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  1. alchrisr01

    strange controller behaviour

    Just to update - even with snow in Alabama everything still works! It has been a week since the reset of the arch controller and no issues as yet. Keep that solution in mind if you have an issue. It is simple and quick. Chris
  2. Make sure the channels used for the background sequence are removed from all your show sequences. They can only be used in one place. Just delete the background channels from a sequence and export the channel config then import it to the others. I have never used the animation tab but I would think the same applies, can't use those channels on any other sequence. Background starts first and runs the entire scheduled show time. I belive animation begins after that and runs the entire schedule as well. Basically, if I understand correctly, background props and animation props can only be used as such and you can't combine the props purpose or you will get conflicting network signals. I ran into this years back when I first used background to run the tune to signs and garland fence out front. Chris
  3. alchrisr01

    strange controller behaviour

    I did the master re-set Sunday and so far so good
  4. alchrisr01

    strange controller behaviour

    I found the master reset instructions on the LOR support page and will give that a shot tomorrow. I just looked out and saw it going nuts again. Unplug it, plug back in and it works fine again....for now.
  5. alchrisr01

    strange controller behaviour

    Thanks for the replies. CTB16PC V2 ver 4.40 (latest firmware) Arch controller - 800 incans if all on pulling 5.18 amps All my controllers are in those red plastic light storage boxes sold by the box stores. I cut 4 u-shaped access holes to feed all the wires through and all the connections are inside making for a bit neater look. The mini tree box has two of these assemblies inside, three others only have one including the unit in question. I suppose i could shoot it with the infrared when the problem occurs and check the temp. Overheat was my first thought as well. It could be a weak solder joint on the board that just got weaker over time (this board has been in use since 2010 and this started last year). I have a pic but can't seem to get it to post. chris
  6. alchrisr01

    strange controller behaviour

    I posted this last year and found the same thing happening last night. I unplugged the power to the controller and it reset and it started working fine again. This unit is the next to the last 2 controllers on the network. It is a CTB16PC in a LOR enclosure and additionally put inside of another box. The last 2 controllers run the mini trees and they work with no issue, so I think that means there are no cable/signal issues? Sometimes it goes for days with no issue the it just hits. Any ideas? Chris
  7. alchrisr01

    LOR directory structure and re-load files

    That sounds like a good idea. I have seen those online. For the short term I have connected a Seagate Slim 2tb to the router. I could not get it to work with the XP laptop connected to the safe even after format. For those that may be interested in my solution to the original post, this is what worked for me. I read some post and learned a few things along the way as well. First, I chose one machine to work on. 1: I changed the LOR file in My Documents to _OLD. 2: Navigate to the LOR directory in Program files and find LORPost.exe and run it. This will create your new File locations. I had to create an additional file for videos as that is not done automatically. Open two windows, the new LOR folder and the LOR_OLD. At this point copy over only the files you absolutely need to run your LOR programs. I copied audio files that I use now (I even ran them through Audacity just in case), clipboard files, sequences I am using this season, video for this season, Visualization folder files, and Superstar folder files. For sequences, you only need to copy .LMS and .LID files. After all this was done I opened SE and VIS and ran through and saved all the sequences. Success! A quick copy to a thumb drive and I was ready to sync all the machines. On the other two laptops I only did steps 1 and 2 (there was no need to uninstall / re-install as I originally thought) and used GoodSync to sync up the files. My original LOR folder was 22.3gb, the new folder is 3.49gb. The old folder is a cluster with unused files and duplicates gathered over the years. Now everything is identical in all three machines and the show ran perfect last night, well almost. All of the issues I was having were self inflicted by using LOR over the years and not really understanding where to properly save files. For some reason I had at least three different Audio folders in several different locations, as an example. This worked for me, YMMV Chris
  8. alchrisr01

    LOR directory structure and re-load files

    Don't worry, I am not going to take out the platters. if i can't spin and move the arm, I am done. I don"t even know what all is on there. Been outside working on some troubleshooting and it seems I have a bad LOR 10w flood. Got to put in a support ticket. I also have a ws2811 ribbon with a short. I have spares but I am going to try to solder it first. These silicon filled ribbons are a pain to fix. Chris
  9. alchrisr01

