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  1. Ok so the lights are working now but I had to move my transmitter antenna away from computer?!
  2. What in the world does this mean? Show cannot be enabled because of an error. Open of serial port has failed Error:(8002) Open of serial port had failed Error:(8002) Com Port Error How the heck do I fix this? PS I have a new LOR dongle
  3. Ok here is the next issue......i have the new adapter in but my AC controllers are not running the lights....how do i connect the dots?
  4. Ok BIG UPDATE.....I GOT IT!!! Everything is working right!!! HUGE THANK YOU TO YA'LL!!!
  5. I have coming to me right as we speak. And let try that
  6. Even though i do not have the red adapter yet?
  7. Ok i got the lighta to work in HU but now in PE it doesn't work...do i need to resave it?
  8. Ok i have changed the id and it is only turning half the box on. Any suggestions?
  9. Man if this works you are my hero!!!
  10. Really???? When i get home i will change it then! Let me ask this just in case...if I don't have a 1 (i don't remember seeing it) but i have 01 would that work too?
  11. I do not copy and paste. It does it with images too. It is like the controllers read the circuits 1-16 and 1-16......not 1-32
  12. Ok another issue...what am i missing? I have 2 pixie 16 controllers hooked up. In PE eveything works great....when i test the lights the controllers are not working together. For example, i have the text effect in part of the sequence...it looks great in PE but when the lights run it it is doubled box 1 is putting it out and box 2 is putting it out...they r not working together
  13. Ok i am just going to play dumb...please be patient with me.....lor set to enhanced?
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