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  1. Hi Mike and thanks for your input in this. You guys are the greatest. I am no where near an expert in networking but I am pretty sure I had the adapter settings correct during initial testing and the only way I finally got into the config was to use a router. I tend to blast trough instructions as I am an old man, after all. Not being any sort of expert, this is what i read from the manual: from page 7: Should you need to reconfigure the board, or reload the firmware in emergency mode, the easiest way may be to connect the board directly to a computer’s network card via a CAT-5 cable. 1.Ensure no wireless network is active on the computer. 2.Shut down the computer and disconnect any existing network cable . 3.Power off thePixCon16. 4.Plug a CAT-5 cable directly from the adapter to the computer’s network card. A crossover cable is not required, any standard CAT-5cable will work. 5.Power up the board. Ensure the board is running correctly, or has been placed in the bootloader mode. 6.Turn on the computer and wait for it to fully boot. 7 Now start the LOR Network Configuration program and press the PixCon16 button. You should be able to find the board now to configure it, or to re-install the firmware. from page 15: Typically the controller is connected to a network of computers/controllers/etc. either though a switch or router. You can however directly connect the Ethernet port of the PixCon16 to a computer network card. This can be useful if for some reason your network configuration has changed, or you are having some other issue with configuration. Be sure to turn off any other network connections, including wireless connections, and then re-boot the computer. You are very correct that the "intro to DMX..." doc does in fact state in bold letters on page 7, "Before you start..Get a separate router". I didn't interpret that to mean I needed a router since I read the above instructions and nothing else was connected to my laptop. Rookie mistake on my part, but you can see why there was confusion. Thanks for your patience and assistance. I can send screen shots of my settings if it would help you figure this out as it seems I am not alone. Chris
  2. I am glad that we all learned something. Maybe I missed it or maybe the instructions need to be updated to include that a router or switch must be between the PC and the Pixcon. Now I need to figure out how to sequence these lumi-cans that I built! I ran a test just using pixel tree sequences and they look pretty good. There are 77 of them in total, 4 universes just to make programing easier, I hope. I linked a test of the first 12 completed and a diagram of the setup. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLprM3KeaJ4 lumi cans_0001.pdf
  3. PixCon 16 set up not working

    Check here: http://forums.lightorama.com/topic/44102-pixcon-16-e682-on-same-network-what-do-i-need-to-set-this-up/
  4. thank you too, Jim. I don't know if I missed the part about a router being necessary or something is goofy with my set up. Regardless, all is good now.
  5. Success! I have been talking to the help desk on this and we have solved the issue. Dev Mike mentioned using a factory reset router between the laptop and the pixcon. You can read my response to the help desk below. I found and old Linksys wireless G router and used the ports on it. I reset the pixcon to fact defaults, set the IPv4 to dynamic, reset the router to fact defaults. Success! I was able to get into the pixcon config screen and make the needed setting adjusments. I now have connectivity and the pixels work as they should. For whatever reason my laptop and the pixcon would not communicate without a router between the two regardless of the adapter settings. To test further, I attached the E682 to an unused port and successfully connected via the IP address and ran the pixel test. I then re-booted everything and ran SE to check pixel control from there. Success!, sort of...Pixels connected to the e682 and the pixcon both ran simultaneous. I guess I need to properly set my universes up as the pixcon has never been used on any of my sequences. I did let the pixcon utility automatically set my universes upon exit and that may be the issue. Thanks to all for the help. Maybe this ordeal can help others
  6. Thanks guys. I got back in town tonight and followed the instuctions from the ticket response. Still no dice. I seem to be stuck in and endless loop of troubleshooter windows. Btw. The board is stamped V1.3, the book that came with it says it is for V1.5. I was running SE 4.3.14 pro and when i initially plugged the board into the Ethernet port and found it with the LOR network config program,when i clicked on the found board I was instructed that my software could not access the board and needed to be upgraded. I am now on 4.3.24 pro. I say this because the help desk response stated that 4.3.14 would work. I have used laptop adapter set to static and dynamic plus rebooted after changing settings more times than I can count. I get the same response each time, endless troubleshooter windows asking to change the IP of the pixcon. The LOR config always finds the board and the line is white with the info contained in it seemingly correct. I am stuck. The e682 is not part of this equation. It is not in use nor has it even been accessed since i started trying to figure this out. I know how to make changes for that board to work so i am not concerned with it at the moment. I just need to access the pixcon config so i can set all the network configs. Thanks Chris
  7. I had a nice conversation with Jim (K6ccc) and we determined that my network configs are all working correctly but the pixcon still will not let me into the config screen. I am leaning to the board itself having an issue as the lights will come on full white and stay on when plugged in. I am not sure if there is a jumper issue or something else. I have not changed anything on the board. The green led is on constant and the red status led blinks fairly slow when powered up and the Ethernet cable is attached. The LOR network config finds the pixcon and displays the info in white on the screen, but will not let me enter the config screen nor can I use IE to get in. Jim was not familiar with the pixcon so we determined that maybe someone here or LOR may shed some light. At least the network stuff is good to go so that does not seem to be the issue. thanks, chris
  8. Thanks, but that did not work either. I got the same results. Just for giggles i set the adapter back to dynamic and gave that a whirl, no dice either. LOR config would not even find the board. I set everything back to 192.168.1.xxx so I know the e682 will work. Strange that the utility will find the board and even change the IP but will not open the configuration screen. I can't even access the board for IE. I did not mention this before, but when I first plugged the Pixcon into the Ethernet jack and attempted to run the LOR network config, the board came up RED and I got a message that I needed to upgrade my software. I installed 4.3.24 PRO (I was running 4.3.14 PRO) and then the board would show in the LOR config in WHITE. I am not sure if that would have any impact on this. Hopefully somebody from LOR will see this and chime in later. thanks, Chris
  9. That is sorta my problem, I can't access the config page either through IE or the LOR network config. I get a pop-up box that wants to run the troubleshooter which is supposed to set a static IP for the pixcon. When done and try to access through LOR network config I get another pop-up wanting to run the troubleshooter again. I attached a pic of the pop-up box. This and the strings staying full on lead me to think I have a board issue. I though that if I could get into the config and make the setting, the lights would not stay on. Jr knocked on my door one morning wanting to know if I still did lights. He is compiling a list for our city so people can have a tour. You retired Mil guys have lots of time! And deserve it.
