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  1. There is a recent new feature to support this called Change Intensities. While using the pointer tool, drag and highlight the area that you want to covert. This could be the whole row or many rows. Then right click on that area and select Change Intensities. You can select the colors you want and you can also change intensity of each color. This also lets you create blended colors. They don't all have to be at 100%. From what I can tell, this feature also preserves all your fades.
  2. This looks great ItsMeBobO ! It looks like the feature is in S4 only. I called a buddy and we tried it on his S4. I'll upgrade to get this feature. After talking it over, we both still think the editor is missing a key feature with not being able to select a color and then apply it across any sequencing selection. In most cases the intensity change will handle the problem, but it's not as friendly as simply applying a selected color to a highlighted section of the sequence. I appreciate all your help !
  3. Update .. I just tried to follow the suggestion from ItsMeBobO and it was not as successful as I would have liked. It works perfectly as long as there are no fades. I used the "Foreground - Set Intensity" and it worked great, but then it ignored all my fades, converting them to solid intensity. Now I am looking for trick number two. Is there a way to lower the intensity but preserve the fades ? For my orange color, it would mean where red fades from 0 to 100%, green would need to fade from 0 to 50%. This would get a lot more complicated for complex colors. I still think LOR needs the tool mod that I mentioned about. A lot of people over time will change their incans to RGBs and want to get the original colors back. Another good use for a "color paint tool" would be to modify the bright white look of the RGBs over to a nice warm white look (or any color) .. This would be a nice feature !
  4. I appreciate the replies. I had tried the color fade tool. It only works as you are sequencing. I could not get that tool to convert my solid white RGB rows of sequencing, over to orange. I just picked white as a starting point. Technically LOR converts your incan single row over to red (in RGB). THe missing step is how to quickly selected the red RGB row and change it to orange. Bob O .. you are on point with what I wanted to do. The incandescent light strings were orange (Halloween sequencing). Having to pick the R, G, and B rows color manually (and setting intensity) seems like LOR missed something. The LOR editor needs a simple tool that lets you select any RGB row (or group of RGB rows), then select a color (any color), then apply the selected color to the selection. Perhaps this is a requirement for a future version ? I would call this a "Color Paint Tool." This should dovetail with the Color Fade Tool, or possibly just another checkbox inside the Color Fade Tool (for the paint function). Does anyone know the process for contacting LOR to suggest requirments for the future ? I think this is a good one.
  5. I converted some incans to RGB. Then I copied the sequencing from the incan to each of the 3 channels. R, G, and B. Now I have all my sequencing, fades, etc in white. I would like to be able to pick a color and quickly paint the white to that color. In my example I am trying to convert to Orange. I know I can get colors manually by pasting to the R, G and B rows. But how do I get a complex color to paint on top of white ?
  6. Hmmm .. I will try some things tonight and report back. I believe I was only sequencing with the Group Collapsed, but still only affecting the first channel. I was wondering if something else in the Editing sections might be required. I appreciate the replies ! I'll let you know what happens tonight.
  7. I am replacing my strings of C9 bulbs around my front windows, doors and garage doors. And I always had the C9 incandescent strings around those windows in a very consitent multicolor config. I kept the colors on the C9 bulbs in the same order for all window/doors. Now I am trying to get basically the same look with pixel bulbs mounted around the windows. I am trying to figure out how to perform manual multicolor sequencing with these new pixel bulbs. I tried using a LOR Track to bring up all the channels needed to make the pixel bulbs look multicolor. If you do it carefully then when all channels have the same sequencing it looks like multicolor. And so far so good. I put all those channels into a single group for each window/door, and then I can collapse the group. At this point I want to be able to edit all the channels in the group at the same time. But I cannot find the right settings to do that. I keep just getting the first channel in the group .. not all of them. I know I can sequence the one bulb channel at the top and then copy/paste it to all the other channels .. But that's such a pain. Are there specific settings that would let me edit all the channels inside the group at the same time ?
  8. Good Points Max-Paul ! I have always liked these sales. It's much less stressful to get purchases done sooner, and get a deal .. instead of dragging into the Fall. I look forward to this one !
  9. That's a very good idea. Wouldn't that be called xLights/Nutcracker ? Seriously .. LOR would have to shoot a lot higher than that tho. Their entire architecture may have to change for this to happen. Or at least build a compilier for a rearchitected run-time portion. LOR has amazing reliability and function for most users, and they already charge WAY too much for software extensions related to their CCRs and CCBs. I think most of us hobbiests would not want to pay for LOR with that kind of capacity. Those who grow that large might not have a problem with it tho. As I see it, it's all relative to how big your show gets
  10. I appreciate the help. Also thanks to Dale W for the comments. You are right. The available stock goes realy fast and ya have to be quick on the refresh ... plus have all your order details ready so there's no hesitation with selections. Then whamo into the Cart to pay before someone else gets your stuff !
  11. Approximately when does LOR run their Spring Sale ? I am trying to help out some new guys to plan their purchases to be ready for the first sale. But I could not remeber when LOR runs their Sprint Sale ..
  12. I appreciate the quick reply. I have not purchased Superstar and nothing <yet> in Visualizer. Obviously I need to start some "wood shedding." Your answer helps me a lot ! I guess I could also cut n paste the matching 135 channel effects inside the sequence editor as well. And then make Adjustments in the sequence for when they are used separately. This gives me some ideas. THANKS Brian .. ! Thanks, Denny
  13. I do not have any CCRs. I am using pixels for the first time this year and have exactly 654 channels on three effects. I am considering SuperStar and would like to start with the 4 CCR package level because 8 CCR is not in my budget this year .. (already over by 50% - - like most everyone here) .. One of my effects is 384 channels. The other two are the same effect with a combined total of 270 channels. Can I export them separately ? Or could I export only 135 channels (of the 270 channel Effects) and Import it twice ? Thanks, Denny
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