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  1. I just downloaded the 4.2.12 bug fix and my security software says it has a virus. Consequently, when I try to run any LOR programs after installations, they will not run. It brings up the DX installation window and a Light-O-Rama.MSI page. See attached photos for errors.
  2. LarryDrumAZ

    SS & SE color differences

    That makes sense now. Thanks Brian!
  3. Hey all. I'm not sure how to fix this. I make some of my own custom colors and set the RGB values the same in SS and SE. However, when I export out of SS, the colors are not the same as in the SE. See the attached picture for the color difference. Thanks, Larry
  4. LarryDrumAZ

    License does not cover "Bug Fix"

    10-4. Thanks Bob.
  5. I thought I might slide under the radar of the bugs, but I got the "chinese characters" and the show froze last night. I was looking at the 4.2.12 with the bug fixes, but my license only covers 4.1.x. Are they really going to make me buy a license renewal for a bug fix?
  6. LarryDrumAZ

    Wizards in Winter and Uptown Funk

    Thanks for the link!
  7. LarryDrumAZ

    Using multiple audio devices

    Figures. It was worth a shot anyway, thanks.
  8. Has anyone had any success using more than one sound device for your show PC? What I am wanting to try an do is have the show songs and audio play and still be able to use the PC for other every day activities without those sounds going out over the FM transmitter. Is there a way to tell LOR to output the audio to a specific sound device and use the other one for everything else? Thanks
  9. LarryDrumAZ

    Wizards in Winter and Uptown Funk

    Great job! I'd love to have Uptown funk if you don't mind sharing. framer_larry@yahoo.com Thank you!
  10. LarryDrumAZ

    First Snow By TSO

    Yes please. framer_larry@yahoo.com
  11. LarryDrumAZ

    4.1.2 Error saving file

    I only get this error on one sequence. I have tried using a different name for the sequence and get the same error.
  12. LarryDrumAZ

    Convert exported files

    OK, thanks
  13. Is there a way to bring back exported LMS sequences to SS? In moving PC's I have lost some of the *.sup files. Meaning is there a way to import them back into SS from a LMS file?
  14. LarryDrumAZ

    Why is the LORCommPortListener so Chatty?

    I thought I was covered for S4 for the foreseeable future, but apparently I need to upgrade. Somewhere I missed something and read something wrong. My apologies.
  15. LarryDrumAZ

    Why is the LORCommPortListener so Chatty?

    I ran Network Traffic View and got these results. Now, granted I only have 1 E1.31 controller right now. 2,593 packets in 1 minute for a total of 1,654,334 bytes sent. Same as you, idle with no show running, just the control panel.