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  1. Living as I do in the pacific north-west, we get alot of rain. We also get "marine mist" , where its not raining but you still get wet, even with an umbrella. GFCI's are out of the question. If I had to stop the show every time it rained it would never run! But heres another problem: I have noticed over the last couple years that whenever it rains I get a couple of channels that get stuck on. Often they are only partially on and the effects still come thru but they never turn off fully. If its dry and cold they work fine. I have checked the boxes and there is no accumulation of water in them but they are damp with condensation. I am sure water is getting in and causing current leakage which is triggering the triacs partially on. I know some commercial PCB's are sprayed with a lacquer or other substance that helps prevent this. Does anyone have any suggestions on what can be used? Thanks Lance
  2. My apologies if this is a noob question but how important is it to have all gen 3 controllers if using motion effects.? I read somewhere that you needed eLOR and gen3 controllers for it to work. I did an inventory of my controllers and out of 7 controllers, I have 2 gen3's, (they are all residential PC controllers ). in addition I have 4 original CCR controllers, 2 dumb DMX E1.11 controllers and 1 AlphaPix16 E1.31 controller. I run 3 networks. 1 regular LOR (black dongle), 1 high speed LOR (red dongle) and 1 E1.31 network. I would love to add motion effects for this year, with the goal of going full RBG pixels for next year, or the year after, but I dont want to have to toss my investment in controllers this year. Thanks Lance
  3. I have some of my controllers where the RJ45 jacks on the board have become damaged or corroded over the last 9 years... I am going thru them this year and wanting to replace the damaged ones. Does anyone have the digikey part number for the RJ45 jacks? My controllers are version one and version three. Thanks Lance
  4. It's not the word gay that my wife has the issue with, and it's not the rainbow either, per se. It's the association of the 2 within the song and sequence, giving the word an unintended meaning. Key word being "unintended".
  5. I am adding a pixel tree to my display this year. I have a 15' spiral tree but I want to take it to the next level. I have purchased the 16 strand "CCR"clone pixel tree from holiday coro plus the 36" 6 channel star. This will be in addition to the spiral tree, not a replacement for it, so all new pole and hardware. I need to get a better idea on how this is going to go together. I have seen people zap strap the ribbons to HC's pixel mounting strips, I've seen people use EMT conduit and PVC conduit. I've seen people use HC's pixel mounting topper and Base and i've seen people use plywood and 2x4's. I'm looking for opinions and experience on the pros and cons of the various methods. Pictures would be great. I live in the Pacific north west so although we dont usually get huge windstorms it has been known to get windy at times. It does get wet, however. Thanks Lance
  6. I am doing a pixel tree this year and, mainly due to time constraints, I will be buying the sequencing for the tree from holidaysequences. I am wanting to do "deck the rooftops" by the cast of Glee. (basically Deck the halls). There is a line in the song that goes "don we now our *** apparel" During which the Tree displays a rainbow pattern. Now here's the argument: My wife says "You cant do that! "***", in the context of the song, means "festive" or "cheerful" and showing a rainbow is disrespectful to the LGBTQ community." I say "nonsense, that's just another case of politically correct gone too far. I dont see anything wrong with it. It wouldnt be a big deal to change the colors so that it doesnt look like a rainbow but I'm curious what everyone else thinks. ( I can already tell what this forum thinks since it *** out the word) ?
  7. beaker020

    DMX trouble

    Got it! I didnt have the control panel running, just the sequence editor. Since I was only testing I didnt think I needed ibut the control panel loads and unloads the comm listener and thats why it wouldnt work.
  8. beaker020

