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  1. OK, I'm a maverick. I run S3 on a mac using Crossover. But have some issues and wondered if using a native windows partition would cure them. When I run a sequence the music lags by several milliseconds, maybe as much as a quarter of a second. I'm assuming it's due to the lag in the translator of the emulation software, Çrossover. If I load a bootable windows partition would I get rid of the lag? Anyone running LOR on mac and it works? Thanks- John
  2. OK I had LOR running back in 2010 & 2011 with two 16 channel controllers I built. I went on the road for 5 years and didn't run any shows those years. Next year I want to run LOR at my new home in Florida. So I need to know, will my old equipment run the new software (S3/S4) ? I'll need a new license right? What do I need to watch out for putting the old boards back into commission? Thanks for any advice. John Motorcycle - Jack
  3. I have a friend with a similar type lot. What he has done it create a walk way from the main street through his lot, along the front around the side and back out. This way everyone who enters can be "in" the setting. One good thing he found out about doing it this way, the displays don't have to be real big to impress those who walk his path. In fact he has a very small hidden display that they only see when back around the house, it's beside the garage and the lot wall and measures 3' by 10' with three small megatrees in it (3' high each, 16 channels). Maybe you could do something similar?
  4. I think it was a success. Had several cars drive by ahead of time to check the sign then several came back and watched the show. So we'll see how it build over the next couple of weeks. I think it really looks fantastic.
  5. Are you running the verifier on a group of shows or a complicated show? I have five shows scheduled on everyday of the week and it takes about an hour to check. The easy way to verify is to do it on just a simple show scheduled on one day one time. Switch out (delete that show and add another in the schedule) and verify them one at a time. Once you have them all verified that way then build your total schedule and verify it (walk away and come back later).
  6. Yea, well Halloween came on Labor Day so there!! Yea I meant to say two weeks, you want me to go back and edit it?
  7. Been working all year on my 32 channel setup. I have 25 songs done, the controllers all set, the computer talking to them and then today all the lights run. I just did a test and HAHOO! It all works! So now I have to wait another week to start the schedule on Thanksgiving. Helped the son do his for four years (196 channels) so doing my own is great.
  8. If you have a board active full time (i.e. all channels on 100%) for any amount of time you will have (P=Ie) about 260 watts of dissipated power on the heat sinks. With two boards this is 520 watts. The spacing is 1/2" off of the mounting panel, 3" spacing between boards. Your enclosure looks to be about 3500 cubic inches of air space. With the top closed on the box, build up of heat in the box will occur. I would look for a 4" whisper fan, cut an opening in one side to mount the fan and across from it drill about a dozen 1/2" holes to allow air flow out. JMO.
  9. Greg - Hey thanks for the links. Yea, that's very similar to what I was thinking and will have to do some experiments this next year to see if I can make it work. rstately- Didn't know they were that much, will have to look into it much closer, thanks. Still an idea, will have to work on it. Jack
  10. I was sitting here thinking about how to increase the channels cheaply. So I turned to an old trick, multiplexing outputs. The way I envisioned this is using two 16 channel boards which would give 16 X 16 channels (256). You use channel 1-1 to feed the multiplexed SSR board which has 16 SSR's tied to each of controller one's channels. This channel and all other channels and each of those SSR's is fed by 2-1,2-2,2-3,etc. So what you have done is used two controllers to activate 256 SSR's - don't need them all then don't use them all. I hope I've explained it well enough for you to understand what I mean. So the outputs in sequencial order are: Channel Controller Channel Controller SSR output 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 2 2 2 1 1 3 2 3 . . . . . 1 1 16 2 16 2 1 1 2 17 2 1 1 2 18 Would it work and how could one go about doing it?
  11. Yea, I do the basic boards for $20. I do the full kit for $30 with the options you chose with your kit. But you pay the shipping.
  12. Hi guys - A retired military electronics tech here, certified solderer and LOR enthusiast. I just want to offer my services to you if you have units that you want to build to save money or have problems with a board (bad triac or other problems). I'll build your kits for you with guaranteed work at a price you can afford. So this saves you the cost of buying LOR's prebuilt units (more channels for less!). If you have a unit that you are having problems with then I'll fix it for you. Drop me a note with what you want.... John john@mcclun.com
  13. Just a follow up on the transmitter range. I went around the city I live in and checked the range, it is a 1/2 mile in most directions. This scared me so I took a BNC to BNC, 3db attenuator and put it in the antenna line. This dropped my transmission to about 500 feet, more than enough for me. If you too want to drop the range try that. Your going to ask me where can you get the attenuator, right. Try an online electronics house like Digikey or similar. I got mine several years ago when I worked on MRI's so don't remember.
  14. How about MobileBlackBox.com then look for the Eclipse 4000 ($129). That should do it for you.
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