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    Preview playback on Matrix

    Thanks Matt did some more testing using the text scroll to reveal I had two complete universes acting weird. Turns out two leads off my new controller # 1 and # 4 were mislabelled opposite to their outputs when I traced them back. Because # 1 was the bottom 3 rows of pixels on my matrix it appeared the images and text were low. The problem didn't show up with other effects except for colors being out. I used a full line of small letter "L" and moved it up and down my matrix with the offset slider to help to identify the problem. All good now. Thanks for the suggestion.
  2. Marty Belisle

    Preview playback on Matrix

    Testing a new matrix (ungrouped prop) I found that my mini gifs have perfect alignment in my preview however when tested on my matrix they are too low on the screen. Even with scrolling text it appears perfectly centered in the preview however too low on the actual screen. I triple checked my prop set up / assignment against my physical matrix assembly to verify everything matched. I have a number of matrixes and cannot recall having to adjust from what I could see on the preview. My assumption is that it has something to do with the format of the gif? Anyone else experience this issue?
  3. Marty Belisle

    Katy Perry Roar

    Sorry been away, email sent.
  4. Marty Belisle

    100% Brightness?? Do you EVER?!

    Right now running S4 as I'm waiting for a bug to be fixed up in the next release of S5 before I try it again. Running 40k plus channels of RGB and I am concerned that I'm getting too bright for my neighborhood. Only really worried about my ribbons and nodes, bulbs with diffusers seem to be fine. Dimming down will also help with my video taping and pictures as the bright lights on big props definitely wash out. Good idea K6ccc, adjusting the hardware might be the simplest to get the desired brightness without physically having to adjusts thousands of motion effects, thanks.
  5. Marty Belisle

    100% Brightness?? Do you EVER?!

    Is there a quick way to dim down the complete sequence or do you need to open every motion effect and adjust accordingly?
  6. Marty Belisle

    Knift Party 2 Lms Faces Pixel Matrix

    Good song, mbelisle@eastlink.ca, as always, thanks James
  7. Marty Belisle

    Making copies of pros in S5

    Bill there is a copy function where you create your prop I recall either a drop down or right click. The function is extremely handy as you can select how many copies you want including channel config and ability to easily rename. Once you have your group of copies you can just move them around and adjust as needed.
  8. I upgraded to S5 and opened a sequence created in S4. S5 warning said there are props not listed in my S5 Preview and that the data will be lost next time I save the sequencer. I confirmed my props are in the new S5 preview I created and assigned exactly like they were in the S4 pixel editor. For some reason the upgrade to S5 did not include some of the S4 prop data and doesn't even show these props as archived. My question: is there any way to see or retrieve this data so I can at least cut and paste the effects into my S5 sequencer that are missing?
  9. Marty Belisle

    S4 pixel editor show in S5

    I changed the file name to the .old reopened S5 to check in the manage previews and none of the changes to the PE preview I did in 2017 S4 show up in the S5 preview nor do any of the props that were controlled in S4 SE show up. I just converted to S5 so there were no subsequent changes made in S4. My 2017 Previews converted and show up in S5 under manage previews however it looks like only PE props from 2016 show up.
  10. Marty Belisle

    S4 pixel editor show in S5

    I'm having similar difficulties. All of the changes I made to my 2017 Previews I created in S4 Pixel editor do not appear in the migration to S5.
  11. Marty Belisle

    Christmas Eve Sarajevo

    Very nice, great shot with your drone.
  12. Marty Belisle


    I enjoyed a number of hand made treat baskets, cards and thanks at my door this year. One especially heart felt was a huge card with 20 or so hand drawn pictures and messages from a local daycare. I've been doing a display for 27 years and now have young families bringing their kids to enjoy the same experience they grew up with. Over the years there has even been three marriage proposals. I think living in a small town in the North for so many years has helped a bit but honestly I think most people really do appreciate the effort it takes to provide an activity and memory. I know I still can remember that house that my family always had to visit as part of our tradition. I suspect everyone who belongs to this forum have left a lasting impression, hopefully all good. "Marty's Christmas in Cold Lake 2017"
  13. Marty Belisle

    Problems with show

    Strange indeed. With a new PC might be worth upgrading your windows to something a little newer and reinstalling S3. You could also just save your sequences and upgrade your LOR software. Based on your description I feel this is probably a software issue causing this to bump off. I know I have had issues with my schedule in the past when I have too many things running in the back ground on my PC, open the task manager and close any programs you don't need and put your PC in airplane mode or disconnect from the WIFI as auto updates and firewalls can also create issues with your schedule. Good luck.
  14. Marty Belisle

    My 2017 Light show

    Good job, really nice.
  15. Marty Belisle

    Heres my 2017 display, Hope you enjoy!

    Very impressive, love your opening, great job
  16. Marty Belisle

    Pixie 16 with WS2812 pixels.

    Ensure LOR control panel is running (little red bulb icon on your task bar should be showing) and that you have control lights checked in SE
  17. Couple of links to this year's display, enjoy https://youtu.be/WE0J11r4oaE https://youtu.be/7-Zvy2JtBjo
  18. Marty Belisle

    Marty's Halloween in Cold Lake 2017

    Thanks, treaters enjoyed it too, 650 showed up even in the bad weather. Time lapse in the link. https://youtu.be/gRDMc0UT2QI
  19. Marty Belisle

    One Half of CCR Ribbon Stuck

    My experience is that ribbons are pretty fragile despite great effort to handle gently. Sometimes if you lightly press on the little components/solders that are located just before the pixels that are acting funky you may discover a solder crack or break. I have done a show fix with a strategically place zip tie to keep pressure on the break point to maintain a connection. Might help you limp through your show season while you wait for a replacement or repair.
  20. Marty Belisle

    Connected but not communicating?

    Assuming you are running a dongle RS485 between your controller and computer, my only suggestion would be to try another Cat 5 cable and verify all the connections on the dongle and Cat 5 cable are seated. If you are using S4 and below to eliminate the hardware utility you could make a simple sequence and try to see if you can get your computer to communicate with your controller. Remember to select control lights.
  21. Marty Belisle

    Katy Perry Roar

    DaveJones lms sent to your email
  22. Marty Belisle

    Heathen 21 Pilots

    Great to see some files going to James, he is always helping everyone out. Terpsmurf if your sharing the LMS on this I would love a copy too. This song is one of my adds for Halloween, great tune. mbelisle@eastlink.ca, thanks.
  23. Marty Belisle

    Driveway Arches

    Watch info mall for used pop up as the supports are often still ok. You bet let me know if you want to brainstorm. No plans to do arches as it may block my matrix above my garage door. Your going to love the floods as they create great lighting with many options for installation. This was also my first RGB device. Watch out its addicting