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  1. Have you checked this thread out? http://lightorama.mywowbb.com/forum90/19966.html I don't know if it would help your problem, but the fact that its loosing the com port could be because Vista is running checks on the hardware. But I'm not sure. It's worth a shot, though... -Tyler
  2. And this is why you should always back up your files. All of my sequences were on that computer. -Tyler
  3. LightEnthusiast wrote: He didn't physically edit it, he just told me what was wrong. Thanks anyway, Tyler
  4. Sorry. My computer crashed. I might not have it back up for a few weeks. In the meantime, does anyone have the file saved to thrir hard drive? In the crash, I lost the file. Thanks, Tyler
  5. Sorry. Like I said, this is my home web server and my cable modem keeps freezing after every 24 hrs. Anyone else have this problem? Anyway, its back up now. -Tyler
  6. Hi again. I have fixed a couple of small things that did not sound right when read. Thanks to downtown for helping me with some grammar/usage problems. Sometimes you need a second opinion when writing something. Thanks, Tyler P.S- I hope to work more on it tonight, possibly adding 1-2 more pages.
  7. DownTown wrote: You wanna volunteer? LOL:D -Tyler
  8. Hi, I have updated the brochure. I have added a table of contents and the first page. Don't worry if you want to see more on the table of contents, it is by no means "finalized" The link is the same: http://stcadmin.ath.cx/downloads/lorbrochure.pdf Thanks for all of your comments, Tyler
  9. Sorry. My server went down today while I was away. It is back up again now. -Tyler
  10. bisquit476 wrote: Thanks. Very good Suggestion. That would kind-of summarize the whole thing. Thanks, Tyler
  11. bisquit476 wrote: Thanks. -Tyler
  12. Hi everyone, I was thinking about making a brochure for LOR because I am bored and have nothing better to do. No chance in stopping me now! You can see it here as a PDF: http://stcadmin.ath.cx/downloads/lorbrochure.pdf I couldn't upload it on here because it was too big. Don't expect for it to be at that link for long, because this is my personal server and don't want it slowing down. It is my server for all of the people that help me with my display. (news is posted, LOR sequences can be downloaded, etc...) This is only the cover page and I have not done anything else yet. Please make suggestions for what info I should put on the inside pages. I am probably going to put a board comparison page, a general knowledge page, and a terminology page. I need more suggestions to put in. The final will not be printed, I will only upload it to the internet. Thanks, Tyler P.S- The Display pictures on the front are not necessarily "my favorite displays". I google imaged "LOR Christmas Displays." and of course, I had to include Dan's display from 2000. P.P.S- I emailed Dan about this and have not recieved a reply. I am guessing it did not go through because of the size of the file.
  13. PipefitterDan wrote: That would be fairly easy to achieve. The comms cable has four unused cores, which could be used as an alarm loop. The easiest method would be to break these cores out immediately before the PC, the fit a modified lead to the final controller that shorted the appropriate pins on the connector. This way, the alarm would sound if any of the comms cables were unplugged or cut. You would then still have the flexibility to connect the controllers up in any order you wished. Regards, Alan. I am currently doing this. When the CAT5 is cut/disconnected it activates an alarm bell and 5/500 watt halogen lights outside and an alarm inside. In case I don't hear it the outside bell cycles on and off in one minute intervals and after ten minutes all the outside stuff shuts off so not to annoy the neighbors. Dan Can you tell me excactly what to do to achieve this? Thanks, Tyler
  14. For a simple solution to stop worrying about extension cords, just buy the CTB16PC enclosure. Then, try to keep your extension cords together and wherever two cords meet (extension cord plugged into another, extension cords plugged into an item in the display), cut the plug ends off, pull the cord through the strain relief bracket , splice the plug ends back on inside of the controller, connect the cords and lock the box. Then mount the box on a stake driven deep into the ground. This may not deter every thief, (considering they could just snip the wires) but it would probably deter some who think that voltages are running through the extension cords at all times. I have never seen the enclosure (except on the internet), so there might be a way to remove one end of the strain relief bracket and put it back on once you have all of the wires into the box. Let me know of any flaws in my plan. Thanks, Tyler P.S.- I thought of this when I was wondering what I could do to conceal the cords at the top of my mega tree. I figured I could just put a box up there instead of there being excess cord.
  15. Thanks for all of you help this far. If anyone else on the forum has more suggestions, please post them. Thanks, Tyler
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