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  1. Enhancement Request

    It is very difficult to add a new grid view in a sequence. A far as I can figure out, you have to copy the current view to a new name. Then in the new view you have to delete the props that you don't need and then add the props that you want in the view. I would suggest a new option in the pull down options to "Add New Blank View". Then the user can just add the props that are needed. This would be much simpler. Jim
  2. JMW-007 Module: S5-SE Software Version: 5.0.8 OS Version: Windows 10 Description: SE refuses to properly connect a motion effect name to the sequence grid. I just converted a sequence from S4 to S5. The conversion went well. However, in all of the sequence grids, the "favorite" (motion effect) names, and the connection to the saved motion effects did not transfer. The favorite motion effects are shown in the motion effects window and are listed in the Motion Effect Generator Favorites, but the effects actually in the grid show general and sometimes unrelated LOR general names. An example is the first effect in the 03-J-Sign prop of this sequence. The Effect Type shows "Light-O-Rama.Color Wash/" when it should show and be connected to the Motion Effect named "S-072a" which is a color wash with a text overlay. The effect displays properly, however, the name is wrong and it is not connected to the proper effect. Now, the above is problem enough but, it gets worse. If I select the proper motion effect (S-072a), select the "Max Intensity" button, then drag that over the effect, the naming and connection to the motion effect does not change. Even if I delete the effect from the grid and replace it with the proper motion effect, the proper effect is added to the grid, but the name is still the generic name and the sequenced effect is not connected to the proper motion effect in the generator. I have tried everything that I can think of and cannot get things to work correctly. This is the only sequence that I have had this issue with. Even in this sequence I was able to correct the first 2 RGB props. But the remainder refuse to work properly. So, to recap, I see 2 problems. First, the names and connections between the sequence grid and the motion effects did not convert properly. And second, I cannot get the connections to set properly, even when I do it manually. Here is a link to the file: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Aor4cHE_ElMqqEl48JEmEgdSTqc_ Repeatability: This is a constant problem in this sequence only. I have not tried to convert another sequence to see if this problem continues to exist, but again, I have not had problems with other sequences that I have converted. I do note that this is the first new conversion that I have attempted in 5.0.8. The others were done in earlier versions Hardware Used: 1. Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4670K CPU @ 3.40GHz, 3401 MHz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s). 2. 16 GB Memory. 3. Windows 10 x64 4. I use 5 networks to support my display.
  3. S5 Enhancement - Conversion Issue

    I feel like a fool. I looked - but did not see. Sorry. You are correct. It is there, but I missed it. Thanks. Jim
  4. Can't tell which font is being used

    I agree with the above comment. It would really help if there was a box that shows the name of the current font. Right now you cannot find out what font you are using. Jim
  5. When you convert a musical sequence from S4 to S5 the sequence converts just fine. However, if you tell the conversion screen to add a Pixel grid view during the conversion, a small problem develops. When you look at the pixel grid view, all of the prop views are expanded. At the current time, the only way to collapse all of the props is to click on the minus sign for each prop, one at a time. I can suggest several solutions. 1. The conversion program should collapse all of the pixel view grids instead of leaving them expanded, just like it does with the traditional props. 2. We need a method for the user to collapse all of the expanded props at one time. Either of these would work to solve the issue but both of these together might be a good enhancement to the program. Jim
  6. 2 minor issues

    I have also seen the problem described in paragraph 2 above. I don't believe that this incorrect palette occurred earlier than 5.0.8. Jim
  7. I have a suggestion for an enhancement to S5. The are a number of scrolling windows in the program. Examples include the prop listing in Preview Design and the Favorite Effects window in the motion Effect Generator. Currently, these windows scroll back to the top every time a change is made or the module is started. In the case of the motion effect generator, every time you open the generator the favorite effects window has even closed all sub directories. This is particularly troublesome when you are doing repetitive tasks. I would suggest that the program remember the view or selection you last had and return to it when that portion of the program is started or has completed an action. This could be a big time saver for the users, especially when doing repetitive tasks. Jim
  8. S5-Playing Sequence With CCR Macros

    OK. With 5.0.8 I can retrieve the macro effects channels - somewhat. I moved them to the preview. The channels appear in one of the tracks, but not all. How do I get the macro effects channels into all of the sequencing tracks in the sequence. I should add that the CCR channels appear in two tracks, but only one has been updated. An update to this issue. I tried this on a second sequence file, in order to bring in the effects that were archived. I think that I now have a real mess on my hands. The following concerns this second file. First the macros channels do not appear anywhere in the sequence file (at least I can't see them). Second, I took a look at the preview file. A screenshot of this issue is at this link https://1drv.ms/i/s!Aor4cHE_ElMqo33Dlykls89ypH1f. In essence I now have 2 sets of macro channels for the CCRs. They both point to the same channels, but the channel numbers for CI are 157 for both. I also note that the macro effects channels are not connected to the CCR prop as I think they should be, they are separate and free standing. I think I need a lot of help on getting this straightened out - please. Jim
  9. I just made my first new sequence in 5.0.6. I used the visualizer definition that I brought over successfully with sequences from S4. In the converted sequences, my CCRs were set up as discrete channels in the non-pixel section of the sequences and work fine (except for the lack of macro control channels). But my individual manual sequencing worked great. My LOR network and all controllers are of the older variety and do not use the enhanced mode. Because of that, I cannot use enhanced mode at all. Of course, I use E1.31 Ethernet networks for the newer RGB controllers and lights. In the new sequence that I generated, S5 put the CCRs in the pixel area and expect me to use a motion effect to run them. As expected, my CCRs do not work at all in this mode. I checked and, yes, in the new sequence the CCRs are defined as RGB Pixels with LOR channels, with the original LOR unit ID, a Start Circuit number of 1, and an End Circuit # of 150. Also, the CCRs in the converted sequences are setup the same way. My question is obvious, at least to me. How do I move the CCRs back to the original 50 channel mode with attached macro "channels"? And why did S5 automatically convert my CCRs to motion effect RGB? How do I stop this automatic conversion in the future? I also noticed one other thing. In the new sequence, my groups are gone. I had certain props listing in a grouping in S4 and the converted S5 sequences. In the new sequence, the groups are gone. Where did they go and how do I get them to automatically appear in any new sequences that I create? Thanks Jim
  10. S5-Playing Sequence With CCR Macros

    Will I get my sequencing information back?
  11. Yes. I noticed this also. Copy and paste does take a noticeably longer time in 5.0.6. Jim
  12. S5-Playing Sequence With CCR Macros

    Sent via PM Jim
  13. JMW-006 Network Error in S5 5.0.6

    Un-checking "Control Lights" and then re-checking it does not help. I did try that. I will wait until 5.0.8 before I send the trace file. Thanks for the help. Jim
  14. I have seen the discussion about CCR macros not yet working in the Visualizer. However, I have another issue. I just converted a musical sequence from S4 to S5 that uses CCR Macros. Not only does it not play in the Visualizer (expected at this point), but it does not play the lights either. I am using the LR channel (resolution) set to 1, MM set to 2, and then fading the ME channel as necessary. The only pixel that shows on the actual CCR is the first pixel, and it is always on, which it should not be. In other words the macro effects are not working on the actual lights. I am not using an enhanced LOR network because none of my LOR controllers will support it (they are too old and it costs too much to replace them). Any help would be appreciated. Jim
  15. JMW-006 Network Error in S5 5.0.6

    Matt: It happened again this morning but that was before I received your request. I have since restarted SE. I still have the new screenshot of the listener's error message though. I will send it if you wish. I am sure that it will happen again so I will sent it as soon as possible. Jim