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  1. All I Want For Christmas Is You Mariah Carey Pixel

    Oh yes please James if you would - that would be great! ukoberon@yahoo.com many thanks.
  2. Dominick the Donkey

    Joesteffan and bostonchris - sent to you
  3. Star Wars

    me too please if anyone sharing it - many thanks ukoberon@yahoo.com
  4. Looking for Minions jingle bells

    Thank you very much
  5. Looking for Minions jingle bells

    could i get a copy please ukoberon@yahoo.com many thanks
  6. Dominick the Donkey

    sent you it :-)
  7. Dominick the Donkey

    sent to you Jim.
  8. Hi all, Just took delivery of a pair of 50W CCF units here in the UK (Man that import tax stings !) ... Looking for some sequences and inspiration of what i can do with with the floods - also debating ordering a couple more and / or maybe the 8 x 10W set so would welcome any combinations. Would really appreciate any sequences using floods so i can see how they are being used and set up to best effect . Many Thanks in advance . ukoberon@yahoo.com Rob
  9. Dominick the Donkey

    PM email address and i will send
  10. please may i get a copy - many thanks in advance . ukoberon@yahoo.com Rob.
  11. please could i get a copy - many thanks . ukoberon@yahoo.com Rob.
  12. Flo Rida Super Star Sequence

    Hi James - please could i get a copy if you are still sharing. Thanks Rob. Ukoberon@yahoo.com
  13. Guardians of the Galaxy / Hooked on a Feeling

    if you are still sharing this id love a copy please - many thanks in advance - ukoberon@yahoo.com rob.
  14. Dominick the Donkey

    Sent to you just now. Please note its more than 16 channels but you can cherry pick what you want. Rob
  15. Help - Hit a wall with Pixie 12 tree setup

    good advice - thank you - i think the auto configure was where i was going wrong. Also needed to work my way through advanced settings on manual network config - pretty intuitive once i was into it but a little bit of trial and error.