    LOR directory structure and re-load files

    I don't think I am a prospect to spend $600 bucks. I found some videos on trying to make it work again and have not been successful yet. The disk don't appear damaged, just the reader arm not "parking". I too had this one in my safe hooked to my network. It was a Seagate 2tb. I am going back with a WD hooked to my WRT1200ac router and a Seagate in the safe. The PC I use to run that HD is XP and WD devices aren't compatible. When my laptop blue screened my life flashed before my eyes! I had plenty of LOR backups and a few other things but all my financial life was gone! I was lucky enough to have disk on hand and got the laptop going again in about an hour and a half. Never again, redundant onsite backups from now on..I am backing up now on a WD easystore until I get the network backup going again. I still got to get this LOR file thing done today. Chris
  10. Good morning folks, hope you all had a fine Thanksgiving. I had an issue with the annual Thanksgiving light-up and my show would not run in the scheduler, so I just ran songs manually. I have a few other bugs around but that is another story! Anyway, for many years I have used three computers on my network, one dedicated to running the show and two for sequencing. I have used GoodSync to sync the files over the network through a backup hard drive. Well, two weeks ago the backup drive failed and I have not had time to get it replaced (and my laptop blue screened the same weekend!) so I have been using a thumb drive to sync the files. I must have caused some corruption along the way and caused the scheduler to not work. While looking at the LOR folder it would seem that over the last ten years or so I have complexly FUBARed it. It is bloated with way too much data and directories that are not used currently. My thoughts are to rename the current LOR folder _OLD, uninstall S4, re-install S4, copy sequences from backup, copy video from backup, copy audio from backup, copy clipboards and any other files needed (I had multiple backups just in case). I think I should be ok to copy from the re-named _old file as well. My goal is to de-bloat the LOR file and make sure the structure is the same on all machines. I plan to have my old backup / GoodSync method running again this weekend. I have a question on copying the files. If I understand correctly, I can copy the .LMS and .LID files and the others extensions are created when a sequence is opened and saved. I plan to open all the current sequences and re-associate the audio and or media files as well. I will only need to do all the copying and pasteing on one machine and then use GoodSync to sync them up and they should be identical. Does this sound like a viable plan or would any of you recommend a different method? Also, has anyone used a data recovery service get data from a failed hard drive? Thanks, Chris
  11. alchrisr01

    Pixel Editor or Sequence Editor

    PS. Forgot to say that I opened sequences that already were sequenced with all the channels and elements from S4 and got the error notice about missing props.
  12. alchrisr01

    Pixel Editor or Sequence Editor

    I am just testing with the sim screen (what used to be the visualizer). It will be a few weeks before I have the display completed to test on the actual lights. The viz used to be spot on so I suppose the new sim screen is even better. I found in S5 if you have channels in your config but not setup in the viz you get a warning about such and those elements will not be controlled when done. That is what I need to correct so all will be good. Chris
  13. alchrisr01

    Pixel Editor or Sequence Editor

    Experiment #2: Download S5. Open sequence created in S4 that had mis-firing (used combo of SE and PE to create) pixels and run in S5. All seems to work as originally intended in S4, no mis-firing pixels. I used the preview I had created for the prop in PE to watch in the new "visualizer" for S5. I have imported my old visualizer file of the complete display as well but see that I have some tweaking to do before I can use it. I never noticed that a few of my lights (elements/props) were not represented in the file! It also appears that it is no longer necessary to create a "pixel fake-out" in order to view non-LOR pixels in the visualizer. This may have been addressed in earlier versions of SE by turning on the LOR control panel while running the visualizer as that is what I had to do to get the new lumi-can prop to be able to be seen there. I will work on this later. I have lights to get put up! This is week #4 for me and I have 2 more to go before full scale testing. Chris
  14. alchrisr01

    Pixel Editor or Sequence Editor

    I just did an experiment on a sequence, so I can answer one of the questions. If you create a sequence in SE (pixel props) and then import it into PE and add PE effects to your prop, when saved you will not be happy with the results. The PE effects work fine but the sequencing you did in SE gets completely screwed. Again, I only changed places on the timeline with no SE programing. Chris
  15. alchrisr01

    Pixel Editor or Sequence Editor

    No answers on this all week and I am stuck as to what the consequences are. Can you sequence the RGB prop in SE then import the complete sequence into PE to finish and all is good? Other than a few out of time pixels are there any issues with using PE first then editing in SE? Are other elements affected by a post PE edit? I don't know what is included in the "intensity data file" save so I am not sure on what happens. Logically, If you make changes in SE after PE and re-import the sequence into PE and re-save, the new file should replace the old file and all should be good, but I am not even close to a code guy. I hope that Matt Brown will pick up on this and shed some light on the subject. chris