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  1. I have just got permission from PRS (the UK's office for copyright music licencing) to use copyright music FREE OF CHARGE!! that has saved me so much money! Its nice to know im not going to end up in court for not having a licence to play music when all we are trying to do is bring some festive cheer to the season. anyway with the money i saved, im gonna buy more lights!
  2. Finally Finished the display yesterday!!!!! :dude: I lost count at about 12000 lights! not a bad amount for a UK display. half of those are LEDs which I hand built since last Christmas. with over 6000 leds, the power needed for a static run is under 300 watts! with over 6000 regular (mini) lamps the power needed is 2550watts! :shock: I think by next year I will have replaced all the regular lamps. total power used (everything on) about 12.5amps @ 240v so it could all be run from a single 13amp outlet, oh the joys of a higher voltage! fingers crossed for dry weather on dec 1st, 6pm as we always have a croud of people waiting for the switch on. that makes it all worth it all by itself. Right, I better get back to writing more sequences. Good luck guys, stay safe out there.
  3. I did think of that as I was drilling away! what I thought was I can always saw out a number and insert another piece of wood with the new number already made up. there are only 2 wires supplying the entire led network for each letter (or number) and there is also a cloth filter infront too, so that will hide the bodge!! But I hope I never need to do that. lol
  4. jimswinder wrote: Thanks mate. You wanna see the back of the board! i've never made so many solder joints in my life! also used about 10 sticks of hot glue! all worth it in the end. Attached files
  5. I finally got my LED radio sign made up! took a week to make, over 1000 ultra bright leds, the size of a 50" tv and runs on 12v dc only 15 watts!! without the front filter on, it lit up my neighbors house over 120 feet away!! the sign has 10 strobing green leds and the 2 music symbols flash each side. this should get peoples attention! Attached files
  6. A sunny weekend in England meant the roof is all finished!! it only took about 20 hours!!! its not even that big. still is suppose its better to take your time and do a good job than to rush it and look shoddy. and i didn't break any roof tiles. Happy Days! Attached files
  7. Finally a dry day in England! managed to get a few lights installed and wired up in the remaining hour of sunlight after rushing home from work. Get in!!:dude:
  8. ny_yankee_25 wrote: This is my first year using LOR too! There are some great videos on the lor support webpage showing some really good tips on building sequences. you can through together a basic 32 channel program in an hour or so. you still have pleanty of time for a great setup!! although saying that ive been working on this project since January and the prep work is still not finnished!!!!!!! Good luck with it mate.
  9. I started the prep work for the house 2 months ago and the lights started to go up about 3 weeks ago. All my lights (except rope lights) are hand made LED sets! spaced 6" apart they run over half a mile end to end. This should be the biggest residental display the UK has seen sofar (hopefully)
  10. Alan C wrote: Fantastic, Thanks for your help. I am so tired of leds at the moment! This past week I must have soldered over 500 together! They all got to be tested before they go in because 1 in every 50 is shorted out! :X but it will be something else when its all finnished. Ill have to post a pic of my hobby room, (it looks like Clark Griswold`s house in a small room! Thanks for your your help Alan. Kind Regards. Trevor.
  11. Hi Guys, Im a newbie to this so please go easy on me my 2009 display will be my first ALL LED display and computerizied too (LOR) Im planning early, I know. Im in the UK so I get to play with 240V My question is... Has anyone driven a standard transformer from a LOR controller channel before. I will I need some sort of suppressant over the triac (because of the transformer) how do you think they would handle fading, shimmer and so on...? Ive been studying your posts and i`ve decided to go full wave. I am making most of the LED strings myself! (about 30.000 led's which is why the planning starts now) Here in the UK Christmas lights are VERY expensive! Im making the LED strings to run with 24V (I think its safer, and more practical) Ive done Electronics at college so I could keep up with most of your techno talk... but it was 8 years ago so im now gonna find my books and freshen up! Any help would be greatly appreachiated!! oh, one last thing... Dummy loads (or Snubbers) 33K ohm for 110V (120Vrms) Am I right in thinking 66K ohm for 240V??? Merry Christmas to all. Trev.
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