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  1. Hello and Merry Christmas to all, it has been a while since I have been on site. Several years ago I sort of retired from doing a display due to age and other things. The last display I did at home we where up to over 600 channels and 425,000 lights along with video and of course sound support. Two years ago I donated my entire display to the Masonic Youth RV Park and Campground near Tampa, FL. It is a charitable youth campground that supports youth and other organization. Last year was a great year and the word has gotten out and we have now had several other donations of display items and that is where I need some help. We have been given a complete set of Comic Color Ribbons. I know how to set them up and how they work but I have never sequenced them and have no idea where to start this late and time. We have 14 Ribbons and 29 color bulb sets complete with power supplies and controllers. What I am looking for is some sequences that I can copy over and past to our present sequences or use in our display. We have over 500 channels but can use anything we get. This year we hope to have 6 cabins in campground with lights with 16 channels per cabin then have the main display in parking lot. If anyone has something they think we could use please email me at rogerleonforbes@embarqmail.com or here. Thank you and hope everyone has a great display this year.
  2. Hello All, Been a long time since I posted or even on but due to age and other facts of life I have not done my display for several years. This past year I donated my display to a charity and they are setting it up now. I have over 60 LOR units and several Color Ribbons and a untold number of lights and toys that I had gathered up over the years. My problem is I have two (2) EDM Transmitters that are in need of some repair work but unable to find a working email address or contact for them. Does anyone have a working email or contact for EDM Design, I went to their web site but the address does not work and is returned. Thanks and please look for us to be up and running again from the Masonic R. V. Park and Youth Camp Ground in Wimauma, FL. It provides youth camping and actives for under privileged boys and girls from all over the United States.
  3. Also there are over 1500 - 6/8/12 foot cords, 5000 foot of zip, plugs, two 30 / 15 amp circuit breaker boxes, power cables, data cables, FM transmitters.
  4. Hello everyone, been some time seance last log in and active. I have been a long time member here and even longer Christmas Nut but have reached the point where age and health will not allow me to do it anymore. I have a very large display covering up to 5 houses. Untold number of lights and effects ranging from 24 leaping arches to mega trees, 40 2 foot, 25 to 30 6 foot, blow molds untold, 24 poll light wall, most are incandescent but have lots of LED both full and half wave, wire frames both small and extra large. Way to much to list or even try and list so here is the offer, I will not ship, I will not transport you must come and pick it up in Elizabethton, Tennessee. I will give everything to anyone who will buy the ALL 45 controllers at $160.00 each for a total of $7200.00. All units have high heat sinks and several of the "Showtime controller units. You can email me here or at rogerleonforbes@embarqmail.com
  5. you can make the calble any length you want just make sure you follow the right color code to pins for data cables, can find it with google and most time listed with crimper tool set. You can also buy of the testers for cat-5 data at Lowes or HomeDepot. Know that Habor Fright has them for around $20.00 and they will sure save you a lot of trouble. Most of the time when controllers act up of lights not coming on and off as plained its data cable problems. Take the time to learn how to wire and test them and you will be a lot happier.
  6. Roger Leon Forbes


    I will attempt to pass what little bit information I think I know, first a triac is a transistor that is made up of two diodes either pnp or npn depending on how they are to be used for. voltage or no voltage applied to the base of the transistor opens of closes the gate between the emitter and cathode allowing voltage to flow. Most transistors short out between the emitter and cathode but do sometimes short to base, sort of like a capacitor goes shorted resisters go open. The biggest fail rate is due to overload not to say shorting them does not damage them it will. Over the past 7 or 8 years of doing displays with LOR I have never lost a triac in a LOR unit I think it's because I have and do check my load with a Kill-0-watt meter or amp meter and also insure I do not have any shorted lights. Water will damage any unit so keep them as dry as possible, as for the lights their self I have never taped the ends nor tried to seal everything up I don't wrap or tape the plugs just keep them out of standing water. Just use plain common séance and keep them out of standing water. Now I know their are those here that have a much better knowledge of these matters so chime in if you want and give information to help him out.
  7. I have some experience with lasers having owned a special effects company using lasers for several years. First Lasers are NOT necessary to produce a high impact display, they are at best a WOW toy. Lasers are great for graphics and some effects, beams are best viewed coming at you or going way, they do not show up great looking at them from side unless you are using a hazer or fog. I have used them and never really got the effect I wanted even thou I own the company. Of course there are rules when using the big lasers and that in its self can be a big pain and lots of paper work. Unless you just haven't to have them I would not waste the money use it to buy something that will enhance your display not be your display.
  8. I agree it can not be beat but in doing stage shows and doing remote setups the new small packs do great. I have a couple 5 watt and also a 1.5 red that I blend for in house work. Have a couple extra good 171's I would like to sale alone with some projector tables, cables, hose and everything, make someone a real nice deal. All are CDRH approved and permitted.
  9. Yes the 171 is a good laser but damn the power and water, 208 3 phase and 5 gals per. Love the smaller units out now, the PCAOMs are good at cutting power.
  10. Sorry for delay in answering this post but just plain forgot I put it up. Understand about the rules, I owned a Laser Light Company (LaserLights Unlimited, INC) for several years and still have my license from CDRH and none of that will be a problem. I am using Paragon system this year that gives me around 18 watts to the scanners and for graphics and beams. All beams are terminated with NO sky shots. We will not be doing Lasers except for Christmas week as our systems are out on road tours until the middle of the month. I got the MIDI file problems worked out and it appears I will be ok if not I can always set the Paragon system to a timed start and stop.
  11. We are adding a Laser system to our 4th July display this year and want to do an LOR sequence then a video followed by a Laser Display. The sequence and video will be controlled by LOR of course then I want LOR to tell the Laser system to do one laser sequence. While the Laser is running I will let the LOR run a video or something, there will be 4 sequences, 4 videos, 4 Laser displays nd start over again on half hour. My question is can I do a MIDI file from LOR to trip the Laser system? The Laser company said that there system would take a MIDI command to start and stop. Anyone have some input that can help me. Roger
  12. What am I doing wrong?? I use the arch wizard to build my arch, 3 channels per section, white, red, blue. Assign LOR unit and channels, everything comes up right in fixture listing with right channel and color for that channel. When I look at it while running can not see the blue. Works fine on flag, polls, stars and other things but will not show up blue on arches. Anyone care to tell this dum dum what he is doing wrong. Thanks Roger
  13. Know this has been ask a 1000 times but here goes 1001, Is there an easier way to import an older sequence for witch there is no visualizer file made, into the visualizer? Like most of us I have lots of sequences that where done before the visualizer came to be. Sorry for the repeat question.
  14. Sorry for not getting back on been working on this. THANK YOU for the emails and every thing helps. Been building the flag and other things to make this happen. As for how many I need, anything and all would be great. Thanks again folks. roger
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