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  1. I will try it and let you know if I have any problems. Thanks
  2. I built two mega trees this year and want them to mirror each other. Instead of using alot of zip wire to contect each tree, Can I put a LOR unit on both trees and assign the ID the same for both units? WIll this mess anything up? Scott
  3. I bought some boards this year off a pc member but do not know what ones they are to update the firmware. Both are the CTB16 (Blue Boards) Not sure if they are the kits or what. On the board-it looks like it says CTB16V6 (But not sure). It also has alittle speed control switch on it that you put a small screwdriver in to turn it. Anyone got a clue to what board I have?
  4. All the enclosures from LOR are what they call waterproof (which means like others have said-water restraint) If they can withstand the outdoor weather, they will withstand your car exhaust, bugs and dust.
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