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  1. Hi Matt, just wondering if this is still something that will be done in 2020 - before we start building new sequences i wanted to check whether im going to have the same issue. thanks.
  2. Hi JR - please may i get a copy of the singing faces for Most wonderful time of the year. Ukoberon@yahoo.com I agree to not sell or share this sequence with anyone. This request will be used for my private, personal use on my show only. I also understand the mere fact of making changes to the borrowed sequence and pasting it in to my sequence does not make it mine to share Thanks in advance Rob.
  3. Hi Matt, just an FYI ... We cannot use playback files with any superstar features with the above suggested method ... It will be great if this is picked up for a future release . Thanks for responding anyhow.
  4. Thanks Stevehoyt - ended up editing the xml files to bring the sub sequences directly in - will investigate what you suggest if the matter isnt resolved ina future release.
  5. Anyone? Really struggling here - supposed to be live this weekend and cannot link the sequences for a coordinated show. Parent sequences sit on my PC - need to add in the sub sequences - but they are .loredit files and adding a subsequence looks for .lms and .las Grateful for any guidance - have opened a ticket also - but its so busy i guess - had a stand by holding response but i guess theres plenty of people seeking asststance right now.
  6. Hi Phil thanks for replying - when you say you created the play back files manually - was that in 5.2.4 How did you open the the loredit files created in 5.3.10 with 5.2.4 did they just open ? sorry for the questions and thank you for taking the time to reply .
  7. @PhilMassey Im thinking i may have to also roll back to 5.2.4 to be able to add subsequences (neighbours house) - as all my sequences are now in loredit format will they open in the rollback or how do you convert them back to be able to open in 5.2.4? Hoping you can help as i have 4 days to resolve and convert
  8. So my neighbour and i both have a display and have done our own sequences for each of our properties. The show is running from My PC and i intended to simply make my neighbours sequence a sub sequence within my sequence for each of the tracks we are doing. When i go to add a sub sequence whilst in sequence editor the s5 software is looking for me to navigate to a .lms or a .las file - but as we are both working is S5 the files are .loredit and i cannot select them. So now i cannot add the sub sequence to my sequence ......What am i doing wrong folks??
  9. Thanks Brian - each snowflake has 50 pixels and the centre piece 143 . I will take a look at what you suggest - im just worried it will impact on the sequences ive done so far... Thanks for the pointer towards Auto sequence..... will take a look. 🙂
  10. Ok so im using S5 Pro and LOR5.3.8 Im trying to use SS Instant sequence to sequence my feature snowflakes on mass - but when i open the "All Snowflakes" channel in SS the grid is wider than the 24 ROw assignments available in Instant sequence. This results in a third of my display not sequencing in line with the rest.From the image below the snowflakes included exclude the 2 on the right when trying to use instant sequence. Im not sure how i get around this? All the videos im finding whilst looking for resolution are pretty old versions of software and doesnt seem to work the same as the s5 version . Any pointers or links to appropriate videos appreciated !! 🙂 thanks!
  11. Hi James, could i get a copy please . Many thanks ukoberon@yahoo.com
  12. Hi Matt - thanks for reply - what im trying to do is use the bars effect with all house outlines casing toward thee top centre apex - so ive got everything except the centre apex chasing correctly - its just the up and over - I think i will have to split it in 2 i think and take up a new channel. I guess what im trying to create is a bit like an up and over on a pixel tree where the string is halfed for use.
  13. Does anyone have singing faces done for Monique Danielles version of Carol of the Bells that they would be willing to share please? Many thanks Rob - ukoberon@yahoo.com
  14. Something im stuck on that im hoping some one can help with - my house has a single but large apex on the front which is absolute centre to the house. I have a single string of pixels that goes up and over the apex starting bottom left up to the top and down to bottom right. First Pixel is bottom left. I really dont want to split the apex into two separate strings but when i use motion effects such as Bars the bars go up and over instead of both sides heading upward to the peak of the apex. Is there an easy way to set up the single string so that such effects the first half runs from bottom left to top apex and the 2nd half runns from bottom right up ward to apex - like i say, i really dont want to split the string and increase the channel count unless absolutely neccesssary. Many thanks Rob.
  15. Hi James, Please could i get a copy. Many thanks. ukoberon@yahoo.com
  16. Hi James, please could i get a copy. Thanks in advance - Rob - ukoberon@yahoo.com
  17. Thanks Brian i will do - In the UK so time difference could be more of a challenge.
  18. Hi Brian - Thanks for the video which i have watched the video and got the basics - but now how do i make this work with the ChromaBulb 30" Standing - i can import the item but i cant do any of the vertical stacks onwards - does this need me to have a specific s5 prop file rather than just adding the Boscoyo Studios item which shows as just one piece? Many Thanks. Rob.
  19. just to follow up on this - if i dont open s5 to fullscreen then the buttons look fine as follows:
  20. After a little bit of time using the Beta I do find the button style a challenge - they seem almost fuzzy and out of focus when focussing from grid back to buttons ( no glasses needed honest!) . Its particularly a challenge for the Nudge,Zoom, Visibility button sets with Nudge being very hard to ditinguish at a glance. Appreciate this is only my opinion and others may disagree. But thats the point of Open Beta i think 🙂
  21. OK so last year i started the transition to pixels and did 70 percent of my show. This year im changing over the final elements - this includes the singing faces i had running using traditional coloured bulbs into correx style material and making each element (eyes,lip shapes, outline etc) a different channel. This year i have now purchased the 30 inch standing chromabulb singing frames and this has the following node breakouts: The ChromaBulb uses 143 total.. The node breakout is as follows: Socket=1-26 (26 nodes) Bulb=27-67 (41 nodes) Left Eye=68-77 (10 nodes) Left Eye blink=78-80 (3 nodes) Right Eye=81-90 (10 nodes) Right Eye blink=91-93 (3 nodes) Mouth 1=94-101 (8 nodes) Mouth 2=102-109 (8 nodes) Mouth 3=110-119 (10 nodes) Mouth 4=120-133 (14 nodes) Mouth 5=134-143 (10 nodes) My question is how do i set up these singing faces in S5 with each of the groupes of nodes - I can import the Boscoyo prop - but that only shows as one item and doesnt allow me to designate the pixels into the groups - e.g. 1-26 being one line item on the sequence and the nodes for each eye being another line and so on. If anyone has set these up in S5 id love to get an example sequence of how its set up or if anyone has found a video showing how to set up these into a sequence that would be great. Many thanks Rob.
  22. Does anyone have an example sS5 sequence with a 30" Boscoyo standing chroma bulb143 nodes in it so i can take a look how you set up the node breakouts on the sequence please. Not particularly worried about which song it is so long as i can get the audio easily - more interested as to how it sets up on s5 into the break outs. I know what the break out is from the Boscoyo side of things - just not sure how i represent this on the s5 setup. Thanks in advance Rob. ukoberon@yahoo.com
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