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  1. I would love this please. My five year old has been asking for this and I simply do not have enough time to sequence it now. Thank you rl_albright@yahoo.com
  2. Please send it to rl_albright@yahoo.com My 5 year old LOVES this movie. And has been watching it daily lately. Thank you.
  3. Yes I want to know this information as well!!
  4. So my wife informed me that one of the channels was staying on throughout the show, it would brighten when it was suppose to, but it would never go off. So I open up my hardware utility to start some checking, and do a scan of my 5 controllers, only 4 of them came up (not the one that had the weird light issue). So I go over and check it out, and one of my vampire plugs had melted and the end of the wire was charred and had come off of the vampire plug!! :shock::shock::shock: I immediately removed power to the controller and unplugged the single strand of minis plugged into that channel. I know I wasn't overloading the channel because there was only a single strand of 100 count minis on that channel. I cut back the wire past where the charred bits were, put a new vampire plug on, and tested the strand, it still works (Thank goodness because it was on an arch). However my plug for the controller was a little melted near the ground end of the plug. This also blew the fuse on side 9-16 of this controller. So a few questions for you all, where can I get replacement fuses for the CTB16PC controllers, and how can I fix a channel that will not turn off ever (stays on at about 30% constantly). Thanks for your help. Russell
  5. What item number from radio shack was the fuses. I just had one blow on me (side 9-16) and I need to replace it. Thank you.
  6. ralbright wrote: Nevermind, I found the answer to my question. *smacks palm to forehead*
  7. This might sound like a stupid question, but can the instant sequence be used with regular LOR channels? The reason I ask is I am currently using ver 2.9.4, and have NO money to buy any CCRs but would like to start fiddling with v3 and Superstar sequencer. I read through the user manual, but it didn't offer any clear answer on this. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
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