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  1. May I please get a copy of your sequence? ktrucker65@gmail.com Thank you... Tricia
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. After a day of struggling, it looks like I may have one bad ELL and one controller which just won't power up. I switched it out and ran some cat5 cable and the lights are working as of now. Thanks again for the suggestions. T
  3. Not sure if this is the correct place to ask for help, but here goes...tonight my show was running fine for the first hour then began behaving erratically. Leaping arches worked during some songs, stuck during others. Same with the mini and mega tree. The show has been running flawlessly for two weeks and I'm not sure where to start checking for problems. I've had this equipment for several years. I run only LOR controllers (PC16), nine of them, with 4 ELLs and a G3MP3 director. I am running LOR 3.3 Advanced, which I know is not the latest but has been working well for me so far. When I noticed the problem, I went out to the controllers and checked inside for the red lights. The first set had a solid red light and all lights seemed to be working correctly. The second set also seemed to be working correctly. When I checked the mega tree boxes, some were blinking and then would turn solid and lights would work. At the arches/mini trees, the red lights inside were blinking and the lights were not on...then the red light would turn solid and some lights would come on. I thought that perhaps data was not processing through the ELLs correctly, so we hooked cat5 between the boxes and bypassed the Ells. This seemed to make them behave better, but not exactly as they should. I have to say that I am terrible at trouble shooting, since I've have zero problems with all this stuff for years. We do have about 4-5 inches of snow on the ground with a crust of ice on top, but we aren't tripping any breakers. Can wet connections cause anything like this? We shut the show down for the night but I don't quite know where to begin troubleshooting in the morning. Thanks for any thoughts. Tricia
  4. Thanks for the answers....I knew it had to be operator error:D Tricia
  5. I needed to update my license to S3, so I chose to go with a 2 CCR license to try to get the most for the $$. My dilemma is, in the SSE it only shows 2 ccrs but I would like to play with up to 12 to be sure it's what I want before updating to 12. Is there a way to make it show 12 ribbons? I thought you could experiment with sequences even in demo mode although you wouldn't have export capabilities. I'm sure it's the probably easy to do but I can't seem to find it. Thanks for any help. Tricia
  6. Has anyone checked with their local library? Our library subscribes to Freegal, as do many libraries across the country, and card holders can download three songs per week. Freegal provides access to the Sony music catalog I believe and there are hundreds of Christmas songs available.
  7. teedee

    Twinkle Effect??

    Thank you everyone for the answers. I guess what I wanted is not available so I'll use another option to get the effect. Thanks again for the quick information..
  8. teedee

    Twinkle Effect??

    Can you slow down the twinkle effect? When testing the LOR boxes you can adjust the speed so twinkle goes slowly. Is this possible when working on an animation sequence and if so, how do you do it. Thanks for the help.
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