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  1. Wow! Exactly what I've envisioned... but, hmmm... where would I park my car?
  2. Yes, go anywhere except Tracy(don't ruin my ambition), lol! Manteca is just 5,000 of your giant leaping arches away from here. Well, good luck! I'm pretty sure your 'grand plan' MA will have a tremendous influence on your choice of house --- I bet my life on that! Ok, so you take Manteca and I take Tracy. I hope we don't cross our paths in LOR christmas contest next year( I'm planning 64, so tell me how many channels you have so I could adjust mines accordingly...hahaha!)
  3. I was reading your post when I noticed that you're from San Jose. I might(probably, will) vist you this coming December to look at your display. Thanks for the encouragement. I think I just need to do things one at a time. I'm a level-headed person but it's just that I want to make my first christmas show successful... and, uh... it's a secret --- I want to win next year's Best Christmas Display(I'm in Tracy)... hehehe. Have any advice as to how I could win the judges' hearts, and votes? 'Cuz last year's winner's display was corny, too busy, too loud and I want to teach him how it should be done... modesty aside.) I'm sorry if I sound conceited but I'm just being frank. All of us have 'hidden' reasons why they decide to put up their displays. Some even hide behind charity work, some as 'contribution to the community', and some, though they hide it, as a form of bragging, and some do it for fun... just like you(judging from your posts). Once again, thanks for your advice.
  4. I have a large front yard too. Could you please check the picture and give me your suggestion as to what I should do? I'm planning to have a 10-12 mega tree(16 channels), 10 cones(10 channels), 4(16 channels) leaping arches using 64-channels. Could you give me an idea where I should put all those? What do you think about that palm tree? 'Cuz I'm thinking about wrapping it with tinsel and some lights(probably discard the mega tree and put the 16 channels there). Also, is it a good idea to put lights on the palm tree's leaves? You know, to creat like a pyrotechnic effect. But I guess it's a big job only you guys would be able to do. Just thinking how I could get up there frustrates me already. Not to mention, staying up there and not falling. I think I'm a victim of my own greed, ambition and perfectionism. I think I need a shrink, lol. I need prozac... or any advice. I'm thinking about making all my decors(2 angels, 2 drummer bears, 2 gold bells, giant... blah blah blah) STATIC... except for the arches, cones and mega tree. Would that look nice? Or, corny? 'Cuz I'm going nuts thinking about doing the whole thing right without having to break my back... or wallet. Attached files
  5. Baron, first, 'AM' is 'above-mentioned' abbreviated. Second, yes please, steal my idea then send me the plan so I could make one myself. I was thinking making a 16-channel 3D star, so what do you think? Is it still possible? I guess it's going to be a sturdy project since all 16 frames will touch the ground. A pole in the middle of it will really make the construction strong. Now, the question is, how am I going to make an exact replica of my 4-foot star and make it into a 10 or 12 foot star? What materials should I use? Lights? Number of lights? Kind of lights? It still is February, 10 months to go and I feel like I'm not going to finish my project for next year's Christmas show in time. I've already spent $2,500 on decors and another $1800 on lights yet I feel like I haven't started yet. Am I right on track? Or should I scrap this whole plan and call it quits? I think I ate more than I could chew.
  6. I watched your videos and I can say I was quite impressed. Not with its size, but with the accuracy on which you synchronized your lights. That's what impresses me. Now, with regards to your AM idea, I don't think that it's going to be aesthetically impressing. But, what about a giant 3D star? My question Baron is, how do make one 10-foot giant 3D star? Any input?
  7. Thanks Chuck for the detailed answer. I'm using a soft white 100-count icicle light - the specifics of which I don't know. I have a 2-storey house and in my estimate, would be using 10 strings up and 8 down. I am planning to connect both to one channel. In your estimate, based on the above, do I have a lot of leeway to work on? I mean, if I could use like 30 100-count LED icicles in 1 channel, then I need not worry about blowing the fuse. Second, I would like to know please, what kind of lights to use for my 'cones'(I have 10 of them). What about the 10' Mega Tree? And the Leaping Arches, 96"x44"(8 channels each sold at www.wowlights.com - plan to make 4 of them myself)? I'd like to know what kind of lights should I use, and how many. Lastly, I'd like to know if it's a good idea to purchase all my lights at www.ledholidaylighting.com. I'm planning to pre-order all my lights there. Ladies and gentlemen, I really need some help - any tips, advice or recommendations you could give me will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help and patience.
  8. How many 100-led icicle lights could be used in 1 channel? Hehehe, newbie here.
  9. oohyahla


    Thank you all so much for the help! I will be keeping in touch!
  10. I was so amused with your giant leaping arch I laughed out so loud and said, 'that's sick'! Hahaha! Nice work!
  11. If you want to create a BIG impression, why not try the TERMINATOR? Oh, wait.. that's my governor. Kidding aside, in my opinion, this moving heads are just for bars and discos and not for Christmas. I could wash my wall with a 100 LED light from ebay for $20 each. It has a dimmer(20-100) and it works well.
  12. oohyahla


    Whoa! That's a barrage of infos you got there! You guys are amazing! Thanks a million! Thanks everybody! Now, I have another question. What kind of light should I use for my 1 1/2' cone? And, how many should I use? What about the mega tree? I'm thinking about the retro bulbs(pre-ordered at ledholidaylighting.com) for my cones and c6 for my mega tree. Oh, by the way, who started all this cone thing? What does it represent? A christmas tree? 'Cuz I'm contemplating on putting a small star on top of the cone. The thing is, if it's just a cone, then it might look awkward. So, thebaronn, your problem is solved... and so is mine, hehehe but I'm still keeping my chauvet fogger. Again, thanks for the awesomistic solution!
  13. oohyahla


    Donald Puryear wrote: BRILLIANT! Bow my head to Mr. Puryear for the GENIUStic approach. That's exactly the answer I was waiting for! Donald, would you be so kind enough to help me do it? Could I send you the remote to my fog machine/snowmaker and do the necessary work? Otherwise, could you be so kind enough to provide me with a much more detailed sketch to include the model number for the relay and how to do it? Or if I need an electrician to do it for me? Thanks in advance!
  14. oohyahla


    D.T., that's exactly my point in using DMX. You power the gadget from a source other than the LOR controller - then you control the gadget using DMX. It's a very efficient and decent approach to the "canon problem" and that's exactly how I'd do it. But, that's an expensive solution. If Dale could share us his 'method' of being able to power the smoke machine then fire it off using LOR, then it would be a great contribution to this distinguish forum!
  15. oohyahla


    If I may add, you can get a $20 400 watt fogger at ebay, or 700 watt for $40. I've tried firing off my cheap fogger last halloween but because you have to constantly turn on the fog machine for it to be ready to fire off at any given time, the tube at which the smoke comes out melted and was rendered almost useless. Anyway, Dale's method seems great, but I'm just curious as to how he was able to activate the machine to let it smoke. Because powering on a smoke machine is easy - you plug it to a socket... when it's turned on, the machine heats up the fog juice and turns it into smoke. Then, usually, firing off the smoke is controlled via a wired/wireless remote or DMX. If Dale was able to fire off the fog machine using LOR without using any of the methods mentioned above, then it must really be a good solution something I would request Dale to share with me. It's economical and it paves the way to other solutions to my problems like how to turn on a snow maker machine at a given time(like when a song reaches the point, "let it snow, let it snow, let it snow"). Because my problem is always, if I directly let LOR control a high wattage gadget, then it wouldn't work if I use a 1500 watt fogger or snowmaker. Or, would it? Kudos to Dale for his wonderful work I hope he shares with us here.
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