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  1. Selling 3 x 16 channel controllers and tons of lights

    What is the age and version of the controllers??
  2. Calculator: Length of Spiral Light Strings!

    Jim when I started spiral trees 8 years ago I tried, 1 turn-not good, 1 1/2 turns good, 2 turns-too much. Now with that said, it depends on the length of the light strings that you want to use on the size of the tree. Good spiral trees are dependent not only on the wrapping but also the number of strings per color and the programming that goes with it ( this I'm sure you already know). My 2-10" trees use 64 strings -16 of each color-blue & red together wrapped one way and green & white wrapped the other way, these lights are c6 50 count 17.5' long wrapped 1 1/2 turns. The 15' tree is done the same way but uses c6 70 count 24.3' long wrapped 1 1/2 turns. Hope this helps. Earle
  3. Light Type Where?

    HLE is a good company to deal with, at least 1/2 of my 40,000 light came from them.
  4. Extension cord storage ideas

    i use KITTY LITTER pales, you can stuff a lot of spt1 and lights into one and they are not as heavy and are easy to stack. I have about 50 that i use and best of all they are FREE.
  5. strobe light strings?

    Tony told me about them last night, so I ordered mine then. like George I can't wait to try them out. "
  6. Who do you get your lights from

    +1 HLE
  7. com port error

    Did you try the "Auto Configure" ?

    Yes, the mini director can handle more than 4 controllers, I have 21 connected to mine (336 channels) and it works great.
  9. False Feedback?

    A lot of people will drive by and stop, look, then leave are the ones that did not see /or ignored the tune to sign. All they see is a lot of blinking lights. We have talked about this problem before and some have said "the only way you can get them to read the sign is to hit them between the eyes with a 2 x 4 and put it in their face". I have 2 signs and still have the problem, so, as been said "blow it off" it's their loss.
  10. lost sequences in simple show builder

    I think I would go back and do as PhilMassey suggested and check that your files are in the right place. They MUST be in the SEQUENCE folder in the Light-O-Rama folder.
  11. lost sequences in simple show builder

    When it shows the red square for "FILES AVAILABLE FOR THE SHOW" along the bottom are 3 choices, did you mark for "ALL FILES"?
  12. Gen3 mini director uMP3g3

    This is a common problem with the mini director due to the type of SD card. It will not work with just any SD card, I use both LEXAR PLATINUN II 4gb SDHC and the KINGSTON 4GB SCHC SD cards and have had no problems. Earle P.S. a 4 GB card will hold all of my sequences about 60.
  13. Residential VS Pro?

    I have 21 residential units that will be in use this year (just added 2 for this year), but had no problems with them the last 8 years.
  14. I need Mickey Mouse

    Thanks ORANGEDOG, I made a simple one that I can use. Earle
  15. I need Mickey Mouse

    I need a Mickey Mouse prop for this year. Don't seem to be one in the posts. Earle
  16. I need Mickey Mouse

    Thanks jerryb721, last night I made one, I was just trying to take a shortcut. Thanks to all that tried to help. Earle
  17. I need Mickey Mouse

    Thanks for the led Mega Arch.
  18. Upgrading my software level

    As of this time we will be here and our door is always open to the Shepherds. If any thing changes will let you know. Thanks and are looking forward to your visit. Earle
  19. Upgrading my software level

    Tony, down the page about half way. http://www1.lightorama.com/sequencing-software-download/
  20. Arches

    See easy arches here. http://www.planetchristmas.com/index.php?/forums/topic/53580-easy-arches/
  21. Eclipse video 360 degree view

    Bob, thanks for the video, that's real cool.
  22. TisTheSimpsons 2016 Christmas Light Show

    Great show Sally, like the spiral tree. Earle
  23. Spiral Trees are back this year

    The Talley Spiral Tree display is back again this year, the videos can be seen here: www.vimeo.com/user2854453/videos Here is a sample:
  24. It Figures...

    Put them back up.
  25. My 2016 Display!

    Very well done for the first year. Earle