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  1. Hello, I'm not exactly great with electrical wiring. Can someone look at the attached photo and tell me if this is safe? I'm wiring two Pixcon16 boards with four 12V Power Supplies. I randomly chose colors for the picture, so ignore the incorrect coloring. My main question is whether or not I can daisy chain all the power supplies together like the picture shows even though they are going to two different Pixcon16 boards. Will that affect the Pixcon16 normal operation in any way? Are the two Pixcon16 boards separated properly? Thanks for your help Bob
  2. Is this wiring safe for Pixcon16?

    OK..... This may be totally stupid, so forgive my ignorance. What I had planned to do was to buy a small 2-foot 12-gauge 3-pronged extension cable. I was going to cut off the female end and connect those wires to the input terminals on Power Supply #1. Then I was going to connect those exact same terminals on Power Supply #1 to the input terminals on Power Supply #2. Then connect those same input terminals on Power Supply #2 to the input terminals to Power Supply #3...... then do the same thing from #3 to #4. Does that work fine or is there something in your head screaming "This guy is insane." Oh, the male end of the 2-foot 12-gauge 3-pronged extension cable would plug into a 12gauge extension cord from the 20A receptacle.
  3. Is this wiring safe for Pixcon16?

    In the picture I uploaded, aren't the grounds already bonded together? All the grounds are connected together. Is that what you mean?
  4. Is this wiring safe for Pixcon16?

    I do have a few 20A circuits available. We had a subpanel put in awhile back. Most of the breakers are 15A. However, there are three 20A circuit breakers in the subpanel, each going to 20A receptacles using 12g wire. If I use a 12g extension cord from one of those receptacles to the 4 power supplies, will that be sufficient?
  5. Is this wiring safe for Pixcon16?

    I knew that would drive you crazy. 😁
  6. Is this wiring safe for Pixcon16?

    They are 360W power supplies, which I think comes to 3A each on 120V. So that would make it 12A for all 4. Is that too close for a 15A circuit? I'm not sure what you mean by "bond wire." Sorry, I'm really new to this. Do you mean connect a wire to a negative terminal on one power supply to a negative terminal on the other power supply (the two power supplies feeding one Pixcon16?)
  7. Multiple Pixcon16 boards setup

    Thanks TheDucks. That makes a lot of sense. That way the new cold air will run across the equipment. Thanks!!
  8. Hello, I will be using E1.31 and am not very knowledgeable about the subject. I will also have a computer, router and switch in my garage. I wish to have 5 Pixcon16 controllers at a specific location in my yard. Here's my question: Do I need to have 5 different CAT5 cables coming from the switch in my garage (one for each controller?) Or....... is there a way to have just 1 CAT5 cable come from the switch to just 1 controller AND then have that controller connect to the other 4? The reason I ask is because the PIXCON16 controller has five RJ45 jacks that can be used as "DMX Bridge Ports," but I'm not sure what a "DMX Bridge Port" is and if they can be used to connect the other 4 controllers. I attached a picture of the board from the manual. Bob
  9. Multiple Pixcon16 boards setup

    Thanks for the link to the vent cover. In the video I couldn't see the actual vent. But now that I see it on the link, I can see why you had no problems. I didn't realize it had a cover pointing downwards. I'm buying some of those!!! Thanks again!!
  10. Pixcon16 Gigabit Speed??

    Oh no.... I absolutely do not want to return them. I didn't really care if they were Gigabit or 10/100. I just wanted to be sure I was hooking it up for whatever maximum speed it ran at. Thanks so much for everything.
  11. Hello everyone. Before I create a support ticket, I thought I'd try here first. I am trying to get my Pixcon16 running at Gigabit speed and not understanding why it isn't working. Here's my setup: I have a completely isolated network (no Wi-Fi) with ONLY a computer, a switch and a Pixcon16. I am using E1.31. I have my laptop plugged into the Netgear ProSafe 16-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch Model JGS516. The switch shows that the computer is connected at Gigabit speed -- YAY!!. When I connect the Pixcon16 to the switch, the switch shows that it is connected at 100mps. I was recently told by LOR support staff that the Pixcon16 can run at Gigabit speed, so I'm sure I've got something set wrong. I thought it might be the CAT6 cable or port on the switch, but I switched the computer and Pixcon16 cables, and the computer still connects at 1,000Mbps, and the Pixcon16 still connects at 100Mbps. So, it's not the cable nor the switch. That kind of leaves just the Pixcon16. I can plug in the Pixcon16 into the switch without the computer attached at all, and the switch still shows 100Mbps, so I don't think the computer is involved either. My Pixcon16 was bought either last year or the year before. Could that be an issue? The Pixcon16 board has a "Version 1.2" written on it. I've never upgraded the firmware because the firmware is at version 1.4.8, which is what LOR shows on their website as the latest version. On a side note, the controller is completely setup and works great, just not connecting to the switch at Gigabit speed. Is there a configuration setting on the Pixcon16 itself or through the S4 software that must be set? I'm at a loss. Bob
  12. Multiple Pixcon16 boards setup

    How funny... I literally just finished watching that exact video BEFORE reading your message. What a coincidence. Yep, I'm going to be adding a switch to one of my boxes. I also noticed in that video that the person added a 12-volt fan to the enclosure. I have two questions about that. #1 -- Should the air blow "into" the enclosure or "out" of the enclosure? #2 -- He mounted it on the side of the enclosure, so won't water come in through that hole? Bob
  13. Pixcon16 Gigabit Speed??

