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  1. I am also looking for LOR to implement a way to reduce the brightness globally for all my RGB channels without affecting the color... Thanks, -Roy
  2. OK, nm, I found another thread discussing this...
  3. Hi All, Is there a global brightness setting in S3 where you can reduce the brightness of all RGB channels at once to the same level? Also, how to you reduce the brightness of a fade without affecting the color? Thanks, -Roy
  4. Hi Duane, If I understand what you are wondering about, you would use existing video (see link below) or compile/create a video montage of your own (if you have the resources) based on the music track you want to use. If during the music you don't want any video displayed, that portion would just be a blank/black background output, or something similar. So in LOR, you would just play and assign the video file instead of the audio file to your sequences, and make sure to output to your projector as well. You should have no issues running the projector all season if you can schedule the projector to turn on and off each evening (30 days x 5 hours per day = ~150 hours lamp life consumed for one season). Just make sure the projector is protected from the weather (and thieves), unless there's an all weather sealed projector available! Here's a link to about 50 Christmas videos you can use, and some additional information: http://www.christmasatthegoods.com/VideoCoop/ Enjoy! -Roy
  5. Hi All, Mega Wreath with Video. See the following link for some video/projector information towards the bottom: http://www.nevadachristmas.com/Megawreath.htm -Roy
  6. I may have to just stop in to verify... Thanks!
  7. LOL! Need more! Thanks Craig, and please let me know if you find more... Thanks for the info! Unfortunately, slightly too tall for my application...
  8. Bump for early 2014! Still looking for some more... Thanks! -Roy
  9. Century Tree (2007 - present): Prior to the dawn of RGB pixels, a tree named so due to the number of channels utilized (~100) to primarily create vertical effects, in addition to traditional Mega Tree spinning effects... :-)
  10. Bump for late 2013. Still looking for these mini trees in clear or multi... Paying top dollar plus shipping. Thanks! -Roy
  11. Hi plasmadrive, Thanks, I sent you a PM. -Roy
  12. I will take them all, if possible! Please convince your wife that this is a good thing and they will go to a good home... :-) If ok, we can discuss pricing, or if you have a number in mind, please feel free to PM me. Also, are the ones you have clear or multi, and do you have all the stakes? Thanks!!!
  13. Absolutely, and thanks again for your contribution!
  14. Bump for 2013. Still looking for more of these mini trees... clear or multi. Paying top dollar. Let me know! Thanks! -Roy
  15. Bump. Still looking... Thanks! -Roy
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