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  1. Hi Bob, Great news, my DPI settings were 110%, changed back to 100% no issues, everything played as expected. Very Happy, :) Deblen PS
  2. Hi Bob, Thanks for the reply, tried all in the post, but still the same. I can try and record the screen if this is any help. If so, were would or how do I send the file. Thanks Deblen
  3. Hi, I am still having the same issue, I have installed ver 4.14, still the same. When I close the LOR program I get the following message vbalExplorerBarLib Run-time error '438': Object doesn't support this property or method It is rather frustrating . Any suggestions Deblen
  4. Hi, I have upgraded my system, have 3 monitors, running a GTI 650, ever thing works OK, have the most recent drivers. When I open the Sequence Editor v 3.11.2 Advanced, it fills the whole screen of the monitor, only trouble is the track details only fits to 3/4 of the screen, when I use the scroll wheel on the mouse, it will shrink and expand inside the screen, ie when you have no file open, one has a grey screen, with all the icons on the top, scroll bars etc. I have reinstalled the card, opened up on each of the monitors. All do the same, The monitors are DELL 27". I have attached a screen shot of the issue. Any help appreciated. Deblen
  5. Found this on the Light o rama Web site When's the Light-O-Rama Summer sale? Don't worry. We're still having one and it should be later this month. Be sure to signup below so you'll know as soon as anyone when to take advantage of this event. Deblen
  6. Hi, Sorry for the spelling, my little fat fingers. It will find most, but then , the unknown could be in the middle, or at the end. I have Emailed Support, to see if they can help as well.. Again Thanks. Deblen
  7. Hi, Thamks Mountainwaxman, Everytime I do s rerfrersh it finds more and more, I monly have Controllerts on the network, it now has Boatloader DMX inone of the unknown devices. Also there is a Button on the bottom with ELL which blinks a little sign, I have nothing connected to the network apart from the 22 channels Im am running ver 2.6.0 Deblen
  8. Hi David, Nice to hear from you. I am running ver 2.6.0 in trhe Hardware Utility, same as the LOR. I only have the controllers connected, as I wanted to check all were reconized first, to see if I had all the ID numbers right, (no Duplicates). Deblen
  9. Hi, Hooked up to the network, with the new additional controllers. I have 22 in total. When I scan the network it shows some with Firmware no. 4.02, others with 4.?. If I rescan, it finds and extra couple ID's, Unknown device. Rescan, finds a few more unknown devices. The controllers with the Firmware 4.? still show as a question mark. Will the controllers need to be updated with the ?, or they will be al right to use. Secondly what could be causing the "Unknown devices", as only the 22 controllers are connected. Thanks in advance. Deblen
  10. Hi, Thanks all for the replies, it appears 24v DC will not work, but using 24v AC can work. As I was looking at DC to control my LED's, might have to look at 24 AC if this is possible. Thnks Deblen
  11. Hi All, I was thinking about using a couple of my CTB16PC's to run 24 volt one side, the other 240 VOLT AC. I can remember reading in as p[ost some where, it gave a good desription of what do do etc. I have tried different search's, but cannot find where it is. Could some one point me in the right direction. Thanks. Deblen
  12. deblen


    Hi, The Strobes that are supplied by Darryl Brown, does anybody know what wattage one strobe light is. I live in Australia, need to get a step down transformer 240v to 110v AC. There are different ratings ie 10va, 250va, 500 va. The price is the question in the end, as I would like to have at least 3 Channels dedicated, which depends on the size of step down. Any help appreciatted. Deblen
  13. Hi, Thankks for the reply, I will invest in a convertor, is the way to go. Deblen
  14. H, Thanks for all the replies, now you have me wondering about the voltage. Strobes are had to find in Australia. (240 volt). If I purchase them from the US (110 volt), To run them I would need to get a 240 to 110 volt convertor, then use this to power them, or do they need to be reduced again to a lowerr voltage. I think I will put some on the same channel, others on a defferent channel. Might end up using 6 or 7 LOR Channels on the strobe effect. Any tips on the voltage setup you are using. Can I just step down to a lower voltage or does it have to be 110 volt. By the diagram above, it looks like they are 7.5 volt ??? Thanks Deblen
  15. Hi, Just wondering if one was to have Curtain Strobe lights in a display. Does each one have its own Channel, or have in groups. Any help appreciated. Deblen
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