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  1. I am old school and like the light strings for Christmas weather it is LED or INCANS, every time I see a house done in pixels I look for one thing thinking it should be there some where, the "BUDWISER" sign.
  2. Thinking about coming back this year on a smaller scale - maybe only 1 SPIRAL TREE and some outer props. Earle
  3. I would say you are correct only if LOR built the board.
  4. There was a series of Gen 3 that when they first came out the board was marked that way and they used the older type box. Then they changed to the newer style of box and marked the boards correctly, at one time I had both style of Gen 3 controllers ( I liked the old style best).
  5. You can use the HU to select the unit you want to turn all lights on , then select the next unit and turn all lights on , as long as you don't turn them off they will stay on. I have done this to balance out my circuits with the KILL-A-WATT. I think the most units that I have turned on at the same time was 5. When you get done you can go back, select the unit and turn the lights off for each unit. This works for the CTB16PC's not sure about other controllers. Just read Mr. P's post and he is correct when it comes to the CTB16PC controllers.
  6. Tim the one on the right looks like a GEN 3. Does it have a green light when in use, if so it is a Gen 3.
  7. Not that I know of, I used the Mini Director gen 1 my first few years and the newer ones there after, still could not change the SD card you have to rewrite it.
  8. Thanks , saves me a lot of time with you having the sequences and sending them to the people that want and need them. Earle
  9. Yes , just ask James he has all of my Spiral Tree sequences. Earle
  10. dansamy, I thought you would have started before now, the first time will take longer but that's how you learn. Let me know if you have any problems, I will try to help as much as possible. Earle
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