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  1. When opening previous sequences into S5, not all the props show in SE. Even though all the channels are correctly listed in the preview.
  2. GalenInTn

    Gordon Lights 2010 Videos

    That is just AWESOME! I think you've done a great job on "Above". It really has the BMG feel!
  3. GalenInTn

    Radio Transmitter Questions

    dominic wrote: Something tells me that's not legal.:shock: Plus, I don't want that kind of range, just a quarter mile at the most.
  4. GalenInTn

    Radio Transmitter Questions

    What about the various EDM models? Is there any difference between the LED and the LCD other than the display?
  5. GalenInTn

    Radio Transmitter Questions

    Max-Paul wrote: Boy, I hate s*****g in my own back yard, but. The unit I believe you are referring to is the Whole House 2 unit? The dont walk away, but run. I am saying this only cause of all of the negative comments that have been posted here and on PC. about this transmitter. Now for the same price you can get a MBB E4000 transmitter that I have heard of maybe two people have a problem and a heck of lot of rave reviews. And I cant say I have heard any complaints about the EDM radios and rave reviews from those folks. But you can buy two E4000 and have a back-up for the price of one EDM. EDM people cants say that, now can they? But in the end, its your choice. I've heard of quite a few complaints about the Whole House POS. So, I wasn;t even putting that one on the list. I guess the biggest part of my decision is value. If it cost a little more, but the value is there, then I'm willing to pay. But if there is no worth while point to the extra money, then duh, go with the cheaper one.
  6. GalenInTn

    Radio Transmitter Questions

    Thanks for the input!
  7. I came home on the 26th and my radio transmitter wasn't working. After alot of attempts to get it working and even more cussing, I realized it was dead. So, it's time for a replacement. I've been looking at the Mobile Black Box and the EDM. But, I want to know about the value, quality, pluses and drawbacks of each. If there are other transmitters out there worth looking at, do tell.
  8. GalenInTn

    Can We Please Get A Better Shimmer?

    Thanks for confirming that. I was hoping I hadn't gone mad! :shock:
  9. GalenInTn

    Can We Please Get A Better Shimmer?

    George, I'm with you! I used the shimmer function last year, and was very happy with it. But, this year it seems to be more of a very fast and low "flutter". You can see it if nothing you're standing right on top of the lights, but from the road it looks more like a half intensity. If there's a work around I'd like to find it.
  10. GalenInTn

    St. Elmo's Fire

    I'm planning to add St. Elmo's Fire this year, but I'm running into a major sequencers block! I've started the song three times, but scraped it every time. If anyone has a sequence they're willing to share I'd be truly grateful. P.S.: I'm also looking to get Eye of the Tiger.
  11. GalenInTn

    MP3 audio issues...??

    Here's the link - http://mp3gain-pro.com/download.html
  12. GalenInTn

    AndrewsChristmas 2009 Videos

    That is a truly AWESOME display! All your hard work really shows!
  13. GalenInTn

    First Year Under My Belt

    Awesome job, Jade! Are you sure this is your first year? Your sequencing is just spectacular! WOW!
  14. GalenInTn

    Welch Family Christmas video

    Looks awesome! I love how you used the fire! How did you do that?
  15. GalenInTn

    Break the record?

    We can do better than 46, can't we!