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  1. Connected but not communicating?

    Assuming you are running a dongle RS485 between your controller and computer, my only suggestion would be to try another Cat 5 cable and verify all the connections on the dongle and Cat 5 cable are seated. If you are using S4 and below to eliminate the hardware utility you could make a simple sequence and try to see if you can get your computer to communicate with your controller. Remember to select control lights.
  2. Katy Perry Roar

    DaveJones lms sent to your email
  3. Heathen 21 Pilots

    Great to see some files going to James, he is always helping everyone out. Terpsmurf if your sharing the LMS on this I would love a copy too. This song is one of my adds for Halloween, great tune. mbelisle@eastlink.ca, thanks.
  4. Driveway Arches

    Watch info mall for used pop up as the supports are often still ok. You bet let me know if you want to brainstorm. No plans to do arches as it may block my matrix above my garage door. Your going to love the floods as they create great lighting with many options for installation. This was also my first RGB device. Watch out its addicting
  5. Debug/Repair single pixel on CCR

    I have struggled with repairing ribbons myself. My guess is the one that failed is near a bend or a flex point. Probably just a cracked solder, loose resistor, diode as you figured out. When it is only one I have cheated by strategically securing it down with a zip tie/ tie wrap. You might have to adjust how you mount the strip so you can get some support to secure it with a zip tie and it will lay flat.
  6. Troubleshooting CCBs

    My experience has been when there are a few bulbs out it is usually the bulb in front on the data input/controller side. For the ones staying on usually the bulb/pixel it self. Unfortunately pixels do fail and if you plan on increasing your count suggest you always buy spare strings that you can quickly replace during the show season. This will also create some options to salvage pixels from a failed string to repair others. Replacing nodes/bulbs is fairly straight forward however soldering into ribbon/strips is a whole different level of skill. I do recall LOR offering a repair service at one time for a price however it might not be cost effective depending on where you live.
  7. New to Pixels, looking for info

    I'm with George look to run another Network with a high speed adapter as it will eliminate any issues with older controllers and will allow you more options to positioning your props without having to daisy chain. Easy to do, I'm running 4 networks on my display with no issues.
  8. Driveway Arches

    Wendy don't hesitate to give me a shout or stop by as I have all the devices you are considering and it will give you some ideas on weights, lengths and installation options. I did attempt some driveway arches last year with similar widths as your driveway but struggled getting PVC supported. You may want to consider looking to buy a used pop up garage as the support piping tends to be more rigid and is built to be set up / taken down and secured easily.
  9. So how and when did you get started?

    Thanks Wendy, your display is always my first stop and the one I tell folks to see especially your haunted house, amazing! For myself I got the bug in 1990 when I saw an ad in a newspaper selling billboard paper of a nativity scene. Bought the paper, glued it to wood, built a manger and added about six strings of C-9 incons. It was my 1st daughter's first Christmas and I won 3rd place on the military base I was stationed at. 27 years later and still loving it and learning thanks to all of you.
  10. Att'n Newbies- Setup tips and tricks

    Make a big effort to get to know your neighbors and offer to help them out whenever you can, grass, snow, lending of ladders, fixing lights....Manage your show times, set-up/take down and be as considerate as you can to your neighborhood. As your show grows having everyone on side with your display will keep your annual event very positive.
  11. How is your display take-down coming along?

    Captured about 40% of my takedown and put away with some time lapse photography. 85k lights, LOR, RGB all down and tucked away.
  12. My Display

    Nice job, thanks for sharing.
  13. Have you all seen Tom's newest? Way better live

    Very impressive, great job
  14. CCR Issues with multiple networks

    Put my CMB24D at the end of the network and added a terminator. Show has ran perfect for two nights. Feeling confident the problem is solved.
  15. CCR Issues with multiple networks

    Cat 5 cables are easy to build a little tedious but simple. Suggest you print a large wire color code chart and that a good quality tester is a must. Crimping the ends is one thing but being able to verify that you a secure correct flawless connection is a must. I had bought a kit on amazon that came with a handful of connections that seems to work good. My 10 watt dumb RGB system is using the LOR CMB24D controller that has worked flawlessly for the past number of years. I moved it to the end of my Network and added a terminator where I would normally daisy chain the next device. Show ran great last night, not sure if it was coincidence or if it was my controller creating reflection or memory down the line? May be an issue with the new firmware for an enhance network or a bug as a result of my S4 upgrade and Pixel editor use? Either way I'm good with the work around as show season is here and folks are lined up to watch the display. No I do not believe you can use a splitter or a switch with a USB485 dongle. From what I understand a repeater may be an option once one becomes available for an high speed enhanced network. Good luck whyintheworld, welcome to the madness.