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  1. To figure out amps, follow this formula: Amps = Watts divided by Volts. So if you have a 100 watt bulb and your outlet outputs 120 volts, you would draw .83 amps.
  2. A set of 100 count incandescent mini lights draw approximatley 1/3 of an amp.
  3. I have about 130 strands of these lights from 1000bulbs.com, some on thier 5th season, and had one strand finally totally crap out this year and one that would light up but wouldn't light any subsequent strings connected to them. The rest work perfectly. I did have big problems with some halogen strobes (can't remember who I bought them from, but the failure rate was probably 75% for the first season) before switching to the ones CDI sells which are far superior in quality. http://1000bulbs.com/category/led-christmas-quick-connect-light-system-strings/
  4. This will be my fifth year and it always seems it starts out slow and progressively picks up more and more until Christmas and then drops off significantly after Christmas.The weekend before Christmas always seems to be the busiest. I only advertised it at my work place and with my car club. Word of mouth seems to work best. Hang in there, they will come.
  5. Wow, my show is just over 10 minutes. You guys are dedicated!
  6. I would start putting the lights up earlier. Especially here in the Pacific Northwest where the weather doesn't always cooperate. I refuse to climb on a wet roof. I didn't have my show running until Dec 1st. My goal was Thanksgiving weekend.
  7. My show is pretty much the same as last year too. I hoped to add another controller and a lot more lights but then over the summer one of my cats got sick. That little adventure came to over $3,000; almost $2,100 for the hopitalization alone. Could have bought a lot of stuff for 3 grand. :] But people still get a lot of enjoyment out of it even if it isn't a significant improvement over last year.
  8. I personally don't like the idea. As expensive and time consuming as it is, I wouldn't want somebody else to pay for my display, especially when the money could go for more noble causes. This is especially true given the grim news about the economy and employment that seems to make the daily headlines (heck, the money I've lost in my IRA and 457( could have bought a lot of extension cords ) Instead of taking donations and buying the presents yourself, why not just give it to Toys for Tots?
  9. Wayne, out of the 6 CLS strobes I have (all new last year) 2 of them failed this year. Also the sockets that CLS sells are junk too. The sockets are brittle and fall apart really easy. I may retire mine too and go for the CDI version.
  10. WhitePlains, it's Windows 7. I figured it out. I changed the font size from small to medium which fixed it. Thanks!
  11. If you look at the picture below, you'll notice the text on some of the buttons, the controller type and channel mode is partially cutoff. I switched to a new computer last year and have just lived with it. I know what the buttons do as they appeared fine on my previous computer. But now that the dust has settled and all the bigger fish (aka problems) have been fried, I'd figure I'd tackle this one. I'm guessing there is a display setting on my computer itself I need to adjust or??? Thanks in adavance! Jason
  12. Jim, thanks for your reply. I tried that and got this... I also tried playing it at half speed and it does the same thing.
  13. When I play a sequence in full, the singer starts singing "Last Christmas I gave ..." at around 16.5 seconds. When I just play the visible screen, she starts singing in the 19 second range. I'm out of ideas. Hopefully it's something silly I'm missing. If one of you guys can help, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks... Here's a video that better describes my problem. http://www.youtube.com/user/bby2ks2k?feature=mhee Software is S2 2.9.4 Edit: oops, mods can you move this to the S2 forum? Sorry...
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