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  1. Looking for a copy also if you can send to captainron1969@gmail.com - last minute project to do it for a special event having at our lights.
  2. Halloween Pumpkin Faces

    I decided to do mine in the same color each.... no mixing of colors for eyes mouth etc. So going to do White Green Red Orange
  3. Halloween Pumpkin Faces

    I am going to suspend mine on my porch from the overhang. Was thinking 2 x 4 would make it too heavy for the framing - was thinking about 2 x 2's
  4. Halloween Pumpkin Faces

    Did you buy the frames or build them yourself?
  5. Halloween Pumpkin Faces

    Thanks for the input guys. I Think I am just gonna go with the Holiday Coro skull faces (46" x 46") and build frames for them. Any recommendations on what you did for color schemes? I saw how some people mentioned staying away from purple and blue. Was curious if mot of you do one solid color for everything or multiple colors for facials features (eyes nose mouth) . Also what lights are best to use with the Holiday Coro? And has anyone shortened mini strands for use in singing faces? I have always made my own custom lengths for c9's but never for minis. I did see a video on the holiday coro website to make custom length strands of minis but cutting and doing a little soldering but not sure how well that works with LED like I was planning on using
  6. So looking in to adding the singing pumpkin faces to house for Halloween this year. Looked at Holiay Coro but some people tell me they are flimsy and not reliable. I personally have not used any of the holiday coro products int he past. So I am looking for any recommendations to start this project. Have you built your own or opted for a pre-made one. Seen some online made out of powered coated material with lights already on them but I am assuming they are super expensive. Any help would be appreciated to get me pointed int he right direction
  7. Standard Household LED Bulbs

    OH I know - I replaced every bulb in my house with them.... was just wondering if they work ok with LOR
  8. So I just bought a bunch of new candle blow molds and they only have a standard light socket at the top (in the flame). I plan on running at least 1 or 2 C9's in the body of the candle. Question is..... wondering if I should just remove the standard light socket at the top and make a string of 3 C9's (1 for flame and 2 for body) If I do keep the standard socket at the top has anyone used LED Light bulbs (kind you get at Home Depot for normal household use) and if so do they dim ok? Just wondering because I just hooked up a 8.5 Watt LED bulb that provides the same brightness as a 60 watt and it is only pulling .10 amps on volt meter. Amperage calculator says it should only pull .08 (No biggie on the difference) but a standard 60 watt bulb will pull almost .50 amps. Not trying to be cheap just monitoring my amperage and trying to stay in the 80% of that circuit
  9. Alone on Christmas

    Anyone have "Alone on Christmas" ... would be willing to share any of my 20 sequences
  10. LOR Icon MIssing from system tray

    Just an update - did a restart of computer and it loaded fine. Also I am using Version 3.11.2 with Windows Version 7 .... will see if tray icon is still here later after dinne
  11. Yesterday I noticed that my Light o Rama icon was missing from system tray (have pc set to load on startup) Re-started the computer and it ran fine. Went to work last night and just now looked at computer and saw it missing again. Anyone ever have a problem with it unloading? Also, is there a way to start it back up without doing a PC re-boot? I went into the LOR folder and double clicked on LOR TRay when I double click on it I get the window to pop up reading .... "Welcome to Light o Rama, since this is the first time using tLight o Rama Since updating we will give you a chance to update your settings" I clcik on next then eventually get to finish then a window pops up say "Light o Rama is not correctly Installed" I remember doing a fresh new install only 2 weeks ago after an error kept popping up Any ideas?
  12. Triac

    Thanks Jim.... I was just worried because I had a blown triac about 2 years ago and if memory is correct it was same channel. I powered them up before connecting to controller to test and all was well. Just a little nervous about connecting another controller to it (i do have a backup one) because I will probably send the current one to LOR - I am no good at soldering and do not have the first clue on replacing a triac.
  13. Triac

    I have a 16 channel Generation 3 controller. Yesterday when powering everything up I noticed one of my channels on (just under 100% power) Tried a reset of the box and still came on. I am assuming it is a bad triac but the box is only 1 year old. Someone menbtioned to me that a blown triac can be caused by short or a bad ground. Is there any way I can test the lights on that channel to see if there is something wrong before I go and connect a new box or repair the triac to make sure it does not happen again? The channel makes up by column pulsers which are 6 columns on porch with each one having a piece of 4" PCV ripped in half mounted on it and holes drilled in PVC for c9 Dimmable LED Bulbs (6 per column per channel) so 36 bulbs total per channel (so I am sure there is enough draw) each section is connected with a custom cord I made. Here is a shot of the sections..
  14. Error When Pasting Files

    Yes desktop (where I am trying to put the files) has Windows 7 - I think laptop is XP I did notice after I moved the files over with my thumb drive that if I re-saved one the "Lock" icon did appear next to file name. Good to know thanks!
  15. Error When Pasting Files

    Was able to get the files over to desktop using a thubdrive but kind of defeats the purpose of networking computers ..... still baffling me