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  1. JamesWright

    Show Player Memory Restarts

    Thanks for the response. I think that is great. I guess that I am not very observant. Jim
  2. I think I have missed something. In the LOR Tray, what is "Show Player Memory Restarts". I have searched this forum and can find nothing on it. What does this setting do? Thanks. Jim
  3. Report Number: JMW-S5_009Module: SESoftware Version: 5.0.18 PRO (Beta)OS Version: Windows 10 x 64Description: In SE, right click on a motion effect row and select Motion Effect Properties. In previous releases, the prop would show in the large black area in the lower right of the dialog box when you select "Apply effects in the row to a rectangular subset of pixels in the prop or group". This was an aid in selecting the area you wanted. In v5.0.18, the prop does not show at all.Repeatability: Happens every time and in all of my sequences.Hardware Used: N/A (I think).
  4. JamesWright

    Motion Effect Fills

    Thanks Matt. It sure would be nice to have a simple fill effect. Jim
  5. JamesWright

    Motion Effect Fills

    Does anyone know how to do a simple fill in a motion effect row? I have a custom prop, a wreath with 5 concentric rings and progressively fewer nodes on each ring. I want to be able to a simple fill (which would look like a spiral out or in), running from node 1 to node 128 or node 128 to node 1. I would also like to be able to use any of the other effects to "color" this fill. I know how to do this on a linear prop, such as an arch, but I can't figure out how to do it on a circular object. Jim
  6. Thanks for the reference. I agree. I am using 5.0.16 and, as you do, I use it year-around for landscape purposes. I guess that we will just have to go dark for a couple of days. Of course that means that we can't work on sequencing either. Jim
  7. Jim: Where did you see that announcement from Mike? I can't find it. Jim
  8. In the past we were able to add a flood prop to the preview. In S5, I do not see that capability. Either I am missing something or it is gone. If it is gone, then we need to get it back. I need to be able to define a RGBW flood, yes a red, green, blue, white flood. Jim
  9. JamesWright

    CCR Question

    Matt: Thanks for the reply. No. I haven't got my CCRs working yet. I will send you a sequence later today. Jim
  10. JamesWright

    CCR Question

    I am and control lights is on. Everything else works fine, except the 1 converted CCR. LOR: Do you have any suggestions/comments?
  11. JamesWright

    CCR Question

    I can do CCR sequencing, in S5, using my old props with no problem. I wish to continue that and have the problem discussed above.
  12. JamesWright

    CCR Question

    Yesterday when I wrote the above, I got distracted and didn't finish. In addition to the question about the macro channels, I have another more sever problems. The main problem is that the new CCR arch will not light. The system will not control these CCRs at all. Everything works when I use an older version of the sequence, but the new one will not control the lights. It shows on the visualizer just fine, but no lights. What might the problem be and how do I fix it. Jim
  13. JamesWright

    CCR Question

    I know that the LOR developers are working on fixing the visualizer so that it will interpret the CCR macro commands. This is not about that, at least directly. My CCR set up has been working since 2009 - the days of the animator. Through all of the software conversions they have become a mess; and the conversion to S5 (which I really like) left the channel makeup in a worse mess. Therefore, I decided to remake my 10 CCR arches from scratch. Using a new version of my preview design, I made a new CCR arch to replace the old one. However, when I appended the prop to a view and added channel level to it there was something that I need missing - the macro channels. So, my question is - how do I make a new CCR prop with macro channels attached to the prop? Jim
  14. JamesWright

    Verifier Channel Numbers

    I am just interested in where those current channel numbers come from and to see what props they are attached to. Also, if they are not needed, I would like to be able to delete the channels. I want to be able to clean up all of the unneeded stuff in the sequences. Jim
  15. Using 5.0.14 Pro (beta). When the verifier issues a Warning 28 (Channel is completely off), the details column lists a channel number such as "[CHANNEL]: c171". How do you find out what actual or physical channel this refers to? I would like to be able to track down the actual issue, but I can't figure out how to convert this number to an actual prop. Thanks. Jim