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  1. I really hate these phantom issues. This is the same computer as last year. No new hardware, software, no hibernation or screen saver. Just a few Windows updates and the S3 update. I wouldn't even mind if I were not going to be 180 miles away from home and unable to reboot if needed. The scheduled reboot and auto start of the LOR Control Panel worked like clock work yesterday. Now I will see what happens for the next couple of days to see if that's a temporary fix.
  2. I have done all the above diagnostics within the past week. No disc errors, 100% defraged. I can't tell for sure but feel the freezing is related to a Windows Update done prior to show turn on at Thanksgiving. I would do a restore point but am afraid that might cause more problems at this point. I think I have a startup solution but won't know until after the Scheduled Task shutdown/restart happens at 1 PM today. Sure wish there was some smartphone app that will let you know if things are hung up. Not sure how that would help me being so far away, and actually maybe ignorance is bliss.
  3. I have never replied to my own post this way but... I have figured out how to start the Control Panel automatically on restart, but of course that doesn't "Enable" the Schedule. Suggestions? I almost home free if I can figure this out.
  4. I am having a problem with the show laptop freezing for no apparent reason. There is nothing in the event viewer logs pointing to anything obvious. All updates are turned off, no AV software running, disconnected from the Internet, etc. It is a barebones Win 7 laptop with just LOR installed. Only remedy is a hard reboot, which I hate to do. I have been having to do that every couple of days. The issue is that I will be leaving town for 5 days over Christmas and really can't imagine the laptop freezing during that time. I will be 3 hours away and not able to run home to reboot the laptop. The show will be hung up for 5 days over the most important week of the season. I have scheduled a shutdown/ restart task in the Task Scheduler every day at 1 PM and want to have the LOR Control Panel auto-start at the restart. I have three days to figure and test this out before I am in trouble. I know how to run a program automatically on restart, but for the life of me can't figure out which Application in the LOR program files to copy to the Startup Folder. There is no Application called LOR Control Panel. What am I not seeing correctly?
  5. I have (had) two live trees in my front yard that I was forced to include in my display because they were so large that they were a huge black space blocking the lights from many viewing angles, just as member k6ccc said. So, I used to run 16 strings of lights up each major branch of each tree. The one closest to the street (a poplar) was so tall that I had to hire a cherry picker truck just to run lights up the branches. The one closest to the house (an apricot) is just tall enough so that I can run light strings with a tall ladder, clinging on for dear life. I used one 16 channel controller for both trees and reversed the firing order on each tree so that the trees were in reverse of each other for a very nice effect. I used to use the last of my 100 count green incan strings and would just leave the strings up until the next year as it was too much trouble and expensive to take them down. I would simply tear out the old and replace with the new. At $2.00 a string that wasn’t too cost prohibitive, but I am now 100% LED and 32 strings at $12 a string is just too darn expensive to waste each year. So here comes the arborist who cut down the poplar tree and another pine tree that blocked the house view from another angle. I will now be able to expand my mini trees and/or arches into the space where the poplar stood. I still have the apricot tree and plan on using green LED strings in the same fashion as past years. The effect is startling in my opinion and well worth the effort. I will be securing the strings to the branches using removable zip ties rather than staples. If you are interested, I can probably scare up some pics of the past years, just send me a PM with a good email address.
  6. I have had two 8 channel arches (16 channels on a single controller) in my display since the beginning and due to some landscaping changes want to add two more 8 channel arches in-line (end to end) with the first 8. I am thinking of some way to use the same 16 channels to get the new arches to mirror, not duplicate the original set. I was thinking of just running jumper extensions from the first arch to the second but reverse the order something like: 1 to 16 2 to 15 3 to 14 4 to 13 Etc. I know this is the lazy way to do it, but just don’t have the ambition to rework 23 sequences to add new arch timings. Has anybody done this, or is there a different way to add arch channels?
  7. Yes, load is def not an issue. I don't think I am pulling more than 2 amps on the entire controller. I was really surprised by the failure since I have 7 older PC controllers that have been flawless. This particular controller was ordered during that period when LOR had so much trouble with delivery, as I recall based on a known triac issue. LIke I said in my first post, it is more trouble to dismantle the controller and pull the dongles than to just remove the channel completely from my configuration.
  8. Thanks for the reply I have 28 plexiglass Luminarias that line my dirveway. They are on individual channels. They only have 3 LED C9's and one C9 incandescent in each one. The amp load is practically nothing. It would have been sure happenstance if the same Luminaria ended up on the same channel as last year. I am sure it has to be the triac.
  9. I had to send back a Gen 3 controller last year because of a blown triac. Same symptoms as most of you here; one channel stuck on at about %50 all the time, even when no show running. I sent it back under warranty last January after take down and put it back in operation this year. Three weeks into the season, the same channel stuck on again. I have an excess of spare channels so I am just going to move some things around and mark that channel as permanently out of service. Very frustrating. I am glad that the channel was on an out of the way effect. I am tired of sending back the same controller.
  10. I am feeling better all the time about cutting down those two trees. I thought people would think I was nuts. I can see it now, a 30'Mega Tree and another 16 channel arch.
  11. LOL Thanks! Caught me off guard with that one. Now you know what I mean about them being difficult to decorate. I can see a Mega Tree right where the locust is and if the pine tree comes down, it would open up the view of the house more to the east. I can live with the apricot, but it wouldnt hurt me for it to suffer a lot of winter kill.
  12. Just to accommodate your display? I am seriously considering cutting down two pretty big trees in my front yard that are a nightmare to decorate. I have to hire an electrician with a bucket truck and have to use incandescents because it’s too expensive to take the strings down, so I just leave them up until the next year. Both trees are basically junk trees and cause a whole lot of mess for me and the neighbors. I have posted before about the trees and the problems trying to integrate them into my display.
  13. Interesting. I have noticed the same issue with a couple of audios I have, but just chalked them up to a lousy DL version. How did you arrive at the 192kbps rate? Trial and error? Or, some other method?
  14. I am having such a hard time this year that I am seriously considering putting the whole LOR thing to bed forever. It seems like it took twice as long as other years to get the same basic display up. and I even had to hire a neighbor's grandson to help. I had to restring 24 mini trees starting in July and I suppose it's possible that it's that extra patch of work that has worn me out. Plus, I am packing around too much weight and I am not getting any younger. It sure seems like my knees hurt a lot more than in the past. I sure enxy you guys whose whole family pitches in to put up your display.
  15. I knew there was going to be an easy solution. Two is even bettter. Thanks guys.
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