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  1. Thank you. I have not fixed the problem but it seems to be something to do with the G3-MP3 Director. I replaced it with the previous model director and now the show works.
  2. Hi- I have been running LOR for over ten years now and this is the first time this issue has come up. I run approximately 490 channels on a combination of Gen2 and Gen 3 controllers controlled by a Gen3MP3 director. I have had the same basic setup for the past eight years, mostly LED strings and Props. Last year I set up my show as usual and it ran fine. This year with the same setup, when I run my light test sequence that just turns on all the lights and runs a silenced music sequence, everything works as expected. However, when I use the sequences from last year and schedule a show, the music plays but the lights do not work. I set the show to play anytime powered. The only change from last year was I upgraded to the latest S4 and added S5 as I am trying to go to pixels for some applications. I did not have time to adjust to S5 so I uninstalled S5 from my machine and only have the current version of S4 available. I have run the verifier on all my sequences and no critical errors are noted. (I have several channels not on and I get the expectation error for version 5 which I am told I can ignore). I have a help ticket but am asking the experts here also. My show obviously can't run and neighbors are asking for when it will. Usually it begins the day after Thanksgiving. Any suggestions on solutions to this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  3. I am not sure if this is a software or hardware issue. The problem: the same six channels are not lighting as instructed by the sequences during the show. I am running the show through the G3-MP3 on a SD card. I am using windows 10 and LOR 4.3.4 Beta Pro with 490 channels. What happens is the six channels are from the same controller and either do not light at all or light very dimly when they should be on full. What I have tried: I changed out the controller, the incoming and outgoing data cables, the extension cords going to the light strings involved, and tested the lights with direct power and they work properly. What is also strange is that when I switched out the original controller, the lights worked properly for a short while. The same thing happened when I switched out the data cords.I do not know if this is related but during the show, occasionally a sequence will start and then cut out after 2-3 seconds and then another sequence will begin and run normally. This is a random effect as it does not happen all the time or to the same sequence. All the sequences are musical sequences. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have been using LOR for seven years and have never run into a problem like this. Thank you in advance.
  4. Here are a site I found. Never used the site and there is a limited color selection but they might be able to find more if you ask. http://www.andersons.com/decorations/fabrics/fancy-fabrics/tinsel-fabric
  5. I think it is fine. The only thing that is confusing is having the options in the middle of the actual package. I would consider moving those two images to the bottom of the description. I might consider adding a bold optional title also. The eye is drawn to the picture and not wording that is in the picture. With these changes, that problem would be eliminated.
  6. Thanks everyone. I have been doing this for a long time and I always forget about resetting the controller. That did the trick. Unfortunately I just had a circuit fried in another controller. I am out to replace it with a spare controller. Burned a hole through the board at channel 16. I never had this happen before and I can not see what caused it. My boxes are propped off the ground by breaks and the holes for cords have the foam that came with the case blocking the holes. Is it possible to use the rest of the channels that were not damaged?
  7. I have run the verifier. It is the same channel configuration for all of my songs so if there were an error, the conflict should occur in all the songs. Yet, it is a different channel or channels in each of about 3 songs. The only thing I can think of now is a communication error but that seems to be impossible since the problem always occurs in the same songs.
  8. I need some help with my display. I think I may need to divide my setup into two networks but I am not sure. The problem: in several songs a random channel will not respond to the command to light. It happens in about 3-4 songs always the same songs always the same channels in that song. But the channels that do not respond are not the same in each song. I have recently added controllers to my display so I have updated the channel configuration file in all of my sequences. I currently have 27 LOR 16 channel controllers. About half are Gen 3. I have very few lights on any individual channel. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  9. Sorry, I am talking about M5 or M6 mini-lights. With the cold weather we had some of the lenses broke off when taking the lights off the roof.
  10. The problem I see with LOR putting external cat5E connections on their products is that they sell as parts so unless you bought an entire setup you would still need to devise a way to put in your own connections. I put my controllers in various enclosures and have put in my own external connectors. Not a difficult process but does require extra time but since I am making custom boxes anyway I do not mind. But I also can see a desire by customers for different onnectors so I guess it is a matter of LOR determining the demand/cost of production to decide what they will do. I am sure that custom boxes would cost more.
  11. For some reason I have had about a dozen lenses come off my LED strings. In the past I have tried various superglue adhesives and none of them held. Is epoxy my only choice or is there a plastic glue that will work with the type of plastic in there lenses? I do not mind epoxy but it would be easier to use something that I can work with when I find a lense and not have all of the lenses ready at one time.
  12. I am not too familar with how the hardware utility interacts with the sequences. Earle, is it true that if I set each of my controllers to a max setting of 86% through the hardware utility that 100% command from a sequence be changed to 86% by the controller with the new max setting? If this is true then it would be a relatively easy process to change all of my controllers through th HU and not need to change each individual sequence. Time consuming considering the number of controllers I have but it would be a one time process.
  13. I have been using LEDs from CDI amd MITS for the last few years(6?). Only had two failures in that time, one the first half failed and the other was automatic fuse blowing. Both were replaced. I will not talk about my failure rate for replaceable LEDs as that has been very high and I do not recommend purchasing that type of LED string. This year however, I have had eight strings bought this year fail and it seems the green and red were more than the others. The lengths varied so I just think I may have received a bad batch of lights but their replacements are on there way with only questions about how they failed(fuse, half string, weather) not how I was using them. I agree customer service is great for the two companies I have used and I have heard nothing but good reports about HLE although I have not purchased from them myself.
  14. Someone should contact HLE to make sure the sale started and if it did they need to change the date on their light page as it reads February 28, 2013 as the end date of the sale. If the sale is for this pre-season then it should be February 28, 2014.
  15. We received 9 inches of snow here on the 6th and my show ran fine with no issues. We normally do not get any snow and it was well below freezing for the next week. The only issue that has come up this year is condesation in one controller shorted out two channels but my replacement made it through the snow fine. All of the controllers were buried but off the ground as were the connections. I d not see why it would be a problem since our usual downpours of 1-2 inches in the winter does not cause problems. I would think the snow is not liquid water and when it melts I do not think it the water can get into the connections. By the way the lights looked very different underneath the snow.
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