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  1. I can find the song. I was hoping to find a copy of the singing face already sequenced. I found one but they used the music from Amazon and the music I have doesn't line up.
  2. I have a new blow up I just bought for next year, a FOX! So I am looking for What does the fox say sequence and MP3. I have been searching for well over a week with no luck. I tried to download the one from Amazon but I can't (it might be because I am in Canada.). I am willing to pay for the music. Thanks
  3. Hi it looks like I have the same problem. a few of my channels are stuck about 50% on. I had a spare controller so I was able to swap it out. I zero experience at soldering so not sure if I want to even try. Is it $25 for each triac ? I think I have 8 gone on the controller so spending $200 to repair a $185 controller doesn't make sense.
  4. Thanks guys. I have a few extra at the end of each string so I might just cut out the bad bulb and splice the wires.
  5. Some of my bulbs are failing. I have a bunch at the end of each string that I don't use. Does anyone know how to replace the failed bulb with one of the unused bulbs at the end of the string? It looks like I can just snap the bottom of the bulb off and then pull the bulb off the wire. Thanks
  6. I was working on a new sequence, saved on the network Software crashed Rebooted and File.lms and File.lms.bak were gone!
  7. The sequence editor crashed and I no longer have File.lms or File.lms.bak. I have the File.lms.lcs and File.lms.lsv and am hoping I can use one of these files to recover hours of work. HELP!
  8. Dibblejr I wouldn't have time to convert it over this year. I just finished Heroes in Blue (waiting for the singing face ). Set up still not complete and I have to go live Dec 1st.
  9. It is for Christmas. Means a lot to me to have this for this year in light of what has gone on here in Edmonton and the rest of the world.
  10. Looking for someone to do singing face for Judy Pancoast's Heros in Blue for cheap. I am adding this to my display this year and don't have the time to do the Singing Face. Willing to pay but not much. Thanks!
  11. Hi looking for mouth movement for Heros in Blue by Judy Pancoast (https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/judypancoast6 ) PLEASE and Thanks!
  12. You don't try to start your PC from it. You use it as a slave drive. Take the hard drive out of the computer and put into a hard drive dock. Then plug dock's USB cable into a working computer. As long it is not encrypted you might be able to see the files. I say might because sometimes the drive is dead. Another option is data recovery but then you are looking at thousands of dollars.
  13. Kevin does awesome work! Well worth the money!
  14. The files could still be there! Your computer might not boot but you still can access those files. If you don't know how ask around and someone will know how.
  15. Errr sorry but does anyone have a Singing Face for Frozen? Grand daughter will be here for Christmas (and you know little girls and Frozen) The_Peter_Ford@hotmail.com Thanks in advance.
  16. If any has a copy can you send it to me as well. I have a grand daughter that will be spending Christmas with us this year and she simply loves Frozen. I don't have time to sequence it this year. The_peter_ford@hotmail.com Thanks in advance!
  17. Hi I would love to have a copy of Let it go from Disney's Frozen. Just found out my grand daughter will be here for Christmas and that is her favorite. The_Peter_Ford@hotmail.com Thanks in advance
  18. Hi I would love to have a copy of Let it go from Disney's Frozen. Just found out my grand daughter will be here for Christmas and that is her favorite. The_Peter_Ford@hotmail.com Thanks in advance
  19. Forcing updates was done deliberately! There were too many unpatched computers on the internet. Now MS can push out updates as soon as another flaw is discovered protecting everyone. If you are worried about the reboots during show time then disconnect it from the Internet. If you are techy then you know other ways
  20. I don't think, in fact I am sure you can't because of the data loss. Move the controllers and use CAT 5 cables.
  21. The software is stable and runs under Windows 10. Make sure you disconnect your show computer from the Internet while the show is running so it doesn't update in the middle of the show ! Sorry no idea what PixCom16 is but if your licence is high enough then it can run all that and lots more.
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