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  1. Using 3.8.2, I've forgotten how to insert a background image. I keep getting a message, "The selected image is too large for the display. Use anyway?" What am I doing wrong?
  2. Thank you for your replies ... the units are 2-3 years old and are not DIY. Max-Paul, your suggestion is pretty interesting ... just to show this old man's ignorance, which is the "solder side"?
  3. I need some help. How difficult is it to replace a faulty triac? What level of soldering expertise is needed and how is it done? Thanks for your time, Tom
  4. How do I know if I have a bad triac and, if I do, what do I do about it? Thanks for your time, Tom
  5. I must be doing something wrong. I get a message that states, "no channel group with saved index 313 found".
  6. Is there a visual instruction on how to replace a faulty triac? Also, how do you test to see if one is truly faulty?
  7. I'm curious ... at what point do members shut down the show due to wet/inclement weather. For me, After the GFCI's trip for the second time or trip right after resetting, it's time to shut down. Just curious what others do.
  8. Sorry for the delay, Don, and thanks for the reply. The problem is on three different channels on three different controllers. On one controller there are two channels stuck on ... ch. 4 & 9b... one each on two different controllers. I'm using the hardware utility to test. Thank you for your time, Tom
  9. I'm testing my lights and a channel on three different controllers stays lit. Any suggestions? Thanks, Tom
  10. I'm having trouble configuring my new CTB16PCg3 controller. I have 5 older controllers that the hardware utility finds just fine. I tried to add my new controller and got thie following error msg. : DEVICE SEARCH FAILED Device search timer eexceeded. In the Select Unit to Configure box, it "found 1 unit" but in the "select unit" box, I get 06 unknown device???. I selected 06 as unit ID. What am I doing wrong? Thanks, Tom
  11. Thanks for the replies. I'm going to make arches for the first time and, after checking out the "bend-a-bility" of a couple of 10 foot pvc pieces that have been laying around, I was just curious. It didn't seem all that flexible. Thanks again.
  12. How to bend 3/4 inch gray PVC/10 feet? ... heat it first?
  13. Is it true that I can cut and paste to move displays around in the visualizer or did I just dream that?:?
  14. Thanks for the feedback. So, if I read thevikester correctly, if I install S-3, now, I'll have to re-do the visualizer for all of my current sequences.
  15. Mr. John, Can you explain the following? What is a superstar What is a CCR and Where can I compare S-2 & S-3? Thanks
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