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  1. Hi JR - could i get a copy of the singing faces for Most wonderful time of the year please - thanks in advance. Rob - ukoberon@yahoo.com
  2. May i get a copy of these please James ? ukoberon@yahoo.com. Many thanks
  3. Hi all, Had a special request from a special little boy who does lots of christmas community work in our area for Brenda Lee Rockin around the christmas tree. Just wondering if anyone has a 12 ribbon CCR tree sequence for this song that they could share with me that i can use along side my non pixels which i am currently sequencing ? Thanks in advance ! Rob - ukoberon@yahoo.com
  4. no problems here and had delivered the best show results ever for us. Yes its a change and yes you shouldnt do it now.... but did it a few weeks back and have no regrets with S5!
  5. Wondering if anyone can help me out on 30 x MISR Mounting clips . I forgot to add them to a recent order and Boscoyo studio is showing shipping as $37.50 for the clips that cost $7.50. (I am in the UK). Anyone with any spares that can sell me them and send to UK (will cover postage of course). Many thanks. Rob.
  6. This year im transitioning my show to mostly pixels. I have done quite a few of my sequences already but have read today that setting my brightness to a maximum of 80% will make a significant difference on power loading. Is there a way i can retrospectively apply the 80% brightness cap to my sequences which include grouped motion effects as well as separate run pixel strings and effects? Many thanks.
  7. Thanks JR - Appreciate it - It is for Christmas so that would be perfect. Thank you.
  8. Looking for the singing tree faces for Party Rock Anthem if anyone has them and is able to share . Thanks in advance. ukoberon@yahoo.com Rob.
  9. Hi James - if this is the version by Gayla Peevey could i get a copy as well please - many thanks. Rob. ukoberon@yahoo.com
  10. thanks both - so in the 5.1.2 the checkerboard isnt shimmer or twinkle - they look diferrent to that shown. I can however right click and enable channel level which clears the checkerboard - so now i need to get the motion rows added to each one that ive changed. Think it may be quicker for me to copy and paste across to a new sequence built from scratch on the new preview. Thank you anyways !
  11. I decided to convert pretty much fully to pixels but already had started work on a couple of sequences before deciding to do this. I updated the Master preview layout to reflect this change and reassigned the perview to the sequence. This changed the settings of the previous fixed single colour string to the RGB pixels as required - but now the channels converted are showing a checkerboard pattern across the row as shown in the picture (against master bedroom) and i cannot do anything with them - can anyone tell me what im doing wrong here please? Thanks - Rob.
  12. Been setting up on S5 without too many headaches but since update to 5.1.2 im now getting prop warnings for all my 360 spiral trees that says that says "Folds must be less than the exact # of RGB nodes per string" . On a Tree 360 spiral prop definition i have a string pixel string wrapped from the bottom to the top there are no folds .... in my case just one string of 50 or 100 pixels with a number of resolutions - my 50 goes around 8 times and the 100s 12 times - but the prop set up now wont allow this (did on previous). only thing i can do is fudge the rotations down well below reality?
  13. Thanks JR - the cost of shipping back to the US and back to the UK plus the repair probably means its a write off sadly.
  14. so the screen print on the board says CTB16PCG2 V4 - but have seen that there was a labelling issue back when this was produced....it is LED rather than globe. - so now i need to find a diagnosis and ffault finding process for this board as it doesnt light on power up.
  15. Looking through this forum i am thinking actually my board is G3 but screen printed G2?
  16. looking for a troubleshooting/test guide and any schematics so i can try and fix my CTB16PCG2 V4 Controller. it blew very quickly in use 2 years back i think and i left it sat in its box until i got around to looking at it again a few weeks ago. There is some scorching damage showing on the board around the F2 area although the circuit does seem to be in place from hot input to the slightly exposed copper track just under the word Fuse - the fuses are all in tact but i dont seem to be able to get the board on . Previous suggestion was i may need to surface mount a connection wire but i cannot see between which points as neutrals all connect on test meter. what points should i be testing between to see if circuit exists? Had a look through LOR guides but boards i can find are different versions. thanks
  17. Thanks Jim - could you send to ukoberon@yahoo.com - many thanks!
  18. Good Morning JR, I am saying that when trying to import a prop the S5 is looking for files with an extension of *.lpeprop. Im drawing up a prop myself now using the prop creator - but im working blindfold here as i dont know what im doing - i have to say that s5 is growing on me and i really like the simulations - just the initial set up is a very much test and learn for me.
  19. Still looking for a .lpeprop prop file for a singing tree if anyone has one please.
  20. Thanks JR - hoping that someone from LOR will be able to advise as i dont want to damage any CCRs or controllers by doing this.
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