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  1. Richard Hamilton wrote: Would you mind posting a link to this information? I'm wondering if I'm going to the correct web site. If so, it's got to be one of the worst web sites I ever saw. The page I got from Google is a one page site with no menu and the main page is a mile long. ;-) The page for product ordering is www.edmdesign.com/orders.html On their main page, their menu is a pop-up type menu that appears when you hover over the lime green box containing their name "EDM Electronics" right at the top of the page.
  2. I checked out the EDM site today and it appears that the RDS model (EDM-LCD-RDS-EP) is now available to be purchased (add-to-cart button no longer blocked). $235 shipped to the US. Hopefully a group buy will be happening in the near future--add me to the list since I may be interested.
  3. chadh wrote: Not any more, unfortunately. If you click on any of the card choices you will see that there is no way to purchase any of them. If you navigate the site, you won't find the cards anywhere (the above site must have been found via the search function). Just a couple of days I ago I emailed LOR about them no longer having gift cards, and this is the response I received: We offered Gift Certificates last year during the Christmas Season. They were not a big seller. We may place them back in the store this year but we are not 100% sure. Best regards, Dan Light O Rama, Inc. Bummer. I was hoping to get some of these as birthday and Christmas gifts--actually even already told family to just go to the site and they would see where to buy them. I just figured that several people would rely on these for site expansion, especially in a poor economy. Not sure what difference it makes whether they sell a few versus a lot--maybe it complicates their ordering process system. Maybe if a lot of members reply to this thread LOR will reconsider.
  4. friskybri wrote: So has anybody seen a video of a "string" of these CDI LEDs when they are first powered up, so we can see how they start off (in unison). I am really torn between these from CDI and Darryll's--I lean towards Darryll's (based on appearance and firing rate), but CDI's are cheaper, use less power, and potentially more reliable. I am new to LOR this year and planning about a 10-12ft megatree, with 10 strobes within it. Another issue of concern: I live on the outer edge of a 90 degree bend in the road, and the strobes will be in the megatree that is about 30' from the road. Is there such a thing as "too bright" of a flash from these, thus blinding a driving on the bend? Would be bad if a driver crashed into the display or a house! Not sure if either the CDI or Xeon ones would make a difference with this (thinking particularly of the initial unison flash). Or is this not something to even be concerned about--10 bulbs at 30-40 feet? I have never seen these in a display live--only others videos, which doesn't capture the true effect.
  5. Greg Young wrote: It was definately tracks. After reading of that limitation in the instructions I switched from the mp3 director/player I had been using, and started using the pc again for last year's show. ... Greg Interesting... Have you experienced this limitation, or just read it somewhere? I just searched the online manual/user guide for the mini-Director/MP3 player and don't see anything about tracks. Can anyone else comment on this from experience?
  6. Ray-O-Lights 150 (ROL-150) and able to use a logo similar to below LED Dazzler 150 (LD150) Attached files
  7. I would be interested to hear others' opinions of the mDC-MP3(mini Director Card with MP3 Player). Basically, what are the pros and cons of using this compared to using a older dedicated PC (Win98SE), which would be running out of the basement (compared to the mDC-MP3 running out of the garage)? New to LOR this year, and already planning for 32 channels using CTB16PC (probably 4-6 songs, each 2-4 minutes long, plus maybe some voiceovers). Probably going to be getting an EDM FM transmitter (rather than using my Belkin Tunecast II mod). If I understand correctly, I would need a timer to start/stop the show (thus I assume making it a little difficult to time it just right to turn off at the end of the show cycle). What other differences will I find? Other equipment needed? Do freezing temps affect the mDC-MP3's performance? How reliable is the unit? How would the audio quality compare? Any issue if using an EDM transmitter with it? Anything else I may be missing? Was originally planning on just using the PC, especially since on a budget, but figured I better get some opinions from the experts before the upcoming sale! :cool: Thanks!
  8. I too am interested in a group buy for an EDM. First year using LOR, and wanting to upgrade from a modified Belkin Tunecast II FM transmitter. Thanks!
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