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  1. I have tried all the things mentioned in your first paragraph. I will try a different Cat-5 cable again tomorrow. And yes, it is multiple controllers. 3 so far. I've done everything I know to do, without success. I appreciate all your help. Thanks.
  2. K6ccc...it's a CTB16PC connected with USB-rs485. Yes. It assigns a comm port number in device manager. The LED is blinking.
  3. It has been a few years since I have done light sequences. I am running LOR 2.9.4 software. I connected the controller and the computer would not recognize it. I know I have used this particular computer before to sequence and put id's on my controllers. I have downloaded and installed the drivers on the website, but still have had no success getting the computer to recognize the controllers. May be something simple, but all help is appreciated.
  4. The figure 6 was just to give you an idea of how my controllers are set up physically. Midway through the daisy chain I have 2 controllers 20 ft apart. Only one CAT5 plug on the one controller was working, so I had to loop back around and use that as my last controller. I was not trying to tie it back into a controller that was already in use on the chain.
  5. Our CAT5 is daisy chained with approx. 600 ft of cable - making a figure 6. How do you do a homerun CAT5?
  6. I have not tried hooking the 3 up (bypassing the first 11), but if I search for them using hardware utility, it will find all 14 controllers. Also, I can chase in hardware utility and it will chase fine - no freezing (all 14 controllers individually). I will check the duplicate controller/channel id. Thanks for input. We'll keep searching.
  7. The CAT5 cables I was using on the last 3 controllers I thought may be bad so I took them to work today and hooked them up to a tester and the tester said they were fine. I went ahead and ordered new cable anyway - don't know if that will help or not. I have 7 older controllers that I upgraded the firmware to 4.32 (which was the latest version I could find) but I did not upgrade the controllers I just bought because they already have the 4.4 firmware on them. Would that make a difference by them having different versions of firmware on them? I read the post your were talking about - which made me think of the firmware. Thanks for your input - hopefully we can get this figured out. Any more advice, please send it our way.
  8. The only lights we are using are minis and C9's. All the outlets we are using are the same outlets we used last year. Nothing has changed there. As far as the cables, we have tried to separate them from the extension cords as much as possible and we have crossed them at a 90 degree angle where they could not be separated. Any other ideas? We have exhausted all of ours.
  9. This is our 2nd year synchronizing lights. We had NO problems last year. This year however is a disaster. If we run our first 11 controllers, the show runs perfectly. However, if we try to hook up a CAT5 cable to any of the last 3 controllers (testing one at a time of course) our lights will freeze. There is no consistency in what freezes or for how long it freezes. If we unhook the last 3 controllers, again the show runs perfectly. We have tested the controllers individually and have also tested them with different CAT5 cable. Also when you plug in the the CAT5 cable to the last 3 controllers, the red led light remains on - steady, like it's getting good communication. NOTE: The last 3 controllers were purchased in the sale earlier this year and have never been used. The controllers are CTB16PC. We have also reset all of our controllers at least 3 times, rebooted our computer and upgraded our firmware on the controllers. We are at our wits end and running out of time. PLEASE HELP!!!! All advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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