    No problem Mike. I'm actually glad to hear that I didn't do anything wrong while setting it up. I appreciate you taking the time to check that out.
  14. Pixcon16 Gigabit Speed??

    Thanks Mike & Jim. I was worried about having 9 Pixcon16 boards running off the switch because I had no idea how much data that meant. This stuff is way over my head. However, your comment about the link from the computer to the switch being the important link reminded me that running E1.31 in Unicast won't throw all the data to every controller (hitting myself in the forehead.) I also had no idea that it's only 9 Mbps for a fully loaded Pixcon16. I'm only going to have 100 pixels per port, so I shouldn't even get remotely close to the max. Thanks for your help and for easing my mind. :-) I think it's going to be hard for me to get used to what kinds of speeds were talking about with E1.31.
  15. Pixcon16 Gigabit Speed??

    Thanks Mike for checking this out for me. I really appreciate it. I'll wait to hear from you. Bob
  16. ShowTime Software Beta 5.0 Question

    Thanks Jim & "Christmas Crossing." I'm going to take your advice and skip the S5 Beta for now and learn Pixel Editor and SuperStar on S4. I'd rather come into S5 with some previous knowledge. Truth be told, nothing I'll learn now will come into play this year. I'm a slow learner and like to really understand the software before using it for an actual show. Thanks so much!!
  17. This question is for people who use the pixel editor and/or Superstar parts of the software. I am just about to start learning how to use the Pixel Editor and SuperStar parts of the software. Since they are coming out with a 5.0 beta version of the software that will combine all these things, should I not waste my time trying to learn it and simply download the beta version and learn the new 5.0 version that is going to be coming out? Bob
  18. Multiple Pixcon16 boards setup

    Thank you so much Jim (k6ccc) and BMurray. Thanks to both of you I was able to setup the Pixcon16, install a switch, configure all the static IP addresses, and get some test pixels to work through the sequencer. It was a steep learning curve for me. I couldn't have done it without you two!! Thanks for taking the time out of your day, even though you didn't receive any personal benefit from doing so. Pure selflessness. Bob
  19. ShowTime Software Beta 5.0 Question

    Since I don't have a clue how to use pixel editor, I was wondering if it even makes sense to learn the current version of the new version is going to be completely different. Do you (or anyone else) know if the next version currently in beta is similar to the current version? I just don't want to learn something that is going to be completely different in a few months. Bob
  20. Router for E1.31

    Hi everyone. I'm going to be trying to add an E1.31 network to my laptop for my light display. I have an old router that was sitting in my closet forever. I was wondering if this is a perfectly good router to use, or should I purchase a new one that will likely have faster speeds? Here is a link to the old router I have. (https://www.netgear.com/home/products/networking/wifi-routers/wndr3700.aspx) Thanks so much, Bob
  21. Router for E1.31

    Thank you BMurray and TheDucks. I wasn't planning to use the Wi-Fi part of the router. Both of your comments made it sound like I don't even need a router to accomplish what I want to do. Are you both just attaching a switch to your computer's Ethernet port? I didn't know I could skip the router all-together. Would I still be able to use uni-cast and set IP addresses and such with just a switch attached? I wonder why LOR's tutorial suggested a router attached to the computer and not a switch. That would be much easier I would think. (http://www1.lightorama.com/PDF/IntroductionToDMXandE131.pdf)
  22. Multiple Pixcon16 boards setup

    Thanks BMurray. I was actually considering using the LOR High Speed adapter, which would have been ideal for daisy chaining the controllers. However, I saw in one of the official LOR tutorials (http://www1.lightorama.com/PDF/IntroductionToDMXandE131.pdf) something that made me think twice. It stated that "an LOR network at 1000K speed is enough to run 2000-2500 pixels in your display." My 5 Pixcons will be running 4,000 pixels at a minimum. I was worried that it might have issues. I was kind of bummed to read that because everything else in my display is using the regular LOR network and I wouldn't have to learn anything new. LOL. Bob
  23. Multiple Pixcon16 boards setup

    Thanks Jim (K6ccc). That's exactly what I needed to know. Also, thanks for the great idea of using a small switch at the location of the 5 Pixcon16 controllers. That will accomplish my goal of having just one long run of CAT5, which was my main concern. Thanks again!! Bob
  24. Hello, I recently purchased a Pixcon16 controller in order to learn more about pixels, E1.31 and such. I also purchased some 100ct pixels that someone suggested from Ray Vu. The pixels come with three black wires (picture attached.) Is there a trick to figuring out which wires are used for power, clock (if used), data and ground? Also, since both ends of the string look exactly the same, how do you know which end is the beginning? The string I bought is this one.... https://www.aliexpress.com/item/18AWG-wire-100pcs-string-DC12V-12mm-WS2811-addressable-RGB-led-smart-pixel-node-with-all-BLACK/32599191945.html?spm=2114.13010608.0.54.OYQCvZ .... However, I was hoping there is a way to figure out which wires are which, no matter what pixels used. Thanks. Bob
  25. Connecting Pixel String to Pixcon16

    That's what I was thinking. That is why I was confused about what "saveglamis" wrote above. He said his string runs at 5.2 amps and was blowing the 4A fuse. But then he switched the setting to 1804 and it no longer blew the fuse (if I read his message correctly.) But shouldn't his string blow the fuse even with the setting set to 1804 since it should still require 5.2A? Thanks so much for putting up with me. Bob