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  1. Here a a couple from 2017 when we had snow in Alabama! Never had lights in snow before. The show has not changed substantially as I have been doing home improvements and maintenance for the last two years! You know, you always see stuff that need to be done taking down the lights....I had others but youtube kicked them out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2J_YH91NzuU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BzXf880qxc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xK3zfadLPFA Chris
  2. yep, everything was tied down well! supposed to rain more this weekend as well. I am not much of a prospect to hand out candy canes in the rain, but we bought 3000 and still have 2900 left so it looks like a rainsuit is in my future. we hope take the light tour thursday night. CR BTW - I was a lucky try for free winner!
  3. Another back up option is a program called Goodsync. it sounds similar to JungleDisk above but it is locally installed. I think they offer cloud storage, but I have used it for years to sync all my Computers and (now) two backup hard drives. I lost data a while back as well, hence the two backup drives. Hopefully never again...... https://www.goodsync.com/personal Chris
  4. Sounds like we use the same method, Mr. P. I also re-seal with silicone to waterproof the joint. I suppose I was hoping that somebody had some magic method out there. I finally got everything working,.... until I raised the tree up and found some more ribbon issues! I gave up and replaced one ribbon but was lucky enough to find a broken factory solder joint. I cut into it and was able to melt them back together. All is well for now. I just hope everything survives the potential bad weather tonight.
  5. Yep that is the stuff. Mine came from Ray Wu several years ago. I have a few spares I got from Holiday Coro but I don't want to swap a complete ribbon for one or two pixels out. Lowes has all the chemicals you need here. Always worries me a bit knowing all that flammable stuff is on a big shelf together! Some of them we used to mix with race fuel! I get the patience point, me neither......
  6. I am making some repairs to my pixel tree ribbons, replacing a few bad pixels, and am having a hard time cleaning the silicone filler off of the contacts so that I have a clean surface. This is not the first time I have repaired them, but I don't remember having this much trouble getting a good tin. I am using an adjustable temp pencil iron and have it set on around 300' (?) and the solder seems to flow well, it just will not stick to the contacts. I have tried to clean them with WD40 brand electrical contact cleaner and that seems to help some what. I have watched David's video on holidaycoro and he makes it look so simple, but the ribbons he is using have no filler. Anybody got any suggestions? Thanks, Chris
  7. Just to update - even with snow in Alabama everything still works! It has been a week since the reset of the arch controller and no issues as yet. Keep that solution in mind if you have an issue. It is simple and quick. Chris
  8. Make sure the channels used for the background sequence are removed from all your show sequences. They can only be used in one place. Just delete the background channels from a sequence and export the channel config then import it to the others. I have never used the animation tab but I would think the same applies, can't use those channels on any other sequence. Background starts first and runs the entire scheduled show time. I belive animation begins after that and runs the entire schedule as well. Basically, if I understand correctly, background props and animation props can only be used as such and you can't combine the props purpose or you will get conflicting network signals. I ran into this years back when I first used background to run the tune to signs and garland fence out front. Chris
  9. I did the master re-set Sunday and so far so good
  10. I found the master reset instructions on the LOR support page and will give that a shot tomorrow. I just looked out and saw it going nuts again. Unplug it, plug back in and it works fine again....for now.
  11. Thanks for the replies. CTB16PC V2 ver 4.40 (latest firmware) Arch controller - 800 incans if all on pulling 5.18 amps All my controllers are in those red plastic light storage boxes sold by the box stores. I cut 4 u-shaped access holes to feed all the wires through and all the connections are inside making for a bit neater look. The mini tree box has two of these assemblies inside, three others only have one including the unit in question. I suppose i could shoot it with the infrared when the problem occurs and check the temp. Overheat was my first thought as well. It could be a weak solder joint on the board that just got weaker over time (this board has been in use since 2010 and this started last year). I have a pic but can't seem to get it to post. chris
  12. I posted this last year and found the same thing happening last night. I unplugged the power to the controller and it reset and it started working fine again. This unit is the next to the last 2 controllers on the network. It is a CTB16PC in a LOR enclosure and additionally put inside of another box. The last 2 controllers run the mini trees and they work with no issue, so I think that means there are no cable/signal issues? Sometimes it goes for days with no issue the it just hits. Any ideas? Chris
  13. That sounds like a good idea. I have seen those online. For the short term I have connected a Seagate Slim 2tb to the router. I could not get it to work with the XP laptop connected to the safe even after format. For those that may be interested in my solution to the original post, this is what worked for me. I read some post and learned a few things along the way as well. First, I chose one machine to work on. 1: I changed the LOR file in My Documents to _OLD. 2: Navigate to the LOR directory in Program files and find LORPost.exe and run it. This will create your new File locations. I had to create an additional file for videos as that is not done automatically. Open two windows, the new LOR folder and the LOR_OLD. At this point copy over only the files you absolutely need to run your LOR programs. I copied audio files that I use now (I even ran them through Audacity just in case), clipboard files, sequences I am using this season, video for this season, Visualization folder files, and Superstar folder files. For sequences, you only need to copy .LMS and .LID files. After all this was done I opened SE and VIS and ran through and saved all the sequences. Success! A quick copy to a thumb drive and I was ready to sync all the machines. On the other two laptops I only did steps 1 and 2 (there was no need to uninstall / re-install as I originally thought) and used GoodSync to sync up the files. My original LOR folder was 22.3gb, the new folder is 3.49gb. The old folder is a cluster with unused files and duplicates gathered over the years. Now everything is identical in all three machines and the show ran perfect last night, well almost. All of the issues I was having were self inflicted by using LOR over the years and not really understanding where to properly save files. For some reason I had at least three different Audio folders in several different locations, as an example. This worked for me, YMMV Chris
  14. Don't worry, I am not going to take out the platters. if i can't spin and move the arm, I am done. I don"t even know what all is on there. Been outside working on some troubleshooting and it seems I have a bad LOR 10w flood. Got to put in a support ticket. I also have a ws2811 ribbon with a short. I have spares but I am going to try to solder it first. These silicon filled ribbons are a pain to fix. Chris
  15. I don't think I am a prospect to spend $600 bucks. I found some videos on trying to make it work again and have not been successful yet. The disk don't appear damaged, just the reader arm not "parking". I too had this one in my safe hooked to my network. It was a Seagate 2tb. I am going back with a WD hooked to my WRT1200ac router and a Seagate in the safe. The PC I use to run that HD is XP and WD devices aren't compatible. When my laptop blue screened my life flashed before my eyes! I had plenty of LOR backups and a few other things but all my financial life was gone! I was lucky enough to have disk on hand and got the laptop going again in about an hour and a half. Never again, redundant onsite backups from now on..I am backing up now on a WD easystore until I get the network backup going again. I still got to get this LOR file thing done today. Chris
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