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  1. I have two of the metal-cased controllers. For one I built a small bottomless box with a front door that flips up. I u-bolt the box to the mega tree post then bolt the controller inside the box. The other controller is bolted to a 2x4 in the ground and covered with a 30 gal. lightweight plastic trash can. The bottom is open for connection access. This one is hidden by shrubbery so I'm not concerned with how it looks - just that my controller stays dry. Three years and no issues. Be sure to hang your contoollers high enough so the dongle ends are a few inches off the ground when connected to extension cords. That helps prevent GFI tripping issues.
  2. Weather was great here on Monday, day after New Years, so got mine down and laying in the garage until I can check some lights then will pack up for the trip to the backyard storage shed.
  3. If you want to take the time & effort, you can color the incan. bulbs with a blue Sharpie marker. I do that on my blue mini trees and they last a while. First time for blues on the mega this yr, faded like crazy, was seeing white in just a few days. I'm looking to go LED, maybe at least on the blues.
  4. You did all that with 16 channels? Looks great and you two did a darn good job! I gotta rethink my 32 channels now! BTW, YouTube took down the Wizards video in case you didn't know.
  5. Heavy rain causes only one of my 4 GFI's to trip thus darkening my 8 minis and a mega which are all on one sd card-run controller. I figure its the minis causing it as this happens every year. However, the rest of my show (on 2nd controller) continues to play. When it trips I just leave it off & reset the next day. Also, all plugs are tied up off the ground.
  6. Ditto! You would not believe how much easier using a wench to raise the lights is.
  7. Living way out in the county the best we get is slow-down drive-by viewers, a few have pulled into the driveway and watched a bit. Yesterday I was out in the yard when a lady stopped her car out on the road, rolled down her window and yelled out that they just loved our lights. That was a first!
  8. I lay my static nets on the ground (in front of the shrubs and porch and down the driveway a bit) underneath the candy canes & stars pathway markers. Kinda simulates snow under them. I have one net that twinkles and it looks really pretty just laying under the azalea bush.
  9. Example using one controller: I run 12 channels on my mega. I stack 5 strands of 100 ct. mini incandescents per channel - total 60 strands/6000 lights - 1.7 amps per channel. That's about as far as you should go on a channel with incandescents. The remaining 4 channels run 8 mini trees, 2 incan. strands per channel - 16 strands/1600 lights. Each bank carries the same load. When I go LED I won't worry about amps either! My roofline went (static) LED this year. Just need a couple more controllers!
  10. Huge difference from 2007 to 2011. Great sequencing and decorating!
  11. No. You will have to make notes as your show is playing. Then go to Sequence Editor and do the tweaking & save. Only the mp3 director can play/read the files saved on the card. Someone correct me if I am wrong.
  12. I am thinking an experiment is in order. Will post results later . . . .
  13. I want to re-use the show on my sd card from last year again and wondered if I set the time by using the "Only Place SET TIME file" on that sd card, would my show files still be on the card? I usually use the other method to load my card which includes a set time file but I thought I'd ask and see if anyone knew.
  14. I use the LOR1602MP3. Once it's turned on and set up with a programmed sd card I don't turn it off or really even touch it again till time to take down the display (five weeks later).
  15. Last year we put up the mega with a star on the top and guess what, yep, forgot to plug up the star to the ext. cord we had zip-tied to the pole. Had to lean the ladder against the pole and crawl up inside the light strings to reach the plugs now at the top of the pole. It's a very tight squeeze.
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