  10. Thanks again for the replies. i just got done testing the setup again using your info. Long story short, reset laptop to, left e682 alone = SE still controls lights. Reset e682 to, test again and all is good. Reset Pixcon 16 to factory defaults per manual, IP should be - no access via I.E. but LOR network config does find it. IP shows to be correct but can't access board config page. Troubleshooter runs and sets a static board IP to, still not able to access either way. I am leaning toward some sort of issue with the board as the LED's will turn full on (white) with the first in the string blinking. I may need to open a trouble ticket. Bummer, just got this in this week after UPS screwed the pooch on delivery and sent it back to LOR. Forgot to mention that I left the default gateway and the DNS section blank. MrP, do you know a guy named JR that lives near me? Chris
  11. Thanks for the replies guys. Most of what I read last night you two had posted and gave the most info as well. I wish i could find my notes on why this is setup this way. If I recall, the e682 manual states to use a static IP but my notes I did find say to set ipv4 properties to "obtain IP auto". That just confused me. I did set the laptop IP manually under IPv4 properties to the address I listed, it was set to auto. So this is my plan based on your response: Reset pixcon 16 to factory IP (, e682 to, and the laptop back to auto. For simplicity I think I will leave the network config set to multicast. These are the only e1.31 controllers on the network, everything else is AC. LOR will remain the same I guess? If I am wrong please let me know where I am going a-stray. While typing this I was re-reading the e682 manual and found this on page 12: "#2) You use a wireless network for your internet connection, and Ethernet jack on you PC is unused. In this case you will connect the E682 directly to your PC's Ethernet jack using an Ethernet cable. Typically, an unused PC Ethernet port will be given an IP address of 169.254.X.Y when Windows starts. Therefore we will use an Override to force the E682's IP address to be within this range. Perform the OVERRIDE function (described below) using an override code of 4. Now, go back to the browser address bar and type this in: and press ENTER. Do you see the E692's web page? If so, success, please jump ahead to Configuring, if not please re-read and repeat instructions in this section." At least now I know where I got that IP address! Looks like I need to grab a glass of tea and read that manual again..... Thanks, Chris
  12. Hi folks, I am expanding a bit and adding a second RGB controller (pixcon 16). I plan to run in e1.31 as I already use an e682 for the pixel tree. If I understand all I need to do is install a network gigabit switch to direct the traffic and make sure that the pixcon is set to run as e1.31. I have misplaced my notes from the initial setup a few years ago of the e682 so i don't know why some of my settings are as they are but the IP address of the controller is The settings for the network adapter are set for a static, subnet 255.255.255., and default gateway as I have nothing in the DNS area. The e682 works fine here and can be accessed via the setup page for IE. The factory default for the e682 is and I don't remember why I had to change it to get it working, it has been awhile. Now when adding the pixcon 16 it's Ip address is in the 192 range. When I plug in the Ethernet cable (direct from laptop) and run the LOR network config to find the unit, click on the highlighted line to get into config, it ask to run the troubleshooter and changes the IP of the pixcon to but I still can't get into the board config. This has been driving me nuts. I spent 5 or 6 hours last night online reading and watching and could not find the answer. I did see that the 169 range of IP addresses is usually for wireless configs, so that may be why I have to disable the wireless adapter for this to work. So maybe I did learn something. I may have a board issue as well due to the fact that all the pixels stay lit white when the board is plugged in. I am not a network guy but could be considered an apprentice nerd with basic understanding at best. Do I need to re-name all my IP addresses to the 192 range? Will I need to change any config info in SE if I do that? Any advise would be great. Thanks, Chris
  13. Hi folks and Merry Christmas! On several occasions I have seen one of my controllers locked in some strange mode or something. It is a CTB16pc I have had for many years with an LOR box and inside of another container as well. It is used to control 2 arches made up of 800 incan lights each using 8 channels each. What I see is that the arches are not functioning and two channels, 1 and 7, are randomly flashing. This just seems to start randomly and stop just as randomly and work just fine. It does not happen on the same songs each time. Sometimes it may take a song or three to get back in line. When I see this happen, I have tried to power down the controller to give it a reset while the show is running, but that has no effect. Today I opened up the controller to check for varmints and it was clean as could be. I unplugged the cat5 cables to make sure I had solid connections and they seemed OK. This is not the last box on the network, there are two behind it, and those have not failed to work properly. While I was checking it over, I left it unplugged for a few minutes to see if that would reset any network comm issue. I am at a loss and wondered if anyone else has seen this happen? Thanks, Chris
  14. Gen 3 triac

    Thanks for the info. I ordered 10 of the 16amp parts and have not even had time to replace them. Chris