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  1. I'm having the same issue. DirectX is fully updated (9.0c), as are all my other XP components according to Microsoft Update. I installed 3.10.6 without a hitch, but when I go to open the sequencer I get caught in the loop described above. I have to kill the processes to get out of it. I have tried de-installing and re-installing to no avail. Any help? I'm on a 2.2ghz Core 2 Duo with 3gb of RAM, running XP pro.
  2. I'd like to suggest a tip for folks having problems sync'ing audio to pasted sequence. Put a "dummy" phoneme at the very start and end of the segment you're working on, I use an "oh". It really helps to find where to place the cursor before pasting.
  3. How about 7 arches that share 7 channels but in a staggered pattern: when arch 1, segment 1 is lit so is arch 2, segment 2 and so is arch 3, segment 3... that way you still get a chase effect but still in a very channel-frugal way.
  4. Agreed, 7 one-channel arches are not nearly as interesting as 7 seven-channel arches that work in unison. Both are just 7-channels, but the latter is animated and the former is just blinky!
  5. Just a thought for the developers, enabling the Visualizer might just sell more "Advanced" licenses. As it is I think I'll be playing for LSP for a while. If it stinks, I'll be back to plunk down my $70, but for now they have my attention.
  6. I have been trying to evaluate using LOR for RBG and am having no luck getting it to preview in the Visualizer. I have S3 Basic Plus, and I know I cannot control DMX hardware (other than iDMX) without upgrading, but is there no way to control virtual DMX pixels in the visualizer without upgrading? I'm not sure if I want to upgrade or try learning LSP (which I already own). Maybe I'm just missing something. I set up a single pixel in Visualizer, assigned it to DMX universe 1 channels 1,2,3 and programmed a mating sequence. Nothing. I changed the pixel to a LOR controller, fixed the assignment in the SE and it worked... so it seems like DMX is intentionally hobbled for Basic Plus users? BTW, I don't own any DMX hardware yet, not any RGB devices, just 64 channels of LOR. I was hoping to get my feet wet, but apparently the only way into the pool is from the diving board? I know, it's a lot of hemming and hawing for $70, but hey, that's a pixel controller's worth!
  7. Excellent! That certainly makes it a lot less painful! Thank you @MCas4380!
  8. A popular way to use that "extra" channel, left when using 7 segment arches, is to add splashes at the ends.
  9. I have been trying to play around with RGB pixel props, but must be missing something. I know I can use the wizard to change channel number en masse in the Visualizer, but how do I get those channels set up in the Sequencer? Surely the way I'm doing it, one pixel at a time, is not the best way.
  10. I assume that when you do your sequencing you will arrange the channels so that all the innermost pixels are next to each other, then the 2nd pixels, then the 3rd and so on so that you can easily do chases to make the "burst" pattern? I guess you could have other arrangements to allow for pinwheels by grouping all the pixels on one arm, then all on the next, and so on. Pretty cool exercise.
  11. If I'm not mistaken (from William's cryptic response above) LOR 3.9 includes the firmware update, and it's not available as a seperate DL.
  12. How about these at the same price but with black wires for a cleaner look (versus multicolor)? http://www.aliexpress.com/item/WS2811-LED-pixel-node-DC5V-input-full-color-RGB-string-50pcs-a-string-IP68-rated-in/677496152.html
  13. Well, derekb, it seems like you have a few options. Get a serial X-10 controller (or figure out how to route the comm port through the USB, which I think is supposed to be possible) so that you can continue using the X-10 hardware you already have. If your show computer is in the house, simply route a second LOR network wire to your dining room to drive a LOR controller near the tree. Since it would be used indoors you could get just the board and install it in a non-weatherproof enclosure to save some money.If your show computer is outside (garage or whatever) and you refuse to drill use an ELL to communicate to a LOR controller inside.Or, convert your tree to smart LED strings and use e1.31 and wifi to wirelessly communicate to a LED controller.
  14. Why is it that X-10 won't work? Is it because you have a USB controller versus the old serial? I have often thought about breaking out my old x-10 stuff to control indoor candlesticks, so I could turn them off during sequences and back on between shows. Obviously, x-10 is too slow to do blinky-flashy, but should work for simple on-off every few minutes.
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