunity.
  5. I took the chance and extended a couple of older CCB strings with 4 conductor wire to allow easier access to the controller on the roof. Both were extended approximately 10' with no issue and have been running in my show for a number of years. Just spliced in a length of 4 conductor wire between the connector and the bulbs. My thought was if it doesn't work I will just remove the extension. Remember any modifications will void your warranty.
  6. Definitely rocker tune that would get the new generation dancing at Halloween. James I would love a copy if your still sharing, thanks. mbelisle@eastlink.ca
  7. Would love a copy if your still sharing, thanks. mbelisle@eastlink.ca
  8. Great rocker tune, James if your sharing would love a copy, please and thanks mbelisle@eastlink.ca
  9. Sorry BluMan just caught your question. Sails are 450 pixels each 18 x 25. 7' steel 3/4" tubing with 4 x 3/8 steel rod bent in a half moon shape. I used the 1/2 moon for viewing either way when parked down the street. 1/2 inch steel rod drove into the ground and the sail tube slides over. I did add a piece of angle iron as a rear support as they moved a little too much in the wind. Shockingly they managed a couple of huge windstorms that I was sure would have bent them up. For the upcoming season I hope to install some permanent footings in the ground to eliminate the angle iron.
  10. Matt any idea when the new version might be released? This was similar to my issue last year when I attempted to convert to S5 but I could not recover even when I closed and reopened. The change over would have required a ton of rework. Little apprehensive to try the conversion again, thanks. Marty
  11. Awesome, way too close to home. Great post season reality check, love it.
  12. Wow great job on your first go with sequencing, welcome to the addiction.
  13. Very nice, love the roof. Great job.
  14. Great job, have to agree the shooting stars are awesome.
  15. Couple of videos, all are posted on YouTube. Its our time of year forum users, enjoy the season.
  16. Big night, weather was great, 800 treaters and lots of kids busting a move to the music. Walk thru and one of my songs. https://youtu.be/2oQY0KwEtpg https://youtu.be/cb38oOI7lmQ
  17. Thanks Matt did some more testing using the text scroll to reveal I had two complete universes acting weird. Turns out two leads off my new controller # 1 and # 4 were mislabelled opposite to their outputs when I traced them back. Because # 1 was the bottom 3 rows of pixels on my matrix it appeared the images and text were low. The problem didn't show up with other effects except for colors being out. I used a full line of small letter "L" and moved it up and down my matrix with the offset slider to help to identify the problem. All good now. Thanks for the suggestion.
  18. Testing a new matrix (ungrouped prop) I found that my mini gifs have perfect alignment in my preview however when tested on my matrix they are too low on the screen. Even with scrolling text it appears perfectly centered in the preview however too low on the actual screen. I triple checked my prop set up / assignment against my physical matrix assembly to verify everything matched. I have a number of matrixes and cannot recall having to adjust from what I could see on the preview. My assumption is that it has something to do with the format of the gif? Anyone else experience this issue?
  19. Right now running S4 as I'm waiting for a bug to be fixed up in the next release of S5 before I try it again. Running 40k plus channels of RGB and I am concerned that I'm getting too bright for my neighborhood. Only really worried about my ribbons and nodes, bulbs with diffusers seem to be fine. Dimming down will also help with my video taping and pictures as the bright lights on big props definitely wash out. Good idea K6ccc, adjusting the hardware might be the simplest to get the desired brightness without physically having to adjusts thousands of motion effects, thanks.
  20. Is there a quick way to dim down the complete sequence or do you need to open every motion effect and adjust accordingly?
  21. Good song, mbelisle@eastlink.ca, as always, thanks James
  22. Bill there is a copy function where you create your prop I recall either a drop down or right click. The function is extremely handy as you can select how many copies you want including channel config and ability to easily rename. Once you have your group of copies you can just move them around and adjust as needed.
  23. I upgraded to S5 and opened a sequence created in S4. S5 warning said there are props not listed in my S5 Preview and that the data will be lost next time I save the sequencer. I confirmed my props are in the new S5 preview I created and assigned exactly like they were in the S4 pixel editor. For some reason the upgrade to S5 did not include some of the S4 prop data and doesn't even show these props as archived. My question: is there any way to see or retrieve this data so I can at least cut and paste the effects into my S5 sequencer that are missing?
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