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  1. Thanks...I just joined it. Ive been trying to join the LOR Facebook gr for months. And its still pending. Anyone know John Wiechmann?
  2. Do you have a picture or link the the Aluminum you used to make the frame?
  3. With all your help I think I have decided to go with P5 if I do a matrix board. I'm thinking lexan comes in the biggest 48"x96". So I think I can do 7x7 and still have play for frame around it. But I think that number will not work out. So I may have to do 6x7...I fear I maybe stuck do 6x6. I want to go a big as possible. But it seams where I'm having issues is finding a clear piece of plexiglass product to cover the front to waterproof. Unless I do a seam down the middle, and that would look like [Foul Language Used]! Now...how do I control it? What Im seeing on YouTube is something about raspberry controller software that's NOT lor. Im sorry but I want to stay with lor! So i dont know what do do. Any opinions?
  4. Your p10 matrix looks amazing...yet this guy makes p10...look bad, lol
  5. I see some say indoor rated and some say outdoor rated. Does it "really" have to be outdoor rated? I say this because we all know not everything we use in our displays are outdoor rated...vampire plugs is just an example of something not outdoor rated and we ALL use them on our displays for years, lol. Saw this video that if I build something like that allows me to get indoor P10's. So now to find a P10 chat about how boards are made. Any advice?
  6. Any ideas on the best place to start...to find P10?
  7. Did you see my youtube video I posted from the movie "Deck the Halls". I actually like the video quality on the roof. It looks like a large matrix covering the roof. Could be P10, and could be CGI. That's why I'd love to see a pixel matrix showing video. That's cool yours is put away. There tons of others on here that will hopefully chime in with maybe a video that made from some point. Thanks for your help!
  8. My distance would be about 60'. Between the both of you...you both showed me that pixel matrix and p10 looks imo at the distance I need. So now its a matter of deciding which displays the video quality I'm looking for. YES p10 "looks" like a tv...but I'm not sure I like that and may refer the pixel matrix. Hopefully someone with a pixel matrix with video of theirs displaying video will chime in to share.
  9. So you have a pixel matrix seen the the one video and a p10 seen in the other. What's easier to build? What's easier to sequence? Do you by change have video of the Pixel Matrix displaying video? Most display patterns and designs. But would love to see how video looks on it.
  10. Whats laying on the lawn to the left? And how does 24"x50" equal 4'x8'. Am I missing something? Is that..that core core math I heard about 😂
  11. How many p10 panels? See that looks like a TV. Anyone have the same thing, but done with pixels I can see difference?
  12. See this is why I need to be 100% of my direction so I can buy enough in bulk. I actually like the 3 panel's.
  13. Didn't know it was that easy, lol. I still have v3 and plan to upgrade once I "know" 100% my direction. I don't see myself getting the components I need to build the display till sometime next year. Too late in year to start this year, that's for sure!
  14. That's was very helpful. I was going to build one 8'x12'. But after seeing yours, I see that's too excessive. I think I'm leaning towards 4'x8' maybe even the 24x50 even as at 75' looks more them big enough. I see you have lawn lights also. I've wanted those for a while. But when we get 2' plus in snow, they look cool under 6"...2' they lose their effect imo. What is that on the lawn the to left?
  15. Okay.. so them how does one display video images on the matrix like I exampled above? Or is that not possible?
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