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  1. The 4 wire are the original CCB's and use the LOR CCB controller. The 3 wire are the new CCB and are WS2811 chip that use different controllers than the older type and will NOT work with the older style CCB controller. You can use the new RGB controllers.
  2. I have been buying from HC for 5 years. Not 1 bad instance. If you look back you can see at least one of our members takes EVERY chance to throw a barb at HC for some reason. Look at the overall. Great service, quality products. TOTALLY recommend them.
  3. US Military Affiliation "Roll Call"

    U.S.M.C Airborne 1964 - 1970 Vietnam 1966 -1967
  4. Tenn Spring Mini March 25 2017
  5. RGB Pixel Fire Stick without tubing

    I did 21 of those for my window frames (from the inside) 7 feet by 7 feet. I would suggest that you have keep them closed with hook and loop tape. My first ones were hot glued shut after the strips were attached. Hard to get open for adjustments or replacements. Occasionally you may need to open them for one reason or another and Hot glue works TO GOOD some times.
  6. My Halloween Animations

    Disparky: are you planning on being at the Florida mini later in Feb ?
  7. LED light strings vs RGB - power consumption.

    keep in mind, RGB pixels will not run from the ac controllers you run your led's from. You will need a different type of controller (E1.31 type). RGB pixels (ribbons) are DC (5 volt or 12 volt) not 120 AC.
  8. New to Dumb RGB

    Like most there are a number of ways to go about this. A dongle will give you 170 dub stings worth of room. Depending on how many different addressable strings on the dumb mega trees you could use 1or a few of the 9 channel controllers (daisy chained) and if the small trees are a single addressable string(s), it might be best to use the small 3 channel controllers on each of the mini trees. Many of the newer smart string controllers have dmx outputs (eliminating the need for a dongle) and allowing future expansion to smart strings. LOR's newest RGB controller can still be sequencer and set up like a standard controller making the move to DMX a little easier. Other smart controllers (E1.31) also do not need a dongle as they are connected to your network plug on your computer.
  9. What glue to glue CCR to PVC?

    the issue isn't the glue or the PVC it is the silicone. can't remember at the moment but there is a discussion two years ago about the same issue. there is a liquid that you can apply to the back of the strip then silicone glue the strip (just can't remember the name of the stuff at the moment).
  10. Cutting Coroplast

    If you are cutting along the flute the VERY simple and VERY easy way is with a coro cutter (cheap, fast and great). cutting across the flute is a bit more difficult.VERY sharp box cutter and a metal ruler with a large piece of cardboard under the coro or a scrap piece of coro works pretty good but you MUST go slowly, and Watch out for your fingers NEVER NEVER towards yourself. Don't be a cheap scat change the blade often.
  11. How about a daylight hardware walk through.
  12. Individual Candy Canes

    I have used canes from sets of 3 for 6 years now. I cut the tree into singles. Yes you end up over powering each of the canes. Out of about 125 canes I have only lost one. Since the canes are powered for such a short period of time each the bulbs do not fail. I have done this with double and triple strings. The one that actually failed (after a couple of years, I just pulled a pair of 12 bulb strings though it. DON'T leave the canes on for an extended period of time.
  13. sequencing more channels

    Take any one of your 32 channel sequences and add 32 additional channels to the end. Do NOT change the location of any of the original 32. This will now be your MASTER Track. Any additional channels will be added to the end of your Master Track. Copy your channels to an additional track for sequencing and changing to viewing order. save the configuration. This will now be the base for any new sequences. You can then import your previous sequences without damage to the original data.
  14. Maximum Pixels?

    general rule of thumb is inject power every 50 pixels (lot depends on the actual pixels, size of wire, starting voltage at the first pixel etc). inject power at 75 pixels and the end of the 150. keep the power connected from #76 and #75. This will allow power from the beginning and end of each of the 75 pixels.
  15. Newbie CCB connection question

    What the instructions are telling you is NOT to connect directly to the Ethernet port (network port) on your computer.