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  1. Thanks for the information. I called tech support and got a huge learning about how I need to be using pixels. This year I added 4,600 brilliant bulbs on the roof to create a matrix 20 x 230, then added a mega tree of (64) 50 pixel strings which was an additional 3,200 pixels. The LMS file went to a size of 836,767 KB. Witch I quickly learned that the player can not handle. Working with Matt Brown with LOR I learned the when your sequences involve a lot of pixels you need to use the pixel editor to create an LID file that works in tandem with the LMS file. In short all the channels for display props that are using pixels in the LMS file are move to the LID file and rendered. This process took the 836,767 KB file down to 13,201 KB and the LID file was 53,977 KB Matt sent me the following procedure that I attached below. It is basically a four step process, but step 0 you must setup you props with the correct channel assignments. My show is now work very fast and no lags at all. Thank You to everyone for your help. LOR Import from Sequence Editor.pdf
  2. I upgraded to rev 4.3.18 and still seeing the same issues with the Decaching. The music box dancer musical sequence is the largest file around 836,767 KB, Can-Can files size is 331,044 KB. I do have the sequences to load as needed instead of all before playing. I am seeing a 20 second delay to load Can-Can and 40 seconds to load Music Box Dancer. I am running about 7,200 pixels on DMX Ethernet with four Pixcon16 controllers. Computer is Windows 7 64 bit OS with i7 processor and 16gig of ram. Processor is running at 6% and ram is showing 17% used. Any suggestions, the long loading delays is causing confusion with the people watching the show.
  3. I had already changed the selection to not be "load all songs before they start". I did reboot the computer and am still having the same issue the musical file is 836,000 meg file. Below is an image showing the decaching. The LOR software version that I am running is rev. 4.3.14 I see that 4.3.18 is available for download. I will try downloading and installing the ver 4.3.18 and see if that makes any difference.
  4. Bob, is there any way to configure more memory for the show player to use? I am have the issue of songs decaching after each is played. This is causing song delays up to 41 seconds. My Computer is 64bit Windows 7 with 16 gig of ram, I7 processor. Please advise.
  5. I am having the same issue. I am playing two Musical songs and after each is played the player is decaching them which is causing a 41 second delay to reload the song. I am running on a Windows 7 64 bit OS with i7 processor and 16gig of ram. What can be done to fix this issue?
  6. I Opened a ticket with LOR on this issue on Friday and sent Bob all my files. He is a champ, and I know he spent all day trying to find out what is going on. Thanks for your continued hard work on this Bob. I will post if I find out any other information on a solve. For the question asked above I am on a pro level. And I am running on a long show sequence as above. This is the work around for now, and thank God we have a way to run our shows. For others having this issue, just understand that once the list of sequences reaches the end in the show and tries to loop to start over again the system has been crashing and scroll errors on many system. So make a very long show by repeating sequences in your show editor. I got tired and made my show run two hours. Meaning I have to Disable the shows gracefully then re-enable the show to start back from the beginning giving me two hours again.
  7. Latest update. After the show played the two sequences 10 times and reached the end of the show to repeat it stopped and started showing the errors scrolling down the screen. The only common thing about the error issue is it happens at the end of a show when it tries to start the loop over. For now I have the two sequences repeating up to an hour. Then I go restart the show hourly.
  8. So far I have learned if I put two sequences in a show the system will error at the end of the show. I created a show with the two sequences repeating 10 times and there has been no issues so far. Waiting for the show to reach the end and see if it acts up.
  9. The test of editing the sequences with the upgraded S4 editor was a failure. After the end of each show my system stops and just scrolls through errors as listed above. Has anyone found a fix for this issue. I can't leave my computer.
  10. I wonder if I need to open the sequences in the sequence editor to convert them from S3 to S4. That may have something to do this issue, as the sequences have never been edited with S4. I will try this idea and get back.
  11. I am having the same issue. My system ran fine last year on S3. Decided to upgrade to S4.2.10 this year. Show plays and will randomly stop. In the log file it shows the following: ERROR WITH SEQUENCE (Invalid play state (3) for InitializeForPlay) Musical: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Light-O-Rama\Sequences\ ((Scrolls through the entire play list over and over)
  12. I am going to upload my contest-1 video to the contest server. Is there a prefered format. I am looking at .WMA as menchend in the rules. Could not find anything on the size of file. Is 35meg to big, or does it need to be less than 20meg for emailing. Is there a certain frame size you want like: 360 x 264 that makes a 14.5meg file. Please Advise. Thanks
  13. Here is the Candy-Cain Donaton Box. Easy for cars to donate and hard to steal fast. Attached files
  14. Hello J.C. My name is Mike Bagwell and I am located in Springfield, MO. I have a large display that covers two yard with around 85,000 lights and other things. The display was starting to become a money burden to me. To my supprise when I took time to visit with people on nights that the display was running, I was ask many times do I have a donation box, or do I take donations. After about 100 people asking me this I decided to try it. The one thing that was important to me is that people did not feel obligated to give. My display is free to all, but for those who would like to be apart of it and help pay for the utilities its avaliable. You must be careful on how you make your donation sign. Do not solicit (approach with a request or plea) as cities have ordnances against soliciting. My signs simply say "Bagwell Lights Donations Here" and "Display Donatons Here". Putting your display name helps if you put donation boxes in other yards, like accross the road. This helps people know that it is part of your display. I say nothing about the donation boxes in my radion instructions. Now you can go another way and say that part of the donations recieved will go to some charity, don't give the percentage as there are those who will find something to gripe about. On that subject there will always be someone who will not like the donaton signs. Out of about 13,000 cars I will get around 2 or 3 that will comment about it on blogs. This is my second year with donations boxes/tubes. Each of the two years it has paid my operating cost in full and helped with some upgrades. I have come up with a simple design for a donation box that is easy to setup and hard to steal. I drive a T-post into the ground similar to what is used in farm fences. My donation box is a 4inch PVC (Schedual 40) Candy-Cane. At the bottom I use a T-cleanout capped at one end and with a security lid/access cover. The lid/access cover has an indenchen that a wrench can fit into to unscrew it. As the cain comes up from the ground I installed a 90degree-T-fitting. Because I needed a little slop for the money to slide I cut the 90degree-T-fitting to a 75degree-T-fitting. Now to prevent someone from sticking there hand into the 4 inch PVC pipe and stealing money. At the end of the T-fitting I installed a pvc reducer, I believe it was from 4inch to 2inch. I drilled two small holes on each side (do not drill at bottom as will catch on money) of the joint and installed small screws to connect the two pices, this allowes you to do cleaning if need. From the top of the T-fitting I installed a short straight pices of pipe with two 90degree fitting on top to make it look like a cane. Connect the cain to the T-post with large hose clamps, or two hose clamps connected together. I was able to get all the parts at a local hardware store such a Lowes. I think the cost was around $100 in parts total. I will post a picture of the donation box. Mike Bagwell
  15. Bagwell Lights is located in Springfield, MO. The Display has over 70,000 lights stretching across two yards controlled by 192 Light-O-Rama computer control channels. The yard with the Mega tree is my house and the house with the pond is in my parents yard. The entire display is controlled and powered from my house. There are some advantages living next door to your parents. My Dad (Henry Bagwell) is my right hand man, or as he calls it free labor. We get to spend alot of quality time each year working on the display and I think he likes it almost as much as I do. We revised two songs from last year to work with changes in the display and added the new song below. I will post the other videos as I get time. New Song for this year. Christmas Cannon Rock http://www.vimeo.com/2891855 Other Videos to come! Hope you enjoy! Mike Bagwell
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