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  1. Would be grateful if you would be willing to send a copy to twindaddy2003x2@yahoo.com Thank you!
  2. Run from the website?? I try to dl and it keeps giving me the same problem.
  3. Problem with trying to update. I have a win 7 and a win 8 machine and both are giving me the error of reading setup initialization file any ideas?
  4. Ok that makes sense Don and yes I it would be renewing as I have had LOR software pretty much from the get go. lol
  5. So 49.95 to buy the license for superstar would also get me my upgrade of s3? So basic difference of 20 dollars. Just S3 will be 30 or the superstar add on for the 49.95. I know you do not need superstar but it seems like for ccr's it would be easier then just using LOR.
  6. Question I have is that I have advanced for S2 but interested in also getting the upgrade for ccr's and confused as to what I will need. Thanks
  7. Not really too worried as I have many sequences that just need to be updated to the new setup for this year. Not sure how much new stuff I will do but I know that no one in my new neighborhood has ever seen it as the last time I did my animated display was 2 years ago in Florida. Seems like there are always newbies with lots of questions that just want to cherry pick the questions without looking for the answer themselves. That is one reason I have been trying to learn as much as I could now about S3. It gives me plenty of time to learn from here and then put it to use.
  8. Yeah I know Don it is just different then the old days when we first bought the first one and then for several years everything was alright now the licensing only last a year for new upgrades. Figure I will get S3 in a few months when I really start to get down to business with the display. Brian I really like the RGB and the DMX items that I have seen many here do with their displays and would love to do it BUT can't take that much out of the house budget when I have 3 kiddos that always seem to be needing something.
  9. Yep going to wait a little while longer before upgrading to S3 so that I can get the longest amount of upgrade time available. lol Seems like there are updated almost monthly.
  10. starting to get confused when it comes to all the new functions for the LOR software. Having been with LOR many years I was comfy with all that it could do. Now however with all the additional items that it can do really has me confused and wondering if I can progress past the normal uses of the LOR software. One of the things that really has me confused is the dmx and E1.31 discussions. I fancy myself a pretty computer literate person but everything when I am reading and trying to learn is starting to turn my brain to mush. lol Just wondering if there are any others who are having the same issue trying to learn all of the new portions that are being added to LOR or maybe its just me who is confused. Just want to tell Dan that I love the LOR family and will stick with them for all of my lighting needs even if his new ideas give me a headache sometimes.
  11. Looks great wonder if you could do the same sort of thing for my UK wildcats:)
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