    DMX trouble

    I have added one holiday coro 27ch RBG dumb DMX controller to my display this year. I have a second LOR dongle and I have built a cross over cable. I can get it to work in xlights so I know my cable and controller work but I cant get S3 to talk to the controller. I have set the network preferences for dmx to universe 1 and configured the adapter. Unfortunately, xlights has a limit of 96 channels for LOR, I have 790 LOR channels plus the 27 dmx. I use a lot of macros and shimmers and DMX does not support those. What am I missing? Thanks Lance
  9. I would also love a copy Thanks Lance beaker020@gmail.com
  10. I found a solution. Or at least a work around. I tried setting the parms well before I needed them, several seconds even. I tried not setting any parms in the first 0.10 seconds of the song I tried only setting one parm at a time: MM in one column, MS in the next and visy versa. Nothing worked Then I filed the space between the effects with an arbitrary intensity. 50% was easy because thats the default intensity setting for the intensity tool. Lo and behold it works! So where there is no active effect, I set MM and MS (and only those 2 parms) to 50% intensity. Other than at the very first 0.10 sec of the song they are never at 0. And the sequence plays perfectly.
  11. You're right. and I would almost buy this except the first few macros work fine. Its not until about the 1 minute mark that they start messing up. Thats 5 macros into the sequence and the third time I've used that same macro. Just for giggles I did set the LR parm 0.10 seconds after the start and it made no difference. I also tried setting the ME and MS params several columns before I needed them. Thanks Sax and Bob for confirming what I suspected. Like I said from the start; if its just the Vis then its not a big deal, as long as it plays right at showtime.
  12. Starting the sequence from the BEGINNING produces undesirable results. Starting the sequence from the middle produces desirable results. When starting from the middle I am starting where the ribbon is DARK. The only param that is set at that point is the LR,, which is set to 1 for the entire sequence.
  13. I was aware of that and most of the events were set up that way.I just went over the sequence and made sure all the parameters were set 1 column (0.05 sec) before the actual event and it still happens in a couple sections. I even tried setting the parameters 2 columns (0.10 sec) before the event and it still messed up. If I stop playback, back up the time scale, and resume play from selection, it plays that section fine. The next section may or may not play properly. If its just the Vis then I dont care. If its going to do this at show time then its a problem. I think I've spent more time trying to get these macros to work properly then I was hoping to save by not doing it the long way.
  14. I have noticed that when I use macros on my CCR's that they sometimes don't display correctly in the visualizer. It seems to be hit or miss. If I stop and start the playback, most of the time it will correct the display but not always. For instance; if I am doing a chase, on one playback it will display full on. On the next playback it will chase properly. I am hoping this is just a visualizer quirk and it will playback properly during the actual show time. I am using LOR V3.8.2
  15. Upgraded the S3 and the firmware. Still the same problem.
  16. periodically, every other day or so, the show will stop running and the controll panel will be scrollling very rapidly. disabling and re-enabling the show fixes the problem temporarily. S3 V3.1.2 on winxp SP2 this also happened last year with 2.9.X running on the same computer I've opened a ticket already but thought you guys might have some insight part of the error log below: Error: (8005) Open of serial port has failed Error: (8005) Port already open While: Open COM3 params baud=57600 parity=n data=8 stop=1 xon=off odsr=off dtr=off rts=off idsr=off While: Open COM3 params baud=57600 parity=n data=8 stop=1 xon=off odsr=off dtr=off rts=off idsr=off Trace: SetIntensity Trace: HandleIO) Musical: C:Documents and Settings*****My DocumentsLight-O-RamaSequencesdontblock.lms.lcs 6:08:22 PM: ERROR WITH SEQUENCE (Invalid procedure call or argument Trace: XmitData Trace: FlushCB Trace: BlockCommit Trace: Add IO Device) Musical: C:Documents and SettingskathyMy DocumentsLight-O-RamaSequences75_ccr_Jingle-Bells-Techno.lms.lcs 6:08:22 PM: ERROR WITH SEQUENCE (Open of serial port has failed Error: (8005) Open of serial port has failed Error: (8005) Port already open While: Open COM3 params baud=57600 parity=n data=8 stop=1 xon=off odsr=off dtr=off rts=off idsr=off While: Open COM3 params baud=57600 parity=n data=8 stop=1 xon=off odsr=off dtr=off rts=off idsr=off Trace: SetIntensity Trace: HandleIO) Musical: C:Documents and Settings*****My DocumentsLight-O-RamaSequences75_CCR_musicbox dancer.lms.lcs 6:08:22 PM: ERROR WITH SEQUENCE (Open of serial port has failed Error: (8005) Open of serial port has failed
  17. When people ask you how many lights or channel you have, or when setting up your signature line, how do you count your CCR's? Do you count each one as 50 or 150 {or 157} channels/lights? I suspect there is no right answer. I'm just looking to see if there is a consensus.
  18. I got mine! (thanks dan) but I ordered mine in the first hour of the first day of the sale so that probably has alot to do with it
  19. you would set channel 155 (CM) to intensity 17 (RGB) or 18 (2 million colors)
  20. Colonel: when u click add new device, click on the button that says "show advanced options". set your resolution to 50 pixels (or whatever you want) and the mode to native mode.
  21. one thing to watch out for, if you are using all pre-existing outlets, is what else is wired to the same circuit as the outlet you are using. The above test may work fine, until you go and make toast or use the microwave or put on a pot of coffee, even in another room. LED's would likely elimanate your electrical problem altogether, along with reducing your electric bill and your carbon footprint BUT LED's can leave a huge footprint on your wallet in the short term.
  22. Some one can check my math and my figures but this is what I came up with. 2.5voltsand .002A per bulb gives a total of 12.5 volts and .01A so in order to limit your current to .01A and to drop the excess 107.5V Ohms law states: R=E/I so: R=107.5/.01=10750 So a 10Kohm resistor should be fine, you can also find 12Kohm resistors for the power requirements P=I*E SO: P=.01*120=1.2Watts I would pick a 2Watt resistor to be safe
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