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  1. I ran 37 controllers and 6 Pixel Ribbons and 4000 pixels all on one network with fairly fast songs. Until your set-up expands I would keep things simple on one network.
  2. The page said how to address the DMX channels and he wants someone to bring him another pitcher of beer.
  3. You can use a LOR USB485 for a DMX network but you have to buy/make a cross over cable since the pin connection is different.
  4. Team Viewer can do it but it will be a little slow to change sequences. But it works great for other area's or LOR. I've used my cell phone from out of town to restart the show when some visitors came late.
  5. dougd nailed it. After connecting the dongle you might have to start the Hardware Utility and set the comp port. If you leave the dongle connected 224/7 it stays on the same com port, but if it is disconnected it might change. Glad you got it working. Scott Hubbard
  6. Is that the same 27ch DMX board from Ray?
  7. In multicast you don't assign an IP address, only in Unicast. Make sure the RGB order matches the lights. Most of mine are BGR. Scott
  8. The easiest is plug a LOR USB adapter in to keep the "Control Lights" feature checked. Under Network Preferences change to LOR Adapter to None. Then you should be able to keep the Control Lights checked. And yes, you have to have the Control Panel running to output E1.31. Scott
  9. Viennaxmas is correct. You can configure one of the outputs on the SanDevices to output balanced DMX. That would then connect to your floodlights that run "DMX" as long as they all can fit in one universe. I am doing the same setup with 12 DMX floodlights with the built in decoder.
  10. Yes, for the boards prior to Gen 3. Going from memory you can have 3 inputs for Commercial controllers and 2 for the residential controllers.
  11. I think the ones you are referring to are for the little connection board and then you can use 2 inputs.
  12. Wire cutters and a soldering iron will fix the spacing issue!! I don't know Arlene, but there is over 100,000 people here. Does she do Christmas lighting?
  13. There's a lot more ways you can do it for less than $8k. I think Rainy was reffering to using pixels, not ribbons. Get a longer length between nodes you can easily do the same effect (and much